Belladonna 30, 200: 25+ Uses, Benefits & Dosages


Belladonna homeopathic medicine is a fantastic remedy used in various ailments of our body.

Belladonna 30 & Belladona 200 are the most common potencies used for the treatment.

Belladonna is used from head to toe to treat different diseases & complaints.

It is not only beneficial for adults but also safe for babies and dogs also.

This article has described detailed Belladonna uses for several complaints along with its dosages & potencies.

So let us get started !!

What is Belladonna?


The name Bella means beautiful, and donna means lady.

It was named so because, in ancient days, people used belladonna berry juice to increase the size of the pupil in females and make them look attractive.

But it was a dangerous choice since it is poisonous. Hence it is also known as DEADLY NIGHTSHADE.

It’s been used as a homeopathic remedy since 1500AD as a polychrest remedy, which means it affects almost all the parts of the body and acts as a curative agent for many diseases.

This plant grows in shady places, and stems are around 1to 1.6 meters. Flowers are bell-shaped and reddish-purple and appear around May to August.

In homeopathy whole plant is used to prepare medicines. It’s plucked around the flowering season.

It contains various chemicals like atropine, hyoscyamine, scopolamine, apo atropine. These chemicals can block the functions of the body’s nervous system.

This action includes salivation, sweating, pupil size, urination, and even digestive functions. It is even capable of increasing heart rate and blood pressure.

Suppose large doses of these chemicals enter our body. In that case, it can cause dry mouth, blurred vision, enlarged pupils, dry skin, Fever, increased heartbeat, inability to sweat or urinate, and can even cause hallucination, fits, and coma.

But when these chemicals are converted into homeopathic medicines, they are no longer poisonous and are capable of curing various ailments, which is of great help to humanity.

So, let’s see uses of Belladonna homeopathic medicine in various complaints – 

1-Belladonna for Headache & Migraine


Migraine is a recurrent type of headache that presents as throbbing pain, mostly on one side and accompanied by nausea and disturbed vision.

Belladonna is very much the medicine for a migraine if the following symptoms match in a patient.

If you have pain throbbing with heat, hammering in the head (temple), forehead, and occiput and is worse by the slightest movement, noise, light, lying down, and then Belladonna is the remedy for you.

Pain gets better by letting the hair down, bending the head backward, and laying a hand on the head. The patient can feel a cold sensation in the middle of the forehead.

Pains go downward from the head. Head becomes sensitive to draft air, cold, or even washing hair. Due to pain, they bore the lead into the pillow and roll heads from side to side with constant moaning.

During the headache, one can hear the pulse in the head with having difficulty in breathing.

Headache is worse on the right side of the head and can be triggered by even a haircut.

Belladonna Dosage:

30C and 200C potencies work well in these kinds of headaches.

It must be repeated every 2 hours till the pain subsides.

2-Belladonna for Dogs


Belladonna is an effective remedy for epilepsy/fits, which is of unknown cause in dogs.

Symptoms presented by dogs during fits include collapsing, jerking. Their muscles become stiff, and they lose their consciousness. There can be tongue chewing, drooling of saliva, and foaming at the mouth.

They fall to their side and make a short and quick movement with their leg. They can even pee or poop during the episode.

Belladonna is also indicated in Fever, mastitis, sudden boils, ear infections, conjunctivitis. Because of the intense pain, dogs are usually agitated, restless, and can be dangerous.

Pains are worse around 3 pm and in the sun.

The right side is more affected.

Belladonna Dosage:

Belladonna 3-4 drops of 200 potencies can be given in the mouth.

In acute infections, it has to be given three times a day till symptoms get better.

In epilepsy, heatstroke can be given every 15 minutes till the improvement and later reduced to 4 times per day.

3-Belladonna for Tonsilitis, Swollen Tonsils


Belladonna is an excellent remedy in the acute stage of infection. You might notice that tonsils are enlarged, especially the right side.

There is a constant desire to swallow with a choking sensation. They develop a constricted feeling in the throat. Swallowing is also difficult.

The patient has to drink a sip of liquid to swallow solid food.

