15 Best Homeopathic Medicine for Bags Under Eyes or Puffy Eyes

Homeopathic Medicine for Bags Under Eyes

Bags Under Eyes Or Puffy Eyes Or Periorbital Oedema is a different name for the same condition. These terms are used for swelling around the eyes.

This can come suddenly, which is said to be an acute condition, or can come over a period that is a chronic condition. People can have puffy eyes being present either in one or both eyes.

Since the skin around the eyes is very delicate and sensitive, they are more prone to swelling. Usually, the bag under the eyes resolves on its own.

Bags under the eye sometimes runs in the family. Because of age and genetic factors, the tissue around the eyes weakens, and fat moves into the lower eyelids, making them look swollen.

This article will cover the details of bags under eyes, their causes, symptoms, diagnosis, management, and the best homeopathic medicines to cure those puffy eyes.

So, Let’s get started !!

Causes of Bags Under Eyes

1.Fluid Retention: overconsumption of salt can lead to fluid retention

2.Hormonal Imbalance: menstrual cycle affects the swelling under the eyes.

Smoking is also one reason to result in hormonal imbalance, thereby leading to swelling under the eyes.

3.Lack Of Sleep, Fatigue, Stress: – too little or too much sleep can cause swelling under the eyes. Lack of sleep results in the weakening of muscles around the eyes and leads to loss of collagen that is the elastic tissue that provides firmness to the tissue, thereby resulting in swelling.

4.Food Allergies Or Allergy To Fabric:

Allergens like pollen, dust, mold, smoke, pollution, dander, animal fur, chemicals, perfumes, etc., lead to an allergic reaction in the eyes, thereby leading to the build-up of fluids in the sinuses.

Allergies induce swelling and puffiness.

5.Ageing:as the elasticity of your skin weakens, the skin becomes more susceptible to swelling and looks plump.

6.Illness: – sinus problems can be one of the reasons for swelling. Even Thyroid problems can arise such conditions.

Mononucleosis is a viral infection that can cause swelling around the orbit.

Periorbital cellulitis results in edema around the eyelids, and it’s a serious condition needing immediate treatment.

Kidney diseases lead to fluid retention.

Trichinosis is a condition caused by roundworm, which is found in undercooked or raw pork leading to swelling around the eyeball.

Other conditions like clogged tear glands, conjunctivitis can also bring about the same.

7.Non- Blinking Eyelids: – this can be a potential cause in certain individuals when they fail to blink at rest.

8.Alcohol: – alcohol is capable of causing dehydration leading to fluid retention.

9. Crying: – crying leads to irritation and inflammation, resulting in temporary swelling.

10. Trauma To Eye: – trauma leads to inflammation and redness of eye orbit, leading to swelling.

11.Medications: – medicines that affect the sleep pattern, pain killers, long-term use of antibiotics, certain medicines to reduce blood pressure. These are capable of developing the swelling under the eyes.

Symptoms of Bags Under Eyes

Mild swelling or puffiness under the eyes.

Saggy or loose skin.

Dark circles.

Excess tear production or discharge.

Eye irritation.

Drooping eyelids.

Pus-filled bumps on the eyelid.

Inability to turn the eyeball.

Redness and soreness in the eye.

There can be dryness in the eyes.

Increased sensitivity to light.

In very rare cases, one can impair vision.

With allergic reactions, there may be redness, itchiness, with swelling.

In hyperthyroidism, a condition called GRAVES disease occurs, leading to protrusion of eyeballs. This also leads to puffiness of the eye orbit.

If puffiness is due to blocked sinus and nasal congestion, one might experience a runny nose, sneezing, fatigue, headache, nasal congestion, etc.

Serious Complications Due To Bags Under Eyes

Cellulitis -infection of skin around eyes.

Meningitis inflammation and swelling in the brain due to infection.

Loss of vision or changes in vision.

There can be a restriction in eye movement.

Diagnosis of Bags Under Eyes

A detailed history and local examination will help in determining the underlying cause of the inflammation.

A blood test will help to detect any infection or any underlying thyroid disorder.

An allergy test is done to detect if the patient is allergic to any specific thing.

Other symptoms, along with puffy eyes if there is pain, fever, chills, pus, or redness of eyes, require immediate attention and treatment.

Management of Bags Under Eyes

Avoid rubbing your eyes.

It is better to avoid allergens and irritants like smoke.

Splashing cold water on the affected area will help.

Eye creams as a local application help to a certain extent.

One should follow a low salt diet. Eating potassium-rich food like bananas, curd, potatoes will help in countering the effects of salt.

It will be of great help if the excessive intake of alcohol is reduced.

One should increase water intake.

One can place cold compresses on the eyes for few minutes several times a day.

