13 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Anal Fissure Treatment


An Anal Fissure is also called Anus Fissure or only Fissure. It is not a disease though a lifestyle disorder that affects maximum people somewhere in their lives. This article is about the best homeopathic medicine for Fissure to treat naturally and without side effects.

Many people get confused Anal Fissure with Piles or hemorrhoids. (Read more about Piles)

So before starting the homeopathic treatment of Anal Fissure, one needs to understand its symptoms. Once a person becomes sure that he is suffering from Fissure, he needs to identify its severity.

Because based on severity only, a person can decide that Anal Fissure can be treated by diet management or needs homeopathic medicine.

So in this article, you will know about Fissure, its symptoms, causes, diagnosis & the best homeopathic medicines based on a particular symptom is.

So let us start hoping that you will find your homeopathic medicine for Fissure after completing the article.

What is Anal Fissure?


An anal fissure is a small cut on the skin around the anal area. This cut causes severe pain when a person suffering from an anal fissure goes for stool passing.

And sometimes, an anal fissure leads to bright red bleeding, confusing a person with piles (Read more about piles). An anal fissure can affect people of all ages and both sexes, but infants and young children are the most affected.

Because at this age, constipation is very prevalent because of less fiber in food. And, constipation is the primary cause of Anal Fissure.

Technically, Anal Fissure is not a disease though a lifestyle disorder.  In most cases, Anal Fissure heals itself within four to six weeks with proper management.

But, if it persists for more than six weeks, it is called a chronic case and requires medicinal treatment. Additionally, in some chronic and severe cases, a doctor can suggest surgery after a proper diagnosis.

Types of Anal Fissure

Anal Fissure can be classified according to their duration of presence:

1-Acute Anal Fissure

2-Chronic Anal Fissure 

Acute Anal Fissure

When the symptoms are present for less than six weeks.  These fissures usually heal with proper management.

In this stage, it involves only the epithelium that is (1st layer of skin)

Chronic Anal Fissure 

When the symptoms are present for more than six weeks.

In many patients, due to Fissure, the surrounding skin in the anal canal becomes persistently inflamed and forms a skin tag called sentinel tag.

They are often misunderstood as piles. These tags tend to be very painful during bowel movements.

This stage involves the entire muscle thickness of the anus.

What are the symptoms of Fissure?

Following are some of the peculiar symptoms of Anal Fissure –

There is a sharp pain before and during passing stools that can last for hours.  Due to pain, certain patients try to avoid passing stools, fearing pain.

Inside the anus, the skin (dermis) of the inner buttocks changes to anoderm.

Unlike skin, anoderm has no hairs, sweat glands, or sebaceous (oil) glands and contains sensory nerves that sense light, touch, and pain. The abundance of nerves explains why anal fissures are so painful.

The burning sensation can remain for a very long time in the anus. Passing stools can feel like passing pieces of glass.

A patient has bleeding, which is bright red and small in quantity. A small skin tag near the anus is a sign observed in chronic fissures.

Itching is a ubiquitous accompaniment. Sometimes there is an offensive discharge from the anus. In certain instances, even swelling is noticed around the anus.

What are the causes of Fissure?

Anal Fissure may have various underlying causes, but the all the causes can be divided into two broad category –

1-Primary Cause

2-Secondary Cause 

Primary Cause of Anal Fissure

The primary cause involves those factors which directly affect the condition of Anal Fissure. The most important are as follows –


It is a condition where one experiences infrequent bowel movements or difficulty passing stools that are lumpy or hard. If constipation persists for a long time, it leads to straining to expel the stools; straining leads to tear in the anus.

And even stretching of the muscles around the anus occurs due to the accumulation of hardball-like stools.

Constipation is the primary cause of anal Fissure. So, let’s try and understand the causes of constipation. Causes of constipation are:

  • A person takes less intake of fiber in the diet.

  • Inadequate water intake.

  • Lack of physical activity.

  • Certain medications like pain killers, anti-depressants, drugs used to decrease blood pressure, medicines used to reduce acidity, which contains aluminum, diuretics (these are used to remove excess fluid from the body), iron supplements.

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

  • Aging

  • Change in routine

  • Laxatives overuse

  • Intestinal blockage.

  • Constipation can occur with many other medical conditions.

2-Prolonged diarrhea:

Acidic stool (low ph. stool) leads to excoriation of anal skin, which frequently happens in diarrhea.


In pregnancy, there is increased progesterone secretion, which is the cause for constipation, and at the same time, the growing uterus puts pressure on the pelvis again affecting.