You might feel a sensation of lump due to swollen tonsils. And also, an increase in the size of the mucous membrane is noticed.

Belladonna Dosage:

200C potency gives good results in acute inflammation.

Four pills four times a day till reduction in discomfort or pain and gradually twice a day.

4-Belladonna for Pharyngitis, Throat Pain


You might see that in acute pharyngitis throat is dry and hot and looks covered with a shiny coating. It seems angry red due to congestion of blood. Constant scraping sensation in throat has to clear.

The tongue is also red on the edges, looks like a strawberry. The tongue becomes swollen and painful. The patient experiences pain more on the right side of the throat.

Belladonna Dosage:

2OOC potency works well. 4 pills three times a day till symptoms get better.

Belladonna works in an acute stage of inflammation/ 1st stage of infection.

5-Belladonna for Conjunctivitis, Pink Eye


Conjunctivitis is an infection of the white part of the eyeball. You will notice that the conjunctiva is red as if it is angry.

Eyelids are sore, congested, and swollen. The patient experiences the tears flowing are extremely salty.

They have throbbing pain deep in their eyes lying down. Eyes become dry, red, and swollen.

Eyes are so painful that they develop a fear of light with shooting pain in the eyes.

Belladonna Dosage:

2OOC potency works well. 4 pills three times a day till symptoms get better.

Homeopathic eye drops are also available indicated in conditions like dryness of eyes and redness and pink eye.

For adults and children, you can use 2-3 drops of the medicine into each affected eye,

6-Belladonna for Fever, Fever in babies


It’s a great remedy for babies with Fever. It is indicated in high Fever, but there’s no sign of toxicity caused due to bacterial infection.

During fever babies head becomes hot, but the feet are cold. Internally they are cold but externally there is very strong burning, steaming heat.

Babies don’t drink much water during the Fever. Their skin is dry and moist alternately.

In babies, sweat is noticed only on the head. In Fever, blood vessels are seen to be swollen due to pressure from inside.

Belladonna Dosage:

200C is the safest potency to be used in babies.

Never give medicine when the temperature is running high.

The medicine should be administered only after the Fever subsides.

One can do repetition as and when the symptoms call for it.

7-Belladonna for Sleep


Belladonna can induce peaceful sleep for those suffering from sleeplessness.

They are sleepless but drowsy. Since there is a rush of blood, they can feel the pulsations all over the body and are awake due to it. This happens when they begin to sleep on closing the eyes or during Sleep.

It must have happened many times that you are sleepy but cannot sleep and keep moaning and tossing in Sleep. Then Belladonna is the remedy for you.

Restlessness is also seen in dreams full of quarrels, and they see a vision of fires, robbers, and assassins.

They many a time screams in Sleep. And also tend to put their hands under the head while sleeping.

Belladonna Dosage:

200C and 1M will be more fruitful for sleeplessness.

It can be repeated till the improvement in the state is noticed.

8-Belladonna for Teething in Babies & Infants, Teething pain


Belladonna will ease out the pain and irritability in babies during teething. If the following symptoms are noticed in babies during teething, then surely, they need Belladonna.

They cry restlessly with excessively grinding of teeth and some even clench jaw.

Belladonna Dosage:

Low potency works well in this condition. Repetition is required.

9-Belladonna for Pain, Severe Toothache


Belladonna has its main action on nerves. So, it is capable of curing people who are suffering from a tremendous amount of pain.

People suffering from toothache experience throbbing pain, sometimes even sharp cutting and shooting pain. Pain is of maddening severity which comes and goes in repeated attacks.

Belladonna Dosage:

200C potency to be used, four pills every two hourly till the pain subsides.

10-Belladonna for Kids, Children, Convulsions in children


Belladonna is a great remedy for Children. It is suited for intelligent, cheerful, and entertaining individuals in pink of health but become violent when sick. Hence it is considered a great remedy for children.

Children are very restless and talk very fast. We can see children have the habit of spitting on others. They deliberately behave unacceptably.

Kids of a small age group get frightened when somebody approaches them. In some children, the tongue hangs out of the mouth.