Conventional Line Of Treatment Includes

  • Steroids are applied locally or internally to reduce inflammation around the eyes.

  • Anti-inflammatory medicines are given to reduce the swelling.

  • Antihistamines are given if there is an allergy.

  • Antibiotics are given in case of infection.

  • In severe cases of emergency, adrenaline is given as a lifesaving medicine.

Homeopathic Medicine for Bags Under Eyes

Homeopathy aims at individualization. Homeopathy studies each patient differently, and then the medicine is given to the patient as per their state.

The selection of remedy also depends on various factors like how did the condition occur, what is the cause, what is the onset, progress, and duration of the illness?

Then the conditions experienced by the patients and what are the factors which increase and decrease the condition.

The general state of the patient and mental state is also taken into consideration.

Family history and the patient’s history will help in determining if the patient requires an intercurrent remedy.

Selection of potency and dosage is also based on the above factors and the patient’s susceptibility.

So, homeopathy doesn’t work at a superficial level but more at a deeper level or the root cause level. Such is the dynamics of homeopathy.

1-APIS: for swelling under eyes with stinging pain


Eyes become puffy and edematous like water bags. The conjunctiva becomes red.

The patient experiences burning, stinging, and shooting pain in the eye.

They have marked bag-like swelling under the eyes.

They cannot look fixedly at any object or cannot read in artificial light.

They develop a severe aversion to light, but they do not want their eyes to be covered.

Tears flowing from the eyes are hot. They have pain around the orbit of the eyes, and sometimes they get sudden piercing pains.

Dosage and potency

30C potency acts well in such an oedematous condition. It needs to be given in repeated doses.

2-ARSENICUM ALBUM: For Swelling Of Eyes With Burning


There is oedema around the eyes.

These patients have a burning sensation in the eyes along with tears production.

Eyes can be recessed or protruding.

They have an intense aversion or fear of light.

The eyelids are oedematous and go into spasm.

For them, everything appears green, or they feel as if they are looking through a white gauze.

Eyelashes fall off in certain patients.

Externally there is inflammation with extreme painfulness. The burning sensation patient feels better by warmth.

Dosage and potency

30C, 200C potency acts well in repeated doses till improvement is seen.


3-BELLADONNA: for swollen eyes with red conjunctiva


Eyes feel swollen and protruding. It appears as if the patient is staring.

The conjunctiva, or you can say the eyeball is red, dry and burn and have an aversion to light.

With all this, they have shooting pain in the eye.

They experience throbbing pain deep in the eyes, especially while lying down.

Eyelids are also swollen, and on examination, one can notice that the pupils are dilated.

In some cases, vision is also affected, as some may present with double vision or triple vision.

In severely affected cases, one gets an attack of blindness followed by yellow vision.

Dosage and potency

30C, 200C potency infrequent dosage in acute conditions will bring about the desired cure.


4-EUPHRASIA: For Swelling Of Eyes With Profuse Watery Discharge


There is burning and swelling of the eyelid. They have a frequent inclination to blink.

There is a free discharge of acrid matter.

The mucus is sticky, and they have to wink to remove the mucus.

The eyes water all the time. And the tear is acrid.

The Discharge Which Comes From Eyes Is Thick And Very Acrid.

The hot, acrid tears production increases in the open air, lying down or coughing, leaving a varnish-like mark.

Fear of light with spasms of the lids. They have impressive cutting pain in the eyes.

Dosage and potency

30C, 200C potency with frequent repetition can be given till the improvement is seen.

5-HEPAR SULPH: for chemosis with severe infection


The eyes and the eyelids are red and inflamed. They have pain in the eyes as if it’s been pulled back into the head.

They get boring pains in the upper bones of the orbit.

Inflammation with pus in the anterior chamber.

They have a severe infection of the eye with swelling, profuse discharge. The eye becomes sensitive to touch and even wind.

Eyeballs are sore; one can’t touch them.

In severe cases, vision gets affected. Hence objects might appear too large.

Little pimples are seen around the inflamed eyeball.

Dosage and potency

30C, 200C potency can be used in such cases. Higher potencies abort the pus formation. Repetition would depend upon the state of the patient.

6-KALI CARB: For Over Upper Eyelid Like A Bag


The patient has to stitch pain in the eye, and their eyelids stick together in the morning.

On shutting their eyes, they have a painful sensation of light entering the brain.

Their upper eyelid gets swollen like a bag.

They get spots and black points before the eyes.

Many patients requiring this remedy have weak sight due to excessive sexual indulgence.

Swelling is also noted along with the inner angles of the eyelid and between the upper eyelid and eyebrow.

They have a cold sensation in their eyelids.

