Argentum Nitricum 30, 200 – Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Argentum Nitricum 30, 200 - Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

Argentum Nitricum is one of the “Monumental treasures” and in its pathogenesis, we find a wonderful remedy having tremendous influence over the human economy, particularly in the affections of the brain, nerves, and gastrointestinal tract, producing multiple physiological and pathological changes.

This is a great anti-sycotic remedy and is mainly indicated in those persons in whom intellectual features predominate.

It has been extensively used by allopaths for the cauterization of ulcers that do not yield a medicinal treatment.

It acts on the brain, spinal cord, nerves, blood, and mucous membranes such as of eyes, throat, stomach, urethra, etc. Periosteum, bones, kidney, liver, and gastrointestinal tract also are susceptible to the action of this great remedy.

Argentum Nitricum Personality/Constitution

This remedy is adapted to a hysterical nervous person with a vivid imagination, having a carbo-nitrogenoid or hydrogenoid constitution.

Argentum nitricum has a cachectic, scrawny, withered, dried-up appearance. This individual has an old-looking appearance in young persons.

This remedy is suited for individuals having a history of unusual or long-continued mental exertion.

Argentum nitricum has a bilious temperament. These individuals are very irritable and they become angry very easily.

This remedy is suited to hot individuals. They want everything cold, which gives relief, except gastric symptoms which aggravate.

Argentum nitricum covers all three miasms. It is, however, mainly sycotic and syphilitic with psora in the background.

Argentum Nitricum Uses

This article will cover from head to toe all the organs of the body. And wherever symptoms are matched, this medicine can be used-

Mind Complaints

In homeopathy, the “mind” of a remedy refers to the emotional and mental symptoms that a person may experience when in need of a particular remedy.

The Argentum Nitricum patient suffers from mental anxiety. These individuals are very impulsive, always in a hurry but accomplishing nothing.

The patient hurries restlessly to fulfill engagements. There is constant fear to be late when there is plenty of time.

There is melancholy, they do not undertake anything because they feel they will not succeed.

There is the impulse to throw herself from the window. The individual experiences frequent errors of perception, they mistake distances and fear house corners.

Time seems to pass very slowly.

There is apprehension when ready to go to church or opera which brings on diarrhea.

The individual gets easily angered or excited, anger brings on symptoms, cough, pain, etc.

There is profound melancholy, they imagine if left alone they will die and apprehends the incurable disease of the brain.

This individual suffers from nightly nervousness, with heat and fullness in the head.

Argentum nitricum patients have impaired memory, they cannot find the right word.

There is the tendency of building castles in the air by day and monstrous visions by night.

Head Complaints

This remedy is indicated for vertigo, with a headache. Also for treating morning headaches when he wakes up. There is excessive congestion of blood in the head. The patient is unable to walk, talk, or think, the head gets so giddy.

These individuals also experience dullness, mental confusion, dizziness, and a tendency to fall sideways.

This remedy is used to treat dizziness at the sight of high houses, which feels as if they would close or fall in upon him.

These individual gets momentarily blind with mental confusion, buzzing in their ears, nausea, and trembling.

This remedy is used to treat pressing boring pains, in small spots, bones, and the left temple region. Also indicated for hemicranias, epileptiform with periodic boring pain which is better from the tight band; and worse from mental emotion or strain, loss of friends, and loss of sleep. The individual sometimes experiences pain so severe he loses senses, paroxysms occur frequently culminating in vomiting of bile or sour fluid.

This remedy is also indicated for occipital headaches. Occipital headache decreases, and frontal headache increases. Also indicated for complaints of congestive headache with throbbing carotids, head feels much enlarged; as if bones of skull separated, with increased temperature.

The headache is relieved by tying a handkerchief tightly around the head. Headache is worse in the open air.

Argentum nitricum is also used in treating itching, creeping, and crawling of the hairy scalp (as from vermin); roots of hair feel as if pulled upward.

Eyes Complaints

This remedy is indicated for photophobia.

Aregentum nitricum is useful in treating asthenopia from want of accommodation, even coarser kinds of work strain.

