Arsenic Album 30, 200, 1M: Uses, Dosage, Benefits & Side Effects

ARSENIC ALBUM 30, 200_ Uses, Dosage, Benefits Side Effects

Arsenic Album 30 has become a matter of debate as immunity-boosting medicine against corona.

You might have heard about it in various news, media, from your colleague, friends, or in your family about Arsenic Album.

In this article, I will discuss, can you take Arsenic Album 30 to improve your immunity?

Along with this, I will also explain in detail the uses of Arsenic Album on different body parts.

Though, Arsenic has been known to humanity for ages, especially as a poisonous compound.

But, Arsenic Album is a homeopathic medicine, and it is not poisonous. In contrary to this, it is beneficial and used for several ailments of our body parts.

Its sphere of action is so varied that you can use it on almost all of your body parts.

Arsenic Album is also known as a life savior, and it can give life to a person on a death bed.

This medicine must be in your home because you may need this in emergencies.

So, I will discuss the detailed symptoms of our body parts where you can use Arsenic Album. The dosages of its various potencies, its antidotes, its complementary medicines, etc.

Additionally, I will also mention the price of the arsenic album of some famous brands like SBL, Dr. Reckeweg, etc.

Along with this, you can find the online purchasing link at the end of this article.


Arsenic Album or Arsenicum Album is a homeopathic remedy derived from the metallic element arsenic.

If Arsenic is applied locally in crude form, then it produces violent inflammation with sloughing of parts. And if someone takes it internally, it has a toxic effect on the nervous and circulatory system.

On the other hand, when someone uses Arsenic Album as homeopathic medicine, it is highly beneficial. It is a great medicine that acts as a lifesaver and a palliative for the patient on the death bed.

I have used it from time to time in many cases, and its great effectiveness has surprised me. It has done magic in various instances – like stomach disturbances, black pigmentation, and many more.

Speaking of Arsenic, one thing that immediately comes to the mind is its restlessness. Therefore it is compared to a horse. Because the horse is an exceedingly nervous animal, continually moving about, restless to a degree.

Whenever you find a restless person having the symptoms discussed below, you can give Arsenic Album.

Additionally, anxiety is so marked that you cannot overlook it. And this can be a guiding symptom for you in a case of food poisoning.

You can use Arsenic Album medicine for both acute as well as chronic complaints.

Now, Let me tell you when you can use Arsenic Album based on the body parts’ symptoms.

Arsenic Album Uses

As I told you, you can use Arsenic Album in almost all body parts. But, I will cover the most critical symptoms of our body. I will go from head to toe of our body parts and explain the symptoms one by one.

You can read it from start to end or can jump directly to particular body part symptoms.

Arsenic Album 30 for Immunity

WHO has conducted various research studies on the efficacy of homeopathy in immunity boosting. And it has achieved a compelling track record to prevent, control, and manage the outbreak of infectious diseases on a bigger scale.

Homeopathy has helped to develop a natural defense against various microbes. It has also shown its potential as a preventive and curative type of medicine.

Anyone can use Arsenic Album for symptoms related to respiratory systems. Some examples are – a cough that gets worst after midnight, wheezing respiration, dry cough, constricted air passage, fever, etc.

And, these are the same symptoms usually has been seen in corona patients.

In addition to that, It has shown a 100% success rate in a trial run over 30,000 volunteers.

The AYUSH Ministry of India has also provided support in 33 research studies on this prophylactic medicine’s efficacy.

After that, they have suggested that anyone can use Arsenic Album 30 for immunity and preventive medicine against corona.

In addition to that, Arsenic Album 30 has been proved in various research studies to boost immunity at a cellular level.

Therefore you can use Arsenic Album as an immunity booster without any side effects.

Mental Symptoms

You have mental and physical restlessness. You may find yourself too weak to move, but still, your mind will force you to move. Then, this could be a great sign to take Arsenic Album.

In the case of children, some restlessness is intrinsic to their character. But when you see they are capricious, they want to be carried; they want to go from one person to another.

You will feel a disease is incurable, and you are going to die because of this disease. And there is no use in taking any medicine. If this kind of thought prevails you, then it’s time to take the arsenic album.

Internal restlessness leading to anxiety. Stress can create waxy, pale, and wrinkled skin, giving a prematurely old look. So your stress affects not only the mental state but also the way you look.