Belladonna is capable of curing epilepsy/fits in children. Constriction occurs in the whole body. And epilepsy begins in the arm. These attacks are followed by nausea and vomiting.

During fits, their body is thrown forwards and backward. After fits, they remain unconscious for a very long time.

Belladonna Dosage:

You can select 200C and 1M potency in cases of children.

In Constitutional symptoms always go for 1M and do not repeat till the symptoms call for it.

In particular cases like epilepsy start with 200 and then proceed to 1M after the effect of 200 potencies has been completely exhausted.

11-Belladonna for High Blood Pressure


Belladonna acts extensively on blood circulation; hence it is capable of managing blood pressure to normal levels.

Circulation in blood vessels and capillaries is very active. This causes congestion and swelling up of arteries (blood vessels). This causes throbbing in the blood vessels.

On examination, the pulse is full, hard, and tense. Palpitation is violent with forced and hard breathing. Some even experience bubbling sensations in the region of the heart.

Belladonna Dosage:

30C and 200C potency will give good results. 4 pills thrice a day till symptoms improve.

12-Belladonna for Cough, Asthma, Pleurisy, Laryngitis


Dryness is marked in respiratory organs like the nose, larynx (vocal cords), and trachea (windpipe). They feel as if some other object is present in the larynx with a cough. This makes the larynx very painful.

The patient develops hoarseness in a painless voice. And sometimes the voice is lost. Along with cough, there is pain in the left hip and chest.

Cough is ticking, short and dry, which is worse at night, and fine dust present in the air. Cough worsens after yawning.

You might see that children cry before coughing. The voice becomes high-pitched. Cough also sounds like having barking sound.

Cough is associated with stomach pain with spitting of blood before the cough begins.

They tend to develop asthma in hot damp weather. Breathing becomes difficult, and they take a short and quick breath. Moaning at every breath is marked.

In severe cases, they develop an abnormal breathing pattern where there is a gradual increase in breathing and then decrease, followed by a temporary period where breathing stops—this cycle repeats.

Belladonna Dosage:

30C and 200C potency gets indicated for the above condition.

Repetition is required and can be done till symptoms of improvement are noticed.

13-Belladonna for Anxiety attacks, Bipolar Disorders


You might find that the patient is extremely restless since the nerves have been affected. They talk very fast and can be very quarrelsome.

They tend to dance, laugh, sing and whistle. Despite these, they have hidden fears within. They fear imaginary things and imagines that they can see monstrous faces.

A patient gets excitable and weep during these states. They get frightened at the approach of others.

In severe cases of anxiety attacks, they can be extremely wild, cruel, and violent.  A person makes noise and cries.

They can bite, spit and strike others during the attack. They constantly moan.  A patient’s desire smokeless tobacco. Their complaints feel better after having light food.

A person lives in their world engrossed in their vision and not aware of what is happening around them. His interest in talking to others is lost, and changeability in his behavior is marked.

Belladonna Dosage:

1M and higher potencies will help in establishing a cure.

Repetition of dose should be done only after the effect of the previous amount has been exhausted.

14-Belladonna for Women, Hot flushes, Mastitis, Ovarian cyst


Belladonna is of great use to women in various troubles. In infections of breasts, they have severe throbbing pain with red streaks radiating from breast to nipple.

The breast becomes heavy, hard, and red. Belladonna is also indicated in the tumors of the breast. Tumour pain worsens when the patient lies down on the bed.

Females experience hot flushes during menopause due to congestion of blood vessels associated with mood swings and irritability.

In Ovarian cyst pain is experienced by the patient radiating from hip to hip and in the sacrum.

Belladonna Dosage:

30C and 200C potency work well in these conditions.

Four pills thrice a day till the symptoms get better.

15-Belladonna for Earache, Children ear pain


Pain is felt in all parts of the ear, internal, external, and even in the deep ear. The tympanic membrane (a thin film that separates the internal and external ear) is swollen and under pressure.

The patient can hear humming noises. Sometimes the patient can listen to his voice. Hearing becomes very sharp.