This remedy is useful in conditions where the patient complains of cloud over the left eye, grey spots, and serpent-like bodies before sight. Also used for treating opacity, of the cornea; ulceration of the cornea in infants.

This is an indicated remedy for acute granular conjunctivitis, the conjunctiva appears pink, or scarlet red with profuse discharge which is inclined to be mucopurulent.

Also useful in treating purulent ophthalmia, pus is thick yellow, and bland, these complaints are better in a warm room or from fire and are worsened from open air.

This remedy is indicated for ophthalmia neonatorum accompanied by thick, yellow, profuse, and bland pus. Also used for treating blepharitis associated with thick crusts on lids, canthi red as blood, and swollen red caruncula.

Ears Complaints

Argentum Nitricum is used in the treatment of deafness, ringing, and buzzing noises with a feeling of distraction.

Also used for treating earache with whizzing in the left ear with a feeling of obstruction and hard hearing.

Nose Complaints

The remedy is indicated for violent itching in the nose, which obliged them to rub until it looks raw.

Useful for treating coryza with chilliness, lachrymation, sickly look, sneezing, and stupefying headache over the eyes, has to lie down.

This remedy is useful for treating the discharge of whitish pus with clots of blood, for discharge like boiled starch, and used for treating ulceration of nostrils.

Mouth Complaints

Argentum Nitricum is indicated for complaints of a dry tongue with thirst. The papillae become prominent, and erect, with a sore feeling, and the tip of the tongue becomes red and painful.

The tongue is white and moist with a red streak down the middle of the tongue.

This remedy is used to treat fetid odor from the mouth, for treating ptyalism.

Argentum nitricum is indicated for swollen gums which are inflamed, bleed easily, and are painful when touched. The gums are tender and bleed easily, but are neither painful nor swollen.

This remedy is indicated for prosopalgia, especially in the infra-orbital branch of the fifth nerve and nerves going to teeth, pain is intense, at its height accompanied by an unpleasant sour taste in the mouth.

Face Complaints

The Argentum Nitricum is indicated in sunken, pale, bluish countenance, yellow, dirty-looking, sickly appearing individual.

These patients have dried-up look. They have a prematurely old look.

Throat Complaints

This remedy is indicated for the dark red appearance of uvula and fauces. There is a sensation as if a splinter were stuck when swallowing, breathing, or moving the neck.

Argentum nitricum is useful in treating thick, tenacious mucus in the throat, obliging him to hawk. There is the sensation of rawness, soreness, and scraping in the throat with burning and dryness in the fauces and pharynx.

Chest Complaints

This remedy is indicated for pure nervous asthma with spasms of respiratory muscles, and great dyspnoea, which is worsened in crowded rooms. The mucopurulent sputa seem to come from the wall of the larynx. The expectoration is purulent, mixed with light blood. Argentum nitricum is also used for treating internal soreness of the larynx and pit of the throat which is worse in the mornings.

This remedy is used for treating chronic laryngitis of singers, raising the voice causes cough. There is marked hoarseness, sometimes loss of voice with a feeling as if something clogging vocal cords.

This remedy is used to treat a cough with a sense of soreness on the left side preventing lying on it. Evening cough is worse from tobacco smoke. Cough is aggravated in the evening and night and suffocative cough occurs at noon.

Cough occurs in paroxysms which are induced by phlegm in the larynx, with irritation under the sternum, fits of passion, laughing, stooping, smoking, ascending stairs, lying down, and waking.

Argentum nitricum is useful in treating aching, tensive pain in various parts of the chest in small spots. The patient experiences a sensation of weight as of a stone in the middle of the sternum.

Heart Complaints

Argentum Nitricum indicated for palpitation of the heart in paroxysms, with nausea. There is violent palpitation of the heart, in the afternoon with faintish nausea, caused by any emotional excitement or any sudden muscular exertion, from lying on the right side.

This remedy is indicated for angina pectoris, with intense pain in the chest and about the heart, and can hardly breathe.