You may fear germs catching an infection. As a result, you can become obsessed with the thought that every object is dirty and carries germs. As a result, a compulsion to wash hands arises. You frequently wash your hands after touching any item.abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Internal stress can make you restless and annoyed, frustrated, or worried. As a result, you will find faults in others at everything.

Fear of disease becomes so significant for you that you start continually talking about your illness.

When you are alone, you are unable to tolerate any noise or conversation.

As time passes, you may feel reluctant to show any concern, sympathy, or interest in life.

Head Symptoms

You move your hand and find that your scalp is susceptible. Besides, you may find it is difficult to brush because of little pain over the scalp.

You may be suffering from a One-sided headache with a cold feeling along with weakness. But, this suffering gets better by cold application. On the other hand, it becomes worse with light and motion.

You might even notice Itching in the scalp with patches, covered with dry scales, and hairs become grey.

Eyes Symptoms

Intense burning in eyes with acrid acclamation is so significant.

Your eye burning sensation is becoming soothe by external warmth.

Eye complaints with painfulness become better by external warmth.

Nose Symptoms

Arsenic Album for Cough & Cold – Arsenic plays a vital role in seasonal flu, which results in cough and the common cold. These cough & cold symptoms can be periodic.

You may get continuous sneezing and do not get immediate relief.

Ulcers in the nose and repetitive nose blockage are also some noticeable symptoms of the arsenic album.

Throat Symptoms

Arsenic Album for sore throat – It can be used in pain in the throat and tonsils with burning.

Problems associated with throat is increased by cold While it becomes better by warm drinks.

In addition to this, In Diphtheria conditions throat looks dry and wrinkled, then Arsenic plays a vital role.

Chest Symptoms

Arsenic Album for Asthma – It does wonders in case of Bronchitis and asthma problems.

In case of seasonal changes in which children are most affected.

In asthmatic instances, you may find that you cannot lie down due to fear of suffocation. And it becomes worse after midnight, due to odors, laughing, and turning in bed. In contrast, it becomes better from coffee and sweet water.

The cough becomes worse after midnight with scanty discharge, which is frothy.

You can hear a whistling sound due to constriction of the trachea(respiratory passage ).

You will notice that Child will be thirsty for water and demand it frequently but will sip once or twice.

Stomach Symptoms

Some critical and noticeable symptoms associated with stomach and abdomen could be like this –

Your stomach upset problems can be treated very quickly by Arsenic Album, which gets disturbed from the slightest food or drink.

You may face Indigestion from vinegar, acidic food, ice-creams, ice water, tobacco, watery fruits. Foul odor from mouth.

Ulcers in the mouth with a burning sensation are also frequent. Indigestion leads to vomiting of food immediately after eating and drinking.

Acidity with reflux to the throat is also noticeable. Injure or ulcerates in your throat. Despite these, you crave brandy or coffee. You can’t tolerate the smell of fish, meat, and eggs.

You might desire to eat seafood, especially shellfish. But sometimes, you may get hives, and it may become life-threatening. It may create breathing issues and low blood pressure.

And here comes Arsenic Album for your rescue, which can resolve these issues.

Heart Symptoms

You are addicted to tobacco or smoking. You may feel your pulse is fast in the morning or when you are lying back.

Palpitation increases after stool, along with weakness.

Female Reproductive System Symptoms

If you are female, these could be significant issues for you, where Arsenic can do wonders. You may feel stitching pain in the rectum during your periods.

It is burning in the breast, which becomes better by motion.

Hormonal Symptoms

Arsenic Album plays a very vital remedy in a hormonal issue like Diabetes. Diabetes has become a fast-growing silent killer in today’s world.

Tingling and numbness are also experienced by the patients, which are called peripheral neuritis and most commonly seen in diabetic patients.

Diabetic Gangrene is also a complication of uncontrolled Diabetes where the skin ulcerates and the tissue affected is dead with offensive discharges.

Its also indicated in CARBUNCLES, which is a skin infection. An infected person can see uncontrolled sugar levels.

Hand & Leg Symptoms

Violent and burning pain in the back, powerfully aggravated by the touch.

You may find cramps in the fingers at night, swelling in the palms of the hands, and Cramps in the calves of the legs.

Affections of the shin-bones.

Skin Symptoms

You can notice eruptions with vesicles and violently burn, especially at night.