And during childbirth, straining to expel the fetus leads to tearing in the anal region leading to Fissure.

4-Reduced blood circulation:

Increased muscle tone leads to muscle spasm, leading to reduced blood supply leading to poor healing to already present wound. This leads to more straining and again wound, leading to a continuous cycle.

5-Hypertonicity of muscles around the anus:

It is a condition in which there is too much muscle tone; that is, muscles become stiff and rigid. Usually, muscle tone is controlled by signals that travel from the brain to the nerves and tell the muscle to contract.

6-Anal intercourse:

This can lead to tissue friction around the anus and result in a fissure.

7-Insertion of foreign bodies/objects.

8-Frequent use of laxatives is also one of the causes.

Secondary Cause of Anal Fissure

These are the factors that have an underlying disease –

1-Inflammatory bowel disease like Chron’s disease

The inflammation that occurs in the intestinal lining makes the tissue around the anus more prone to tearing.

2-Sexually transmitted infections-

Disease like HIV, Syphilis, Herpes skin becomes soft and fragile can also lead to Anal Fissure.

3-Anal cancer


5-Previous anal surgeries

Anal Fissure Diagnosis

Usually, a gentle examination of the anal region reveals the Fissure, leading to the diagnosis.

On examination, it reveals whether it’s an acute or chronic fissure.  Acute Fissure is fresh in appearance like a paper cut. At the same time, a chronic fissure has a deeper cut with a skin tag.

Location of Fissure helps in understanding the cause of it. If it’s located on the side of the anal opening, then it’s due to other diseases like, e.g., Chrons disease.

So, if your doctor feels that the cause of Fissure is due to some other diseases, then he or she might suggest other few tests which help in the diagnosis like

  1. Anoscopy

  2. Sigmoidoscopy

  3. Colonoscopy

Usually, in homeopathy, these tests aren’t relevant as this only helps identify the disease at the pathological level.  Whatever may be the disease, homeopathy stands apart from other pathies in individualization.

For example, when a person is suffering from cold allopaths, treats his cold with one medicine, coughs with another, and fever with another.  Whereas in homeopathy, each detail of what the patient says is important.

For example, a patient says, ” Dr. I got wet in the rain after that I had a cold iced juice and then by afternoon I had body ache with fever, and I started sneezing and coughing.”

And, A homeopath will analyze the complete thing and prescribe the medicine. 

Anal Fissure Management

Anal Fissure can be managed primarily with two methods-

1-Dietary changes

2-Auxiliary management

Anal Fissure Diet Management

1- Plenty of water intake –

Constipation is the main culprit that must be cleared.  As in constipation, stool in the intestine gets dehydrated.

Water is withdrawn from the large intestine to hydrate the body.  When too little water is available, the stool becomes dry, hard, and challenging to move through the intestine.

Therefore drinking plenty of fluids is essential to remain hydrated. Avoiding caffeine as they cause dehydration.

2-Taking a fiber-rich diet-

Fiber is essential for our digestive organs to work smoothly. Since they are not digested, the fiber in the food passes into the intestine and absorbs water.

Therefore, this creates bulk so that the intestine muscles can push waste out of the body. Hence eating fiber-rich food helps in preventing constipation.

So, the next question arises, which is fiber-rich food? There are two types of fibers soluble and insoluble. Both are important for regular bowel movements.

Soluble fibers absorb harmful chemicals and cholesterol from the body and help in eliminating stool. Insoluble fiber adds bulk to stool and sweeps them out of the body.

Source of soluble fiber: barley, oats, beans, nuts, fruits like apples, berries, citrus fruits, pears, etc. Source of insoluble fibers: – whole grains, wheat, cereals, vegetables like carrot, celery, tomatoes, etc.

Some food contains both types of fibers. Eating plenty of fiber reduces many ailments like Irritable bowel syndrome and lowers acidities and ulcers. It can also lower the risk of Diabetes, Cancer, etc.

Anal Fissure Auxiliary Management

Auxiliary management is an additional help or support given to patients and medicines to support a faster recovery.

Some daily routine hacks can decrease anal Fissure pain to a certain degree. Some of the useful tips are as follows –

Soaking in hot water called sitting bath several times a day. The anal area should be kept dry and cleaned gently to avoid more friction and further infection.

One must change toilet habits by avoiding sitting for a prolonged time in the toilet and avoiding straining. Regular exercise, staying away from stress, Lubricating agents can be applied at the anal opening

Anal Fissure Treatment (Homeopathic Medicine for Fissure)

Homeopathy is based on individualization, where a person’s suffering is taken into account by taking a detailed history of his present and past complaints.