Also indicated irregular (intermittent) action of the heart with an unpleasant sensation of fullness, which is worsened when noticing it, and better when moving about in open air.

Stomach Complaints

This remedy is indicated for complaints of gastralgia, especially in delicate, nervous women, brought on by any emotion, loss of sleep, or during the menstrual period.

Argentum nitricum is also indicated for inflammation of the stomach, gastro-enteritis, gnawing pain in the left side of the stomach, pressure with heaviness (sensation of lump) and nausea, trembling and throbbing in the stomach, and violent belching accompanying most gastric complaints.

It is also indicated for eructations of air accompanied by a mouthful of undigested food (similar to Phosphorus and Ferrum), and for symptoms such as feeling as if the stomach would burst after yawning, with wind pressing upwards but the esophagus feeling spasmodically closed, resulting in an ineffectual effort to eructate, along with excessive strangulation, pressing pain in the stomach, faintish nausea, a confluence of water in the mouth, and inability to stir.

The paroxysm may cease after a quarter of an hour, amidst frequent and violent out-rush of wind.

Other indications include vomiting of some fluid, bile, or black vomit, with anxiety in the precordia, and the vomited substance tinged the bedding black.

Additionally, this remedy may be indicated for waking up at midnight with oppression at the stomach, as from a heavy lump, inducing vomiting in the morning, throwing up glairy mucus that can be drawn into strings.

Warmth at the epigastrium, gnawing ulcerative pain in the epigastrium, stinging ulcerative pain in the left side of the stomach that is worse from touch and deep inspiration, and pain that increases and decreases slowly are also indications.

Other symptoms may include a small spot between the xiphoid and navel that is sensitive to the slightest pressure, with pains radiating in all directions, and pain in the left side of the stomach below the true ribs that is aggravated during inspiration and touching the parts.

Abdomen Complaints

The remedy is indicated for sensations as if a ball is ascending from the abdomen to the throat, stitches through the abdomen (especially on the left side) that feel like electric shocks, especially when changing from rest to motion.

It is also indicated for pain in the abdomen as if sore, accompanied by great hunger, and relieved after eating, but with trembling to set in its place. Violent attacks of pain at irregular intervals, causing the patient to roll on the floor, with tenderness in the descending colon to touch and the passage of tapeworm-like stool, may also indicate this remedy.

Other indications include fullness, heaviness, and distension of the abdomen with anxiety, flatulence, griping, cutting pains, and constriction as if tightly tied with a band. Pain in the hypochondria and intolerance of lacing around the hypochondria may also be symptoms pointing to this remedy.

Rectum Complaints

Argentum Nitricum is a well-indicated for cholera infantum in dried-up, mummy-like children, where stools are green, slimy, noisy, and flatulent, and worsen at night.

The stools may be like spinach in flakes and can also be green, slimy, and shreddy, accompanied by severe bearing-down in the hypogastrium. Membranous stools resembling unsegmented tapeworm, with blood, slime, and epithelium, and often with much flatus, may also indicate this remedy.

These symptoms may be triggered by eating sugar or drinking, as even the slightest amount of drink can quickly pass through the system.

Argentum Nitricum may also be indicated for advanced dysentery with suspected ulceration. Constipation with dry feces, the presence of Taenia or ascarides with itching at the anus, and piles with burning or tenesmus and bleeding may also suggest this remedy. Additionally, burning in one spot in the anterior wall of the rectum (likely in the prostate gland) may also be present in some cases.

Urinary Complaints

Argentum Nitricum is indicated in complaints where the individual experiences nephralgia, with pain upon touching the region.

The urine may be dark red and contain deposits of renal epithelium and uric acid crystals, especially after Causticum.

There may be quickly urging to urinate, with frequent and copious emission of pale urine. Incontinence of urine may be present both during the night and day. The urethra, from the meatus to the bladder, may feel hot and burning, with worsening at the meatus and behind the scrotum.

Urine may burn while passing, and the urethra may feel swollen. There may be an inability to pass urine in a projecting stream. Oozing of mucus from the urethra, which may be thick and white at night, may also be present.