In babies, many times, earache is one of the causes of excessive crying.  Children cry out in Sleep due to throbbing and beating pain in the deep ear. Beating pain occurs at the same time as the heartbeat.

In children, the salivary gland is also swollen with ear pain. Pain can cause serious disturbance in mental abilities in thinking and regarding awareness of the environment.

Belladonna Dosage:

200C potency will be best in children as well as adults.

4-5 pills every 2 hours till the pain subsides.

16-Belladonna for Skin Rash, Rashes & Boil


Belladonna is indicated in various skin complaints.

Let me explain to you one by one.

Dermatitis: It usually involves dry skin or a rash on swollen red skin. Or there can be blisters that ooze then forms crust or flake off.

Scarlatina: A bright red rash covers the entire body. The patient has a burning sensation with a rash. They are smooth in appearance and appear suddenly.

Acne rosacea: It’s a condition where a face is filled with small red pus-filled bumps on the front. Pustules can be seen on the face, along with swelling of glands situated in the neck.

Erysipelas: It’s acute and can be a recurrent disease caused by bacteria that causes large raised patches on the skin. Skin is alternately red and pales in such cases.

Boil: A painful bump under the skin is called a node. These boils seem to appear every year. Belladonna can remove this tendency of suffering annually.

The patient has skin that is dry and hot and also sensitive. Skin can be glossy too, in some instances.

Belladonna Dosage:

200C potency is well indicated and requires repetition as per the state of the patient.

17-Belladonna for Sex


Belladonna will help in establishing the desire, which is reduced in men. Testicles are hard, drawn up, and painful. Belladonna helps in reducing the pain.

Belladonna is indicated in men whose sexual desires are diminished with a total loss of interest to the excitement.

Semen is released from a floppy and not-so-firm penis. The patient has shooting pain in the testes.

Sharp pain in the scrotum occurs while semen is being formed.

Belladonna Dosage:

You can use 200C and 1M potency and repetition will also demand as per the patient’s history.

18-Belladonna for Sinus, Cold, Nasal polyp


Swelling, redness, and burning symptoms accompany all complaints of the nose. The nose is red in appearance both internally and externally.

There is shooting pain in the nose, mostly in the night. There is swelling internally in nasal polyps, and you can also see bleeding mostly at night and morning.

In the sinus, the nose is dry, and the sense of smell becomes very sharp, especially to tobacco, or it becomes very less. There is a low mucus from one nostril, and the other is blocked.

The foul smell comes from the nose when one is affected by the cold. A burning sensation is felt by the patient sometimes.

Belladonna Dosage:

30C and 200C act best in these states.

For polyps 30C potency in repeated doses till resolution of polyps can be considered.

19-Belladonna for Cats


Belladonna is indicated in cats who are aggressive.

Fever, heatstroke, headshaking, and other complaints associated with aggressiveness and restlessness, and pain are also suggested in Fever.

Belladonna Dosage:

You can use 200C potency in cats. 2-3 drops thrice a day till improvement.

20-Belladonna for Parkinson’s


When the nerve cell in the brain is damaged, it causes a decrease in dopamine levels resulting in symptoms of Parkinson’s.

It often affects the movement, which includes tremors. It usually begins with a tremor in one hand, and later slow movements occur along with stiffness and loss of balance.

Patient experiences attack of immobility and stiffness of the body, limbs along with insensibility. Trembling occurs in the hands and legs with a lot of weakness and tiredness.

The patient feels that all his strength is lost, paralysis, and loss of sensibility is taking over. They feel as if they have lost all senses and all motions as if it occurs in death.

Belladonna Dosage:

200C, 1M, and higher potencies will help in these conditions. Repetition is very much required.

21-Belladonna for Kidneys, Infections, Bladder spasms


In urine infections, UTI, and other kidney-related troubles when there are no pathological changes belladonna works well.

Because of the loss of muscle function of the bladder (urine bag) urine is retained within. In infections, urine is bright red, frequent, and profuse.

Bleeding in urine can happen without any pathological cause. Since the person loses control over the urinary bladder, there is leakage of urine on lying down, standing, at night in Sleep.