Dosage and potency

30C, 200C, and higher potencies can be used. But do not repeat it too often.

7-KALI IOD: For Swelling Of Eye With Profuse Lachrymation


This remedy gets indicated when the outer surface of the eye is filled with fluid, and it sometimes becomes so big that you can’t close your eyes properly.

The eyeball becomes red and looks as if it has been injected, and then there is a profuse flow of lachrymation or tears.

Dosage and potency

30C potency with infrequent repetition. Repetition would depend upon the state of the patient.

8-MERC COR: For Swelling Of Eyes With Acrid Lachrymation


The eyelids of these patients are oedematous and excoriated. They have a burning soreness sensation in the eyes.

They have an extreme fear of light with acrid lachrymation from the eyes.

Since the vision gets affected in certain cases, objects appear small, or they get double vision.

They experience pain behind the eyeballs as if they are being forced out.

They can get any pain like burning, shooting, or tearing. But the pain gets severe at night.

The tendency to formation of pus is little.

Dosage and potency

200, 1M potency will help in getting rid of the pain behind the eyeball.

9-PHOSPHORUS: For Swelling With Blue Rings Around The Eyes


Because of the swelling of the eye, even the eyeball feels large and stiff.

They get tears, especially in the wind.

These patients can experience partial loss of vision from tobacco abuse, sexual excess, and even lightning.

They feel as if something has been pulled over tightly over their eyes.

They develop severe fear of light, and vision is also affected. They get flashes of red, green, or black in front of the eyes, which they feel better by shading with a hand.

Edema is noticed around the eyelid and the eyes. The conjunctiva is pearly white with long curved eyelashes.

Dosage and potency

30C, 200C potency can be used. It should not be used in too low dosage and too frequently.

10-PULSATILLA NIGRICANS: For Swelling Of Eyes With Thick, Profuse, Yellow Discharge


The patient has severe itching and burning in the eyes. There are profuse lachrymation and secretion of mucus.

The eyelids are inflamed and agglutinated together.

Veins of the eye get greatly enlarged.

With all the complaints, there is thick, profuse, yellow, and bland discharge.

There is dimness of vision with sensation as if something covers the eyes and the patient has to rub or wipe; this symptom worsens in the wind.

Dosage and potency

30C, 200C potency can be used with repeated dosage.


11-RHUS TOX: For Orbital Cellulitis


The eyes are swollen and edematous. Sometimes people are also affected by pustular inflammation.

In pustular infection, there is a profuse flow of pus along with yellow vision.

The eyelids are inflamed, swollen, and stuck together.

The eye is so painful that the patient can hardly move it.

There is a gush of hot tears that almost scalds the lids.

The patient has severe pain behind the eyes, which worsens the motion.

Eyelids become dry, stick together, and are firmly closed.

It’s a great remedy for paralysis of any muscles of the eyeball and orbital cellulitis.

Dosage and potency

30C, 200C potency with frequent repetition will be of great use in treating such conditions.


12-RHUS VENANATA: For Swelling Of Eyes


Eyes nearly closed with great swelling.

A person has swollen face.

Their nose is red and shiny.

With all this, they have a heavy frontal headache.

Dosage and potency

30C, 200C potency can be administered, and repetition would depend on the state of the patient.

13-GUAREA: For Swelling Of Eye With Conjunctivitis


It is a great remedy for chemosis.

The conjunctivitis is inflamed and swollen. The patient experiences tearing pain in the eyeballs.

There is tremendous tension in the eye, making the patient feel as if the eyes have been forced out.

Eye symptoms alternate with an ear problem. The patient’s hearing capacity decreases.

When vision is affected, objects appear grey and even upside down.

Dosage and potency

The medicine acts well in mother tincture form in repeated doses.

14-ACONITUM NAPELLUS: For Swelling In Eyes With Dry Sensation


The eyes are red and inflamed. They feel dry and hot. Shooting pain in the eyeball is marked.

The eyelids are red and swollen and become hard and red. They feel as if there is sand in the eye.

They develop an aversion to light.

The patient develops severe watering from the eyes after being exposed to dry and cold winds and after extraction of foreign bodies.

These patients cannot bear the reflection of the sun from the snow.

Dosage and potency

30C, 200C potency in frequent doses will work rapidly in acute conditions


15-KALI BICHROMICUM: For Swelling Of Eyes With Ulceration


The eyelids are swollen and edematous and burn tremendously.

The discharge from the eyes is yellow and ropy.

They experience very little pain despite severe inflammation or ulceration.

The nerve of the right eye is mostly affected.

The swollen eyelids have severe itching and a granular appearance.

The eyelids twitch on opening eyes.

Dosage and potency

30C, 200C potency with infrequent repetition will do the needful.

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