Stitches in the extremity of the urethra and cutting pain from the posterior part of the urethra to the anus when emitting the last drop of urine may indicate Argentum Nitricum.

Priapism and bleeding from the urethra, as well as stricture of the urethra, may suggest this remedy.

Ulcerative pain in the middle of the urethra, as if from a splinter, and a spreading stream of urine may also be observed in cases where Argentum Nitricum is indicated.

Male Complaints

The remedy indicated chancre-like ulcers on the prepuce, small ulcers covered with pus that later spread and become bowl-shaped with a tallow-like coating, impotence with erections that fail during attempted coition, and lack of desire with shriveled organs.

Argentum nitricum is also used in the treatment of painful coition with the urethra feeling stretched or sensitive at the orifice, painful tension during erection (chordee), bleeding from the urethra, shooting pain in the urethra from the behind forward, swollen, hard, knotty, and painful urethra, spasmodic contraction of the cremaster muscle with the testicle drawn high up.

Female Symptoms

This remedy is indicated for female complaints of ovarian pains, feeling as if there is an enormous swelling in the affected side, prolapsus with ulceration of the os or cervix, accompanied by copious yellow, corroding leucorrhoea and frequent bleeding from points of ulceration.

Also used for treating menstrual complaints like irregular and scanty menses (with asthma), menses that are too copious or too scanty, too soon or too late, with all symptoms aggravated before and during menses.

Argentum nitricum is indicated for painful coition followed by bleeding from the vagina, orgasms at night, metrorrhagia (uterine bleeding), metrorrhagia with nervous erethism at the change of life or in young widows and nulliparous women.

Hand Symptoms

Argentum Nitricum is indicated for symptoms such as drawing in shoulders, pain in the left shoulder and arm, rheumatic pain in the left wrist, heaviness in the left arm, and hyperaesthetic numbness of arms and shoulders.

Legs Symptoms

Argentum Nitricum is indicated for cases where the individual presents symptoms such as a staggering gait, lassitude of lower limbs with dizziness as if intoxicated.

This remedy is also used for treating pain in calves all night with a sensation of weariness after a long journey, heaviness and debility of the legs, and limbs (especially knees) starting up at night, weariness with rigidity, and edema of the feet.

Back Symptoms

This remedy is indicated for complaints of muscles on the right side of the neck being sore and stiff, soreness in the lumbosacral region, and heaviness in the os sacrum extending along the pelvis with painful drawing.

Argentum is also used for treating heaviness with a paralytic sensation that prevents prolonged sitting and causes a need to stretch the dorsal spine while walking

Pain in the small of the back worsened by rising from sitting but improved by standing or walking, pain in the sacroiliac symphyses with a feeling of loose bones, fatigue in the back, and pressure in the back at night are a few other indications.

Skin Symptoms

This remedy is useful for treating complaints of wart-shaped excrescences, skin that appears blue-grey, violet, or bronze to black, bluish-black eruptions (as in scarlet fever), itching, itching pimples, impetigo, zona, smallpox, erysipelas, urticarial.

Fever Symptoms

Argentum Nitricum is indicated in cases where there are symptoms of chilliness and nausea.

Chills that are shifting or constant and are more lasting than the heat, and return quickly on uncovering, both stages of fever without thirst,

Other indications of this remedy include a chilly sensation down the back at noon, extending from the occiput to the tip of the coccyx up the back and over the shoulder, night sweats, morning sweats, and scarlet fever.


Modalities are the factors that, increase or decrease the complaints in a patient.

They are categorized as aggravating factors and amelioration factors.

Aggravating factors make the condition of the illness worst, while the amelioration factor makes the condition of the disease better.

It can be time, any part of the day, season, position, or any applications, etc.

Aggravated By-

All the symptoms in Argentum Nitricum patients are worsened

From cold air, cold food, eating sugar, imagination, prolonged mental exertion, warm in general, lying on the left side, and bright light.

Amelioration By-

All the complaints are better by open air, bathing with cold water, cold application, tight bandaging, dark room, and eructation.