They feel that a worm is moving in the bladder. Urine is scanty with pain and appears cloudy or thick, loaded with phosphates in kidney diseases.

Belladonna Dosage:

30C potency in repeated doses works well.

22-Belladonna for Joint Arthritis, Swollen joints


Joints become red, swollen with red streaks radiating. So, they start limping without their knowledge.  When they sit or lie down with their feet crossed, it becomes very difficult to uncross them.

They have shooting pains in affected limbs. These patients tend to get affected by rheumatism. It’s a painful condition that affects joints, bones, cartilages, tendons, muscles, and ligaments.

In rheumatism, pain keeps shifting. Stiffness in the joints of hands is noticed.

Shooting and burning pain in the hip bone get triggered by fits. It is more unbearable at night. Stiffness in the hip after sitting for a long time and the person finds it difficult to get up.

Belladonna Dosage:

30C and 200C potencies will be the most suitable.

4-5 pills thrice a day to begin with 30 potencies and later shift over to 200C potency.

23-Belladonna for Stomach Pains, Gastritis, Diarrhoea, Inflammatory bowel disease, Motion sickness, Piles


A great deal of acidity(gastritis) is noticed in people who fear drinking water and complete loss of appetite. They vomit everything and become pale and weak.

They want to drink lemon juice but can’t as it is not suitable for them. They want only cold water to drink.

Pain from the stomach radiates to the shoulder and throat and is worsened by pressure. The abdomen is distended and can’t tolerate even the slightest touch not even bedclothes.

Cutting pain in the stomach is felt by the patient, which he feels better by bending backward. They feel cramps and colic as if someone has clutched the abdomen.

Severe pain in the liver radiates to the shoulder and neck worse on lying down. Clawing pain is also felt around the navel.

In diarrhea, stools are involuntary and green with chalky lumps. Stinging pain in the rectum because of piles. Piles are very sensitive associated with a backache.

Belladonna is also indicated in motion sickness.

Belladonna Dosage:

200C potency five pills every 2-3 hourly till vomiting stops then later thrice a day.

Every two-hourly till the pain stops completely.

24-Belladonna for Sciatica


Sciatica is a condition where pain begins in butts and extends down the legs. It can be one-sided or on both sides.

The patient has shooting pain down the limbs due to which they lack firmness and stability while walking.

Without their knowledge, they tend to walk using one leg over the other due to pain.

Belladonna Dosage:

200C and 1M potency is indicated. In severe pain, 1M in frequent doses will give excellent results.

25-Belladonna for Vertigo


A sensation of whirling and loss of balance is called vertigo.  The patient has vertigo with the tendency to fall towards the left or backward.

They feel as if water has been splashed in the brain. A patient feels as if the brain rises and falls in waves.

Vertigo gets worse from bending forward and downward and rising from stooping.

Belladonna Dosage:

30C, 200C potency acts best for vertigo. 4 pills four times a day for a week or improvement in symptoms.

26-Belladonna for Period pains, Cramps


Belladonna relieves many types of pain, and period pain is one of them.

Females experience severe pain. Bearing down sensation is felt by them as if all the organs would come out through the vagina, so they have a stand and sit erect. On lying down the symptoms worsens.

Females experience dryness and heat in the vagina. They have dragging pain around both sides of the spine.

Menstrual flow is increased, bright red, hot, and comes too early and is profuse in amount than usual. They have pain in the lower back and cutting pain from hip to hip.

Belladonna Dosage:

30C and 200C potency can be used. 200C will be effective for pain, and 30C will be very effective for profuse flow.

Medicine can be repeated till improvement is noticed.

27-Belladonna for Pregnancy, Postpartum


Belladonna will help ease out labor pain and help establish a steady pattern in pain since the pains come suddenly and go suddenly.

Pain in the sacrum, which is the triangular bone in the lower back of the spine, fuses both the pelvic bone, is very much marked.

Post pregnancy bleeding which occurs is very hot and offensive and clotted.

Belladonna Dosage:

200C should be effective in labor and post-delivery.

Repetition should be as per the demand of the case.

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