Calcarea Phosphorica 6X, 3X, 12X: Uses, Benefits & Dosage

calcarea phosphorica 6x uses

Calcarea Phosphorica commonly known as Calcarea Phos is an extraordinary remedy for homeopathy.

It is one of the Twelve Tissue Salts introduced by Dr. Schussler.

Calcarea Phosphorica was introduced into the homeopathic form of medicine by Dr. Constantine Hering.

Calcarea Phosphorica is made up of calcium and phosphorus and, as such, shows several properties that are similar to the Calcarea group and phosphorus.

Its uses are more comprehensive as a Biochemic Tissue Salt than a Homeopathic Constitutional or Acute Remedy.

So this article will explain the Calcarea Phosphorica uses, benefits, side effects & dosage in detail.

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So, Let’s get started !!

What is Calcarea Phosphorica used for?

Like the minerals calcium and phosphorus, Calcarea Phosphorica has its seat of action on the bones of the body.

The glands, female genital system, and digestive system also come under its sphere of action.

There is a problem with the assimilation of calcium and phosphorus, leading to a state of malnutrition.

This causes a delayed or disproportionate development of bones and soft tissue.

The bones are weak, curvy, and bent and do not have the required strength in them.

Calcarea Phosphorica Constitution or Personality

Calcarea Phos is suited to pale with a dark complexion, dark skin, dark hair, and eyes.

The persons are thin and spare instead of fat. These people have an emaciated body with sunken, flabby belly and disproportionate limbs.

It is an excellent remedy for babies that show delayed developmental milestones, significantly delayed dentition, and delayed closure of sutures.

It is suited to kids who are malnourished and weak despite eating well.

There are improper assimilation and absorption of minerals in them. They are thin, skinny with big bellies and legs that are bent.

Calcarea Phosphorica homeopathy Uses

I will take you through all the body parts from toe to head.

You can match the symptoms and when you feel these symptoms are matched then you can use Calcarea Phosphorica

Mind Complaints

In Calcarea Phosphoricum, we see that the person is very fussy and irritable.

He is constantly worried about some of the other issues.

This only ends up aggravating the complaints he is already suffering from.

He is always in a hurry and wants to go to some of the other places, but he forgets where he has to go.

Suppressed grief, anger, and vexation bring out all his complaints.

Head Complaints

Calcarea Phosphoricum is suited to babies who have delayed closure of the fontanelles.

The head is very soft to touch and is extremely sensitive.

It is a good remedy for headaches in school-going kids who are nearing puberty, where the location of the headache is at the sutures. These kids will typically have a big, flabby belly.

In adults, the headache is more of a gastric origin. It is always accompanied by a great deal of flatulence and abdominal distension.

The head is hot, with smarting pain at the roots of the hair.

Eating and thinking of his headache aggravate his condition. Sleeping and resting help his headache to decrease.

Eyes Complaints

Eye complaints are seen in people of varying ages.

The cornea is the most affected.

There is abscess formation in the eyes.

Due to improper healing, this abscess leads to diffuse opacity in the cornea, leading to vision problems.

Mouth Complaints

The tonsils are swollen up to a considerable extent. The person is not able to open the mouth even slightly without experiencing a great deal of pain.

It is suited to babies who show delayed developmental milestones, especially delayed dentition.

The period of dentition is not only delayed, but it is also complicated and painful.

The teeth develop slowly and decay rapidly. There is a tendency to swelling of the adenoid glands and the tonsils.

The use of Calcarea Phosphoricum can often help in avoiding surgeries like tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy.

It also helps in easing the symptoms of the dentition period.

Calcarea Phosphoricum, when given to pregnant ladies, helps in the development of strong bones in babies.

Respiratory Complaints

This remedy is suitable in low doses for suffocative cough, which is relieved when lying down.

The lower lobe of the left lung is generally affected.

The person keeps sighing, and it is primarily involuntary.

Stomach Complaints

This remedy is suited to infants who feed continuously and then throw up immediately after being stomach full.

There is an intense craving for meat like bacon and ham and salted and smoked meat.

The person eats heartily and then is filled with dread due to gas accumulation inside his belly.

The pain due to gas is better temporarily due to the passing of flatus.

Excessive eating causes heartburn. Kids vomit out everything they had just eaten or drunk.

Abdominal Complaints

This remedy is suited to thin, sparse persons who have a significant and flabby abdomen.

The belly hangs down and looks disproportionate with their bodies.

After every meal, a person feels a burning pain inside the abdomen.