Relationship with Other Medicine

Complementary Medicines-

These remedies complete the curing process that is started by the first medicine given.

  • The medicine complementary to Argentum Nitricum is Natrum mur.

Antidoted by-

When there is the appearance of new symptoms, the new symptoms combined with the old ones should be studied, and a second remedy covering more of these new symptoms than the old one is to be given; this second remedy is the antidote.

Argentum Nitricum is antidoted by Cina and Natrum mur.

It antidotes-

Argentum Nitricum antidotes Nitric acid and effects of tobacco.

Follows well-

These are medicines that follow the previous medicine in action thus aiding in cure.

Remedies that follow well argentum nitricum are: – Bryonia, Spigella, Causticum, and Spongia.

Followed well by-

These are the medicine given after the first medicine finished its action.

Lycopodium is followed well by Argentum nitricum.

Argentum Nitricum Dosage & Potencies

The dosage and Potency of the medicine depend on the individual case.

Homeopathic medicines are prescribed based on symptom similarity, where the symptoms narrated by the patient are somewhat similar to the guiding symptoms of the treatment.

Your homeopathic doctor forms the totality of symptoms, and medicine identical to the disease condition is given; the more exact similarity, the earlier the curing process.

Argentum Nitricum 30 Uses-

Lower potency is given when very few symptoms match the medicine to that of the patient.

These symptoms help doctors diagnose the disease condition only; there is a minor symptom of Argentum Nitricum.

Lower potencies require frequent repetition. You should give them 3-4 times a day till the expected result is seen.

Argentum Nitricum 200 Uses-

This is considered as higher Potency; they are given when the majority of mind symptoms of Argentum Nitricum and the physical symptoms of Argentum Nitricum which are narrated by the patient get the perfect match.

Higher potencies are advisable to be not repeated very often; they act for a longer duration, so the second dose is repeated every 7 days or every 15 days once.

On giving 200C Potency, it’s advisable to wait for the symptoms to subside, which can be repeated until all signs in totality disappear.

Argentum Nitricum 1M Uses-

Argentum Nitricum 1 M should not be repeated; it is given once a month and waiting for symptoms to disappear.

This is very high Potency. It would help if you gave it only after careful case analysis, where all medicinal symptoms of Argentum Nitricum and those provided by the patient match with each other ideally.

Argentum Nitricum Q (Mother Tincture) Uses-

Argentum Nitricum in tincture form is used to treat severe neuralgic pain.

Argentum Nitricum 3X/6X Uses-

This lower potency of Argentum Nitricum works well as a therapeutic dose for gastric disorders and also for mental disorders.

Argentum Nitricum Side Effects

The process of potentization prepares homeopathic medications. In this method, the raw form of the medicine is taken and worked upon, and diluted to such an extent that all the harmful effects of the raw material are gone. All that remains is the medicinal or curative powers.

Homeopathic medicines are gentle and safe. They can be taken in the correct dose and potency by people of all age groups without fear.

Side effects of homeopathic medicines are an infrequent phenomenon.

It may so happen that the symptoms may subside temporarily and then come back with a renewed strength and severity. This occurs when the medicine has been repeated more than what was required.

It may also happen that the person may come back saying that he has developed an entirely new set of symptoms while all his old symptoms are still present. This means that the remedy prescribed was the wrong one.

In both cases, it is advisable to give a suitable antidote to Argentum Nitricum.

You may have to re-work the case as a new totality has emerged. Based upon this new totality, you may have to prescribe Argentum Nitricum in a different potency or a new remedy altogether that matches the newly formed total.

Keep a lookout for these symptoms; they are the red flags on your path to recovery

  1. Worsening of any symptoms that you had before taking the dose.
  2. Appearance or worsening of mental complaints like melancholy, despair, depression, irritability, and emotional sensitivity.

It is important to keep in mind that along with selecting an appropriate remedy, the remedy must be in appropriate potency which requires the guidance of a licensed practitioner, as every person’s symptoms and health conditions are unique.

Homeopathic medicines should only be taken when prescribed by a homeopathic physician. Self -medications can aggravate the original conditions.

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