5 Best Homeopathic Medicine for Piles (hemorrhoids)


In this blog, you will get complete information about piles, their symptoms, their type, risk factors, how to cure piles, top 5 homeopathic medicine for piles, how to purchase these medicine online, piles management tips, and much more.

Only wearer knows where the shoe pinches

The above quote is true in the case of piles. If you are suffering from the piles, then you can understand the daily pains you are going through. 

A person with piles carries a lot of pain especially after passing stool and he is always scared of going to the toilet. Although piles are not a deadly disease, their pain is very scary and intense.

Piles are also very common in case of pregnancy, and homeopathy has the best medicine for that.

So, If you are suffering from any kind of piles, then you have come to the right place for the right information along with a complete cure.

So let’s get started !!

What are Piles?

Piles is also called Hemorrhoids, is a very painful condition that affects the rectum and anus.

It is said that nearly three out of every four adults will be suffering from hemorrhoids at any given time.

Piles are nothing but veins in the rectum that get distended due to some of the other reasons. The distended veins, at times, protrude out through the anal orifice.

Let us understand a bit more in detail about Piles – 

Our food pipe starts from our mouth and ends at the anus region. This food pipe is made up of various parts and out of them, the last part is the large intestine. Most of the digestion of our food takes place in here only. 

The large intestine starts from the colon to the rectum and ends at the anus. The veins situated at the lower part of the rectum and anus if get swollen due to the more blood flow is called piles or hemorrhoid.

Types of Piles

You may have heard about piles being referred to as internal piles and external piles.

So, what exactly are these internal and external piles?

Internal piles is the condition when the veins are distended deep inside the rectum. They are symptomatic but usually painless.

While External piles is the more dreaded version, in this type of piles, the veins are distended to such an extent that they begin to protrude out through the anal opening.

External piles show severe symptoms and are very painful.

Symptoms of Piles

How do you know if you are suffering from piles?

External piles 

The first red flag is the appearance of blood in the stool. You may find the bright red bleeding on the pot or the toilet paper.

Intense burning after passing stool is another trademark piles symptom. The burning is excruciatingly painful and lasts for a long time after passing stools.

Itching and swelling around the anus is another symptom of external piles. Inability to sit or lie on the back is a characteristic of the pain caused due to external piles.

Internal piles 

The symptoms include brownish stools due to internal bleeding. Often you may be able to feel small protrusions around the anus, which become prominent while passing stools.

Once the stools have been passed, you can push them back inside or recede on their own.

So if you have either external piles or internal piles, the explained homeopathic medicine for piles in this blog is surely for you.

Based on the severity Internal Piles are divided into 4 grades – 

Grade 1 piles are small swellings inside the anus and these are so small inside the anus that you can not feel them from outside. 

Grade-2 piles get partially hung outside of the anus when you go for stool passing but it goes back when you are over of passing stool. 

Grade-3 piles hang out from the anus when you go for the stool passing but it does not go inside by itself. However, you can push them back inside the anus with your finger.

Grade-4 piles are permanently hung down from within the anus. You cannot push them back inside. They sometimes become quite large in size and surgery is the only option. 

Risk Factors of Piles

Who is at risk of developing hemorrhoids?

Piles runs in the family. It is a condition that is passed down from parents to children. If you have a parent who has suffered from piles, you have a very good chance of developing piles yourself.

Other than this, any condition that causes pressure on the rectal veins and affects the blood flow can cause piles. These include-

  •  Constipation
  • Straining excessively during stools
  • Pregnancy
  • An improper diet that includes lots of junk food.
  • Lack of water and fiber in the diet.
  • Anal sex.
  • Cough that has been present for a long time.
  • Sedentary lifestyle. People with desk jobs that involve long hours of sitting at one place.

If you find any one of the above risk factors, this is the high time to make the appropriate lifestyle changes to avoid developing piles.

Additionally, if you are at the initial stage then homeopathic medicine for piles recommended in this blog is a sure shot.

How to Detect Piles (Diagnosis)

Piles is diagnosed clinically based on the symptoms that you describe to your doctor. you can start homeopathic medicine for piles under the supervision of a homeopath.

However, to confirm the piles, your doctor may perform the following additional tests.

Physical Examination– The doctor will examine your anus carefully for any abnormalities like cuts, bruises, swellings, and lumps.

Per Rectal Examination– This is an examination where the doctor will insert his finger into the anus to feel for any lumps or swelling.

Sigmoidoscopy/Colonoscopy– These are tests where a long, lubricated tube, called a scope, is inserted into the anus until it reaches the colon or large intestine. The tube helps the doctor to visualize the insides of your colon and intestine. This will help him to make a better diagnosis. The scope may also be used to scrape off a bit of tissue for further laboratory studies.

Complications of Piles

What are the complications of piles?

Piles cause bleeding.

Losing small amounts of blood over a long period will gradually lower your hemoglobin levels and make you anemic.

The external piles may get infected and become painful. A muscle may wrap itself around the prolapsed piles and block the blood supply leading to a Strangulated Piles Condition.

So if you are already suffering then, it’s high time to start homeopathic medicine for piles along with other recommended tips given in this blog.

Prevention of Piles

If you identified yourself at risk for developing piles, then there is no reason to hit the panic button right away.

You can not only prevent the piles but also manage beautifully in the earlier stages with simple measures. 

In a later section of this blog, you will come to know the top 5 homeopathic medicine for piles but I always suggest prevention is better than cure.

If you take small steps at the right time, it will lead to lots of benefits later on in life. Following are some important tips which you can adopt in your daily life to prevent piles –

Start eating healthy.  Include lots of fibrous fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Consider taking a fiber supplement. Drink lots of water.

Avoid junk food, refined, and processed food.  Stay away from red meat, oily and fried food, and dairy products too. Avoid all ‘ready-to-eat’ packaged foods.

Do not hold back on the urge to pass stools. Go as soon as you feel the urge. You must avoid straining while passing stool.

You should not sit on the pot for a long time while reading a newspaper or browsing on your phone. At the workplace, you should not sit for a long period of time, and you must take regular water breaks.

Physical activity is a must. Expose your body to regular exercises. Laxatives should be used judiciously and only as a prescribed medicine under a qualified doctor‘s supervision.

How to Cure Piles

Piles is a progressive condition that may worsen if not diagnosed on time, and you may end up in complications.

In the conventional method, surgery is the only treatment available. However, piles treated surgically tend to recur because surgery treats only the distended piles and does not target the root causes, like genetic predisposition, chronic constipation, etc.

Symptomatic treatment like over-the-counter pain medications and anesthetic gels help in nullifying the pain and burning temporarily.

Homeopathy offers a very safe and effective way for the treatment of piles.

Homeopathy Treatment for Piles

If you take homeopathy treatment for piles, then it relieves you of the symptoms like pain, burning, soreness, and itching. Moreover, it goes deep into identifying the root cause and eliminating it, so you are cured completely.

The chances of relapse and recurrence of piles are next to nil with the use of homeopathic medicines.

If proper lifestyle and dietary changes are followed along with the correct homeopathic remedy, then you can get rid of piles for life.

In homeopathy, the doctor attends to each case so that the root cause of the disease is uprooted and the person is free from all the symptoms.

Among several thousands of remedies, the homeopath will choose the remedy that is best suited to your case.

To choose the correct remedy, the doctor will delve deep into your case and source details about you like your food preferences, dislikes, temperament and nature, family history, previous medical histories, seasonal afflictions, and conditions that worsen or improve your symptoms and so forth.

Top 5 Homeopathic Medicine for Piles

Following are the most effective homeopathic medicine for piles which have shown very promising results. In some cases, it has reverted to normal while in some advanced cases these medicines are used for the management of the disease. 

Along with all the medicines, the important symptoms are explained where these are most effective – 

1-Aloe Socotrina for piles

Aloe socotrina for piles is a leading choice for the treatment of piles, especially external piles.  Followings are the conditions when a patient can use aloe socotrina for piles –

A person living a sedentary lifestyle and suffering from liver problems can use this medicine.  Unhealthy food habits lead to constipation and make you strain during stools.

Excessive straining makes the rectum muscles and veins weak and distended.  Portal Congestion or the congestion of the vein related to the liver is also the reason for distention of the rectum’s veins.

The person who will need Aloes will often complain of severe lower back pain along with his piles. The veins and muscles in the rectum are extremely loose with no muscle strength.

The person will often have the feeling as if something will pass through his anus. Even while passing gas, he is fearful that stool may escape; that is how weak his muscles are.

The stools he passes are filled with mucus. After passing stools, he can feel his piles protruding out, and very rarely can he push it back inside. The intense burning in the anus after stools is immensely relieved by cold water or other cold applications.

The doctor will often see the veins protruding out in a typical dark blue color with a purplish tinge on examination. The resemblance is very similar to a bunch of grapes.

The person fears eating or drinking anything due to fear of passing stools. His complaints are better by applying cold water over the affected area.

2-Hamamelis Virginica for Piles

Hamamelis is a remedy that acts broadly on all the body’s veins, especially the lower body. A person can use hamamelis virginica for piles if these condition matches –

The remedy is very useful in piles that show profuse bleeding. The characteristic feature of Hamamelis is the presence of dysentery along with piles.

The stools are watery and very bloody. Piles’ typical symptoms like burning, itching, and pain while passing stools are all present, except constipation.

Therefore, Hamamelis is more suited to piles that develop due to problems in the vein directly than due to factors like sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food habits.

Along with pain in the anus due to hemorrhoids, the person will complain of pain in the abdomen originating from the liver area and spreads to the back.

Piles are often accompanied by varicose veins, a condition where the veins in the legs are distended.

3-Aesculus Hippocastanum for Piles

Aesculus is a remedy that is suited to internal piles. A person can use Aesculus hippocastanum for piles if the following condition matches – 

The veins situated deep into the rectum are severely distended, giving rise to lower backache characteristics.

The pain that the person complains of after passing stools is very peculiar in Aesculus. The person will tell the doctor that the pain he feels is like a thousand small sticks pricking his rectum from the inside.

He has to strain a lot while passing stools.  Large, hard, and dry stools are passed with fresh blood.

The bleeding is generally not severe. After stools, the person can feel his protruding piles. Upon trying, he is successful in pushing the protruding piles back inside.

Sometimes, the person will tell you that he found worms on his anal region after taking Aesculus. This is because this remedy is an excellent deworming medicine in homeopathy.

Protruding piles with worms is an excellent indication for Aesculus and, if present, will prove to be very useful for the doctor to choose the right remedy.

Another characteristic feature of the Aesculus is the burning pain in the anus after passing stools.

The person will feel intense burning in the anal area while at the same time, he will feel a chill running up and down his back and spine.

All the complaints are usually worse in the morning, after a bowel movement, after eating or drinking anything, and after walking. Applying cold water or a cold compress relieves the person of his burning pain.

4-Sepia for Piles

Sepia is known as the Female Remedy in homeopathy. A woman can use sepia for piles in the following conditions –

A beautiful woman with short stature and a narrow waist can sepia. She is the best candidate.  They usually have a manly appearance with less feminine features about them.

The piles in Sepia develops typically after childbirth. The pregnancy causes the muscles and veins of the rectum to get distended and lose their elasticity. Post-pregnancy, the distention is not reversed, and the elasticity is not restored. Sepia can treat all such vein-related complaints in a woman. 

The lady suffers from constipation.  There is a feeling of fullness in the rectum, and the lady wants to pass stool. 

Upon much straining, there is only a little stool that gets passed.  She feels that a ball-like structure in her rectum has lodged itself and is not allowing the stools to come out.

She keeps straining a lot so that the ball can be expelled. After little expulsion, the stools recede inwards. This leaves the lady in great pain and a sense of incomplete evacuation.

The pain typically shoots from the rectum upwards. The effort that she has put into the act of passing stools is so stressful that it leaves her tired and weak.

The lady is very sad and miserly at all times and will be weeping while telling the doctor about her complaints.She will also be indifferent to her complaints.

5-Nux Vomica for Piles

Nux Vomica can be safely considered the remedy of choice for the current generation’s youth. A patient can use nux vomica for piles if the following attributes match –

The people requiring Nux Vomica are characteristically Type A personalities, the go-getters, who will stop at nothing till their goals are achieved.

They work hard and tirelessly to reach their desired success. The collateral damages are, more often than not, their food habits and their lifestyle.

These people survive on a constant dose of caffeine, tea, liquor, and other stimulants to keep them going. Food consumed is generally junk like pizzas and burgers, which gives them useless, empty calories.

All this affects their liver and bowels. This leads to the development of constipation.

The need to pass stools is very frequent and always ineffectual. Every time they go to the toilet, only a small amount of stool is expelled.

The hemorrhoids are generally without bleeding, but there is intense itching at the anus, and the area is always moist.

The frequent ineffectual attempts at passing stool are a major reason why these people use many laxatives.

Constipation alternating with diarrhea is a key prescribing indication for Nux Vomica. The complaints are worse after taking stimulants like tea, coffee, and liquor.

Mornings are the worst time for these people, especially if they have woken up from an unrefreshed sleep.

Homeopathic Medicine for Piles – Dosage & Potencies

What potency of homeopathic medicine should I take? How often should I repeat the medicine?

The choice of potency and the repetition of the medicine depends on several factors.

If the condition is severe and many pathological changes are visible, then the doctor will opt for a lower potency.

The lower potencies of 30 and 200 are ideal for a chosen prescription based on symptom totality.

The remedy can be repeated up to two to three times a day, depending on your condition and the severity of the symptoms.

Higher potencies like 1M or 10M are used when the symptoms and the person as a whole are considered. Here, the doctor will consider your genetic predisposition, nature, temperament, food preferences, seasonal afflictions, previous medical history, etc.


Homeopathy is a gentle and safe way of treating piles. It does not have any side effects, which is a major plus point from the patient’s perspective.

As I have discussed the top 5 homeopathic medicine for piles, however, do not self-medicate. A qualified homeopath is the best person who will help you in choosing the remedy that will suit you best.

Seek Help.

Any disease affecting the private parts can be very embarrassing. Do not hesitate to talk about your symptoms to a doctor. Suffering silently serves no purpose.

Piles are a very common condition that can be easily diagnosed. The best part is that it can be treated very effectively too.

Do not allow the piles to cripple your life by affecting your self-esteem and dignity. Seek help and get treated.

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  1. Home treating symptoms of hemorrhoids, I have found that site soaking 10 to 15 minutes after a bowel movement with Epsom salt, Desitin cream, suppositories, and stool softener has been a great discovery and it works. I have started putting back foods that would burn and found that everything burns.

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