The pain is felt in and around the region of the navel.

There is a lot of gas accumulation inside the stomach, which gives rise to pricking pain here and there but is relieved by belching.

There is a sour aftertaste in the mouth after belching. The relief is only temporary, though.

Rectal & Stool Complaints

Calcarea Phosphoricum is a good remedy for diarrhea during dentition.

The dentition period is harrowing. The child puts everything into the mouth with the hope of getting some relief from the pain.

This leads to severe diarrhea where the stools are slimy, greenish.

They have a horrible, fishy odor emanating from them. Offensive flatus is passed irrespective of stools.

Stools contain pieces of undigested food in them. The diarrhea is spluttering and hot and is very painful.

In adults, there is diarrhea after hard stools. Diarrhea is caused by eating juicy fruits with a high citrus content in them.

The hard stools give rise to a painful fistula. ‘Fistula in anus alternates with chest complaints’ is a very characteristic symptom of Calcarea Phosphoricum.

Urinary Complaints

The person suffers from an increase in the number of times he has to pass urine.

This leads to a lot of weakness in him.

Every time a person coughs and blows his nose or lifts a heavy object, he feels pain in the region of his kidneys.

Female Complaints

In Calcarea Phosphoricum, we will have females who will say that their period always comes early by a few days.

In the initial days, the flow is excessive, and the blood is bright red.

Towards the end of the period, the color of the menstrual blood is dark red, almost blackish.

During that time, there is severe, unbearable pain in the lower back.

The female will also have a lot of nymphomania with an urge to indulge in sexually pleasuring herself.

She suffers from leucorrhea which is like the white of an egg. Leucorrhea is felt more in the morning.

The baby of this woman refuses to nurse at her breast. This is because the milk tastes salty.

Calcarea Phosphoricum is suited to old ladies with prolapse of the uterus.

Calcarea Phosphoricum, when given to pregnant ladies, helps in the development of strong bones in babies.

Hand & Leg Complaints

Calcarea Phosphoricum is a remedy that is indicated in cases of improper assimilation of calcium and phosphorus.

Due to improper assimilation, there is a resultant deficiency of both these essential minerals.

This leads to delayed development of bones and teeth.

The teeth and bones are often malformed and curvy and look disproportionate compared to the rest of the body.

All-weather changes bring on severe stiffness and pain in the hands and feet. The pain is worse while climbing stairs.

Sitting at a place for even a short while causes the legs, back, and buttocks to go off to sleep.

While getting up after sitting for a time, there is a crawling sensation that is extremely painful.

Sitting for a long time causes pain in the sacroiliac symphysis.

Rheumatic Complaints

Rheumatism gets aggravated at the slightest change in the weather.

Getting exposed to draughts of cold winds or getting wet in the rain brings on very severe pain.

The small joints, as well as the large ones, are affected.

Walking, climbing up the stairs ad any motion in general causes the pain to increase.

Summer season, warm weather, applying a heat bag, and the rest help the person relieve the pain.

Rheumatic pain is associated with a stiff, dull, aching pain in the head.

The Calcarea Phosphorica Baby

The Calcarea Phosphorica baby is thin, emaciated, and malnourished.

The baby has a fat, hollow and hanging belly, while the arms and legs are slim and skinny.

The baby is starving and keeps nursing continuously at the mother’s breast. But as soon as it feels complete, the entire feed is vomited out.

The baby has a large head with open fontanelles.

There is a delay in the closure of sutures.

The head appears large and heavy.

The neck is unable to support it.

The baby suffers from delayed dentition. The teeth appear late and then get decayed soon.

Dentitional diarrhea is prevalent, and it is hot and spluttering.

The stools are slimy and greenish. The stools have a horrible fishy odor and contain a lot of pieces of undigested food in them.

The development of the limbs is also prolonged.

The legs have no strength to carry the weight of the body. They begin to curve and bend.

This makes the child hesitant to walk. The child is, therefore, slow in learning to walk independently.

The spine is also very brittle and prone to deformations.

In the lumbar region, especially, the spine is fragile. The weakness is so profound that the minor child cannot sit without some of the other support to the back.

Mentally the child is fussy and irritable. It is always cranky. When at home, it wants to be carried out. When it is taken out, it wants to be carried back inside.

Calcarea Phosphorica Modalities

Modalities are the factors which, increase or decrease the complaints in a patient.

They are categorized as aggravating factors and amelioration factors.

Aggravating factors make the condition of the illness worst, while the amelioration factor makes the condition of the disease better.

It can be time, any part of the day, season, position, or any applications, etc.

Aggravated By

Damp weather, wet weather, getting wet in the rain, getting exposed to draughts of cold wind are all responsible for the onset of the symptoms and their worsening.

Eating a lot of food, blowing the nose, bending, and picking heavy things, climbing up the stairs cause the aches and pains to increase.

Amelioration By

All the complaints are better in summer, in warm weather and by applying a hot bag to the affected area.

Lying down, taking a rest, sitting with support also relieve the complaints.

Calcarea Phosphorica Relationship with Other Medicines

Calcarea Phosphorica Complementary medicines- Ruta, Hepar Sulphuricum, and Zincum Met

Calcarea Phosphorica is Antidoted by- Camphor and Coffea Cruda

Calcarea Phosphorica Antidotes these Medicines- Merc Sol, Merc Cor, Sulphur.

Follows well- Arsenicum Album, Iodum, Merc Sol

Followed well- Sulphur, Psorinum, Sanicula, Rhus Tox

Calcarea Phosphorica Dosage and Repetition

Choosing the correct dose of a remedy and its repetition depends upon the disease condition that has to be treated.

When the remedy is indicated in a chronic condition, i.e., The person has been suffering from the disease for an extended period and is already showing advanced pathology, it is safer to give lower doses like 30c.

In conditions where the symptom totality is highly accurate and several peculiar, queer, rare, and strange symptoms of the remedy are seen, we can go for higher potencies like 200c, 1M, or 10M.

Frequent repetition with higher doses is not generally advocated. The more the symptom similarity, the lesser number of repetitions that are required.

Use of Calcarea Phosphorica as a Tissue Salt

Tissue salts are the core components of every single cell of the human body.

These tissue salts are responsible for the execution of various functions by the human body.

The deficiency of one or more of these salts leads to disharmony in the body.

Dr. Wilhelm Schussler introduced the concept of tissue salts to Homeopathy.

Biochemic Tissue Salts are used mainly by homeopathic practitioners as a form of supplements. These salts help in replenishing the body’s storehouses.

Calcarea Phosphoricum is one of the essential tissue salts required by the body for its proper growth and development.

Indications for Calcarea Phosphoricum is a Biochemic Tissue Salt-

Calcarea Phosphoricum is a good Tonic for stomach and digestion-related problems.

It is indicated in underweight children who eat well but are undernourished due to mal-absorption of nutrients. Here Calcarea Phosphoricum helps the body in boosting the absorption and assimilation of vital nutrients.

Calcarea Phosphoricum is a valuable remedy for babies undergoing delayed developmental milestones, significantly delayed dentition, and delayed closure of sutures.

Diarrhea during dentition is a crucial indication for Calcarea Phosphoricum.

Calcarea Phosphoricum is used as a supplementary remedy in pregnant females. This helps in the better development of the bones of the baby.

Calcarea Phosphoricum can be used post-partum in females where the milk production is low. The remedy helps to increase the secretion of milk. It is also helpful when the baby refuses to take the mother’s milk as the milk tastes salty.

It is a remedy for Albuminous secretions from all parts of the body.

The wounds show white sticky discharge and later for a thick hard crust.

Leucorrhea is offensive and likes the white of an egg.

It is an excellent remedy to be used as a supplement for kids who are very cranky and fussy and who refuse to eat.

When combined with few other Biochemic Tissue Salts like Ferrum Phosphoricum and Magnesium Phosphoricum, Calcarea Phosphoricum is a very effective remedy to tackle anemia to iron deficiency.

Calcarea Phosphoricum is the first choice of a homeopathic physician when he is yet to arrive at the similimum. He will often use Calcarea Phosphoricum 6x or 12x as a placebo to buy himself more time.

Dosage and Repetition of Calcarea Phosphorica in Tissue Salt

Tissue salts help in restoring the mineral imbalances in your body.

They also promote the body’s natural healing process.

Deficiencies of tissue salts lead to several small and seemingly insignificant symptoms, which can have severe repercussions on your health if left unattended for a long time.

Tissue salts help in replenishing the mineral deposits in your body.

In homeopathy, Dr. Schussler advocated the use of 12 tissue salts. These tissue salts are used in extremely low potencies of 3x, 6x, and 12x.

Calcarea Phosphorica 6x or 12x is generally given as a supplement to the homeopathically chosen remedy.

Its dosage is usually four tablets two times a day in adults and two tablets two times a day in children.

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