Patient family history and history of illness are also considered. Overall, general affections are also considered, which leads to a selection of a remedy that will help cure his illness.

Cure of illness depends on duration since the patient is suffering, intensity, age factor, etc. Acute fissures resolve at a faster pace with the help of homeopathic medicines.

Chronic fissures also get cured without the need for surgery in most cases. So, homeopathy helps abort the tendency to fissures and can help in avoiding surgeries.

Following are the 13 best homeopathic medicine for Fissure based on the individual’s symptoms –


Aesculus Hippocastanum can be used if the following symptoms are matched – 

Digestion is slow. There is a sensation of fullness in internal parts along with heat, dryness, roughness, and stiffness.

Pains explained by patients are sticking or flying all over, or it’s hot like lightning. A patient has terrible backache, which makes him unfit for their daily routine.

The rectum is dry with a lot of pain. There is a sensation as if the rectum is full of sticks as the Stools are large, hard and dry, and of a different color.

The stool’s first part is hard and black; then it becomes soft and white. Anus becomes very raw and sore. The pain is worse after stool associated with prolapse of the rectum.

Mucous membranes seem to be swollen and obstruct the passage. The rectum becomes tighter and narrower as if a knife was sawing up and down.

Burning in the anus is experienced with chills up and down back. There is a weird sensation as if the bug is crawling from the anus.


This remedy is most suitable for people who are affected by a sedentary lifestyle. They have a sensation of fullness in the affected parts.

The parts become heavy and feel as if dragging a load. There is constant bearing down sensation in the rectum with bleeding and sore pain and hot sensation, relieved by cold water.

Muscle power of anus is lost, leading to insecurity in the rectum while passing the flatus. So, they don’t know whether stool would pass or flatus.

Stool almost passes unnoticed and without effort. Stools are lumpy, watery, and jelly-like.

A lot of mucus passes in the stool. There are a burn and pain in the anus and rectum after stool.

During constipation, the patient feels heavy pressure in the lower part of the abdomen. So there is the sensation of plug between pubis (they are the pair of bones forming two sides of the pelvis) and coccyx (a small triangular bone at the base of the spinal column in humans.)

They can get diarrhea from beer.


Fissures of the anus are intense, sore, and cracked near the lower end of the bowel.  Itching in the anus as prom pinworms are experienced.

The Fissure is accompanied by pain in the back, generally far down on the sacrum.  A patient has constipation with the wind in the lower bowels.

Complaints are usually worse during pregnancy.


Persistently distressing itching and burning are experienced in the rectum.  Hot, moist, and offensive flatus is emitted.

Constantly musty, glutinous moisture exudes from the anus. Sometimes it’s acrid and corrosive, leading to burning in the rectum and anus.

There is a lot of soreness, itching, and moisture of the perineum at night. Bleeding from the rectum is also noticed.

In diarrhea, stools are frequent, involuntary, and smell like dead bodies, leading to burning in the rectum.


Hydrastis works well for fissures. Its main action is on the mucous membrane.  Patient experiences constipation with a sinking feeling in the stomach and a dull headache.

While passing stool, pain experienced is described by the patient as a smarting kind of pain.  The pain remains for a very long time after passing stool.

A lot of contractions and spasms are felt at the rectum. Even slight bleeding exhausts the patient.


There is marked hyperesthesia (excessive physical sensitivity, especially of the skin) is noted.  One has stitching pain from the anus deep into the rectum.

Pressure in the rectum as of a sharp instrument from within outward.  A patient has itching in the rectum.

The patient can pass a stool after great difficulty. Anus goes into painful contraction after passing stools. These patients are prone to diarrhea after fright.


Nitric acid is an important remedy for anal Fissure. This remedy acts best on dark complexion people and those in middle age. Its main action is on the body where the mucous membrane and skin meet. They produce pain, which feels like splinters.

Pains appear and disappear quickly. They must strain a lot while passing stool, but they can pass very little. Rectum feels torn.

A person has constipation with Fissure in the rectum. These patients have tearing pain during stools. And they have violent cutting pains after passing stools lasting for hours.

They bleed easily, and it’s profuse in quantity since their fresh blood is bright red. After stools, they become irritable and exhausted. Stools are very offensive.


It’s one of the most important remedies for fissures in homeopathy. This remedy is most suitable for prone to ulcers on the lower parts of the body.

There is biting and itching in the anus. The opening of the anus is swollen. Burning in the anus is felt after passing stool, followed by internal chilliness.


It’s suitable for an unattractively thin and bony person. They are prone to constriction with the sensation of sharp fragments of broken glass is present in the rectum.

The stool is forced out with great straining and followed by burning and aching and feel better by hot water application.

Fissures burn like fire.  Anus becomes dry and itches a lot. There is bleeding even if the person has not passed stool.

There can be sudden knife-like stitches in the anus.  A person has burning pain before and after stool.

Stools are very offensive and thin watery.  There is constant oozing from the anus.


Silica can ripen an abscess and promote suppuration, or you can say bring the pus out of the boil.  Fissures are painful, and anal muscles go into spasm because stool comes down with great difficulty.

Stool gets partly expelled, and partly it remains within the rectum. This leads to straining to lead to stinging sensation in the rectum, which subsides after passing stool.

There is a vicious cycle leading to stool being remained in the rectum for a long time.  Females experience this type of constipation, especially before and during menses, along with irritability of sphincter ani (anal muscle).

Cutting cramping pain, which is present in the rectum, gets extended till testes and is worse during sex.  They must strain for even soft stools and get exhausted.

The anal opening is always moist with foul flatus. Stools also smell very foul.


This remedy is most suitable for fat, cannot tolerate cold, and prone to constipation with delayed menstrual history. The circulation is affected, leading to an irregular distribution of blood.

It can lead to a rush of blood to the head and pallor in mucocutaneous junctions where skin and muscle meet. Constipation is very severe, which lasts for days.

The very thin and pasty stool is passed with a mass of mucus.  Fissure at the anus pains while passing stool, which is followed by a constriction at the anus.

It aches for several hours and bleeds. The bleeding noticed is watery. And the affected area develops into an ulcer.

Wiping in the anal region gives rise to smarting sore pain. Females observe itching in the anus just before menses.


Lifestyle affects largely people requiring this medicine. They develop constipation on alternate days due to inactivity.

The stools are dry hard and break into small fragments. This tears the anus leading to fissure formation and causes burning. Burning and stitching pains in the rectum after stool is passed.

The anus is also contracted and bleeds. All this is associated with great weakness and tiredness.

They might even become depressed if this situation persists for a long time. Also, irritability for small matters is noticed.


Sulphur is one of the best remedies for anal fissures. Redness of orifices like lips, nose, anus, eyelids are noticed due to irregular circulation.

It is suitable for patients who are unable to walk erect and walk with stoop shoulders.  A person is very untidy, tall, and lean.

Their body smells despite cleaning.  They always desire to keep their bowels clean. They have constant bearing down sensation in the rectum, so they constantly feel pain and urging in the rectum along with itching.

Anus becomes sore, tender. They burn and bleed. On account of pain, they hold back stool.

Homeopathic Medicine for Fissure Dosage


It acts best in low potency 30c and mid potency 200. It can be frequently repeated in acute conditions, especially when pain is very severe.


Aloe works well when given in 200c and 1M. In acute conditions, it can be repeated frequently, every two hourly.

In complaints related to the rectum, it can be repeated frequently with few doses and wait and watch. Repeat the medicine when the symptoms call for it.


200c is the best potency it works. The action of the remedy is slow, and it needs some time before manifesting its effects; hence it should not be repeated too frequently.


This medicine can be given in 30, 200, and 1M. Low potency like 30 c can be given in abdominal complaints. 200C is given in some specific conditions and can be repeated according to symptoms.

1M or high potency is given in as per the demand of patient’s history, which includes family and past history. And high potency shouldn’t be repeated too often.


30C and 200C is the best potency for the action of this remedy. Repeat the medicine only when the demand arises.


30C AND 200C is the most frequently used potency and can be repeated frequently as the action of the remedy are short.

When given in high potency like 1M, it shouldn’t be repeated often, and one has to wait till the action of remedy has been completely exhausted.


30C, 200C, AND 1M is the most frequently used potency. Usually, a single dose is enough and repeat only when the symptoms call for it.


30C AND 200C are frequently used, and cane repeated till symptoms call for it.


30C AND 200C act best in acute cases and can be repeated as per the demand of the case.


200C potency acts best in specific conditions and can be repeated well.

Higher potencies can be given in constitutional indications as per past history and family history. High potency shouldn’t be repeated too often.


30C and 200C are the most frequently used dosage. Since it’s a deep-acting medicine, it’s not repeated frequently.


30C, 200C, 1M AND in certain conditions higher potencies are used. When given in low and mid potencies, it can be repeated as per the demand of the presenting symptoms.

But higher potency is given in a single dose.


200C and 1M act well in Chronic cases. In chronic cases, a usually single dose is only given.  Repetition may be required in specific acute diseases.

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