Black blisters -Pustules filled with blood and pus. Discharges are scanty but very offensive.

The affected part is ulcerated with burning pains.

Fever Symptoms

You can use Arsenic Album in any fever, be it Malaria, dengue, flu, or any other viral infection. noted with

Arsenic Album is best suited for weakness, headache, dry mouth, and desire to drink hot drinks. Moreover, fever comes along with restlessness.

Fever can come along with aching in the body and especially in bone. The problem aggravates when you get exposed to cold but feel better in the open air.

You may feel breathlessness along with chilling in your body.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a type of disease where a person feels profound fatigue, pain in the body, sleep deprivation. CFS primarily occurs in women. However, the underlying causes of this disease are unknown. Sometimes it is due to environmental and genetic factors also.

Arsenic Album is the best remedy for excellent service in treating cases of chronic fatigue syndrome.

The peculiar symptom you will get excessive fatigue from little exertion. You may feel a lack of strength to do anything. And a desire to lie down all the time due to fatigue and anxiety attended with weakness.

Arsenic Album Key Note Symptoms

Key Note Symptoms are those vital symptoms that facilitate you to select a medicine. Followings are the keynote symptoms of Arsenic Album, which will help you to decide for selection of the medication –

Weakness with fainting and restlessness Complaints return periodically, e.g., every day, or every third day, the fourth day, fortnight, every week, annually.

Discharges are very offensive smells like a corpse. All secretions are very acrid; the affected part ulcerates with burning pain.

It is burning in the whole body as if hot coals are better by warm applications, hot water. You may get whole-body swelling with skin pale, waxy, earth-colored.

You get quickly tired from the least movement. Symptoms are worse from 1-2 pm, and 12-2 am The smell or sight of food is unbearable.

Thirst for cold water but drinks little at a time. Children affected with Marasmus look very emaciated and a lot of weakness.

Every part bleeds easily. Sensitive to light, noise, talking, touch, smell. The right side is more affected. Pain alternates between head or stomach or body worse by people’s talk.

Sleep is disturbed, restless, unable to sleep, and account dreams full of fear. Complaints are worse after midnight, cold drinks or food, wet weather, seashore, right side.

Complaints are better from the hot application, warm drinks, keeping head elevated.

Arsenic Album Dosages

I will explain various potencies of Arsenic Album and their respective dosages.

But, make sure to match the body’s exact symptoms and then select the medicine’s correct potency.

Arsenic Album 30 Dosage

You can take four pills or two drops on an empty stomach for three consecutive days for prevention. This dosage will act as preventive medicine against corona. Then repeat it after 30 days.

If you suspect that you have come across a suspected patient, you can repeat for 15 days. For further repetition, kindly consult your doctor.

For Cure – In case of symptoms matching – Take ten drops three times a day with 1/4 cup of water if after analyzing the symptoms mentioned above.

You can use Arsenic Album 30 in the following conditions – Anemia, leukemia, Cancer, Malaria, Psoriasis.

It gives excellent results in black pigmentation anywhere on the body, even on the tongue; that’s my personal experience (in repeated doses ). You can still use lower potencies like 3c, 6c for which you need to be under proper medical guidance.

Arsenic Album 200 Dosage

You can use Arsenic Album 200 as indicated in the following conditions – Cholera, Flu, Influenza, or any acute diseases, fever, Throat infection, cough, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, ulcer, etc.

You can repeat Arsenic Album 200 every 10 minutes till the condition improves. In fever, never give any medicine when the temperature is high. In conditions like diarrhea, you can take after every stool until improvement.

Arsenic Album 1M Dosage

It can be used in mental ailments like ( For EG, OCD, Hypochondriasis, Depression, etc.) when characteristic symptoms are present.

Kindly consult your doctor for dosages because he would be the perfect person to judge how much dosage of medicine you need.

Arsenic Album Complementary Medicines

  • Rhus tox
  • Carbo veg
  • Phosphorus
  • Thuja
  • Secale cor

Arsenic Album Antidotes

  • Graphites
  • China
  • Carbo veg
  • Lachesis
  • Nux vom
  • Veratrum album
  • Mercurius
  • Lead poison

Arsenic Album Antidoted By

  • Camphor
  • Carbo veg
  • China
  • Hepar sulph
  • Lachesis
  • Nux vom
  • Ferrum
  • Opium

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