Lycopodium Clavatum 30, 200, 1M: Uses, Dosage & Benefits


Lycopodium Clavatum, or Lycopodium, is one of the deep-acting and most frequently referred remedies in homeopathy.

It has a widespread action, acting upon almost all the parts of the body. It is a perfect choice of treatment for deep-seated chronic diseases.

Lycopodium 30 & Lycopodium 200 are the most commonly used potencies in homeopathy.

You can use Lycopodium for various diseases like – frequent urination, hair regrowth, kidney stones, sciatica, grey hair, vertigo, constipation, hernia, and many more.

This article will explain lycopodium 30 uses, lycopodium 200 uses, benefits, dosages, price, and link for online buy.

So let me take you through the details of Lycopodium

What is Lycopodium?


Lycopodium is Commonly called Club moss; Wolf’s claw and belongs to Kingdom Plant.

It is from the family – Lycopodiaceae and also called vegetable sulphur.

To prepare this medicine, parts used are tincture of spores, tincture of fresh plant.

It’s found in hilly regions of Central and Northern Europe, Russia, Asia, and North America.

It’s commonly found in Great Britain, especially in the North.

Lycopodium has the main action on the respiratory tract’s mucous membrane, digestive system, genitourinary tract, kidney, liver, and digestive tract.

Lycopodium is a profound acting medicine, especially for progressive chronic disease (long-standing diseases).

Lycopodium Personality

In homeopathy constitution of a patient helps a practitioner to prescribe a particular medicine. So Lycopodium will suit a person who will have the following constitution –

A person who has an “Old Man-like appearance” can use Lycopodium.

It is suited to young children who look mature beyond their age.

These people are very weak and sickly looking.

They are anemic and pale with wrinkled, unhygienic skin.

The upper part of the body is emaciated, while the lower half is swollen and cold to touch.

It is a remedy used frequently for people in the extremes of age, i.e., young kids and older people.

The key indicator that points us towards understanding the Lycopodium personality is Intellectual Keenness.

The person is knowledgeable and will excel in whatever field he chooses. But alas, his body doesn’t cooperate. So you will find the Lycopodium person to be Intellectually Keen But Physically Weak.

The body is in a chronic state of fatigue. The person is always weak and unable to do any activity even though he has the mental capacity.

A person is a fear that he will fail and everyone will make fun of him. This makes him dread going out in public and perform.

Fear is seen commonly in professionals where interaction with people is the norm, like doctors, lawyers, teachers.

For example, a lawyer will prepare well for a court hearing with intelligent arguments and counterarguments. But when the time comes for him to appear in court, he finds himself dreading it.

The thought of meeting new and unknown people seems fearful to him. He feels afraid that he will make mistakes and stumble and delay the moment for as long as possible.

He does an outstanding job without any fear and stumbling when he can no longer avoid it. He completes his task with ease, competency, and comfort

The fear of being around people is balanced with a dread of loneliness.

The lycopodium person is terrified of being alone.

He detests company and doesn’t want to socialize.

He will avoid all situations which will force him to interact with people.

He wants to be left alone in his room, peace, and solitude. Yet, at the same time, he is afraid of being completely alone.

He will want to be around people who know him well enough.He prefers being in the company of people who understand his need to be left alone.

Lycopodium people are easily angered. They have a temper that is quick to rise. The slightest disagreement or contradiction triggers him off, and he will start a dispute.

Lycopodium people are also compassionate and cry easily. They may burst out crying with a simple thank you if you say.

When can use Lycopodium?

Use it in cases where the person is brilliant, but his body is fragile and emaciated.

It is best suited to people at the extremes of age, i.e., young kids and older people.

If you find a person who looks matured beyond his age, with wrinkled, pale, and unhygienic skin, it is a good indication for Lycopodium.

Lycopodium is a right-sided remedy that means that all the person’s complaints are on the body’s right side.

No matter what the disease, if the person tells you that all his complaints are worse in the evening between 4 PM and 8 PM, Lycopodium is the remedy you should choose.

The hunger of the Lycopodium person is very peculiar. He will tell you that he is so hungry that he can eat like a dog, but he will say that he is done and cannot eat anymore after a few mouthfuls.

The lower abdomen is bloated, and he suffers from gases.

He can see only the left half of any object. This condition is medically termed as Hemiopia.

In cases of gastric or cerebral affections, you will find that all his symptoms are accompanied by a peculiar fan-like movement of his nose flaps.

While sleeping, you will find that he always sleeps with his eyes in a half-open state.

Lycopodium Uses

I will take you through all the body parts from toe to head. You can match the symptoms and when you feel these symptoms are matched then you can take Lycopodium –

Head Complaint – Lycopodium for Headache

People requiring Lycopodium have a peculiar headache. They are caused due to gastric issues, mostly if he stays hungry for an extended period.

As with all his complaints, the headache starts at the right side and moves on to the left side of the head.

Evening time from 4 PM to 8 PM is the worst.

The pain is unbearable with a throbbing sensation inside the skull.

The person feels his head will burst. Being inside a warm room makes his headache more.

He prefers sitting out in a place with fresh cool air. Eating something also relieves him of his headache.

Eyes Complaints

Lycopodium is a good remedy for sites that appear on the inner part of the eye.

The medication is well suited in Hemianopsia, a condition where the person sees only one-half of an object.

In Lycopodium, he can see only the left half of the item.

The lycopodium persons are always half-open while sleeping, and this is a remarkable characteristic of Lycopodium.

Ear Complaints

In Lycopodium, after every viral fever, the person will complain of ear problems.

He will say that he cannot hear properly, and there is a peculiar echo of every sound he hears.

The ears are painful, and there is a constant humming in his ears. The discharge from the ears is thick and yellowish.

Nose Complaints

The sense of smell in a lycopodium person is highly sensitized.

He can pick up even the faintest of scents very accurately.

Even though he has a watery running nose, he feels as if his nose is stuffed up.

Children get up from sleep due to this blocked nose feeling, complaining that they can’t breathe.

The nose is full of elastic gluey snot.

The hallmark feature of Lycopodium is the fan-like motion of the nostrils present individually and accompanies every other complaint.

Mouth Complaints

The mouth is dry, and the tongue is black and trembling.

He has a sour taste and odor from his mouth.

Despite the dryness, he does not feel the need to drink water, and he is thirstless.

Abdomen Problems

The abdomen is bloated and heavy.

He frequently passes sour-smelling gas.

The liver region is swollen and painful. Lycopodium persons have a ‘Sour Stomach.”

Everything he eats turns sour, and there is bilious sour belching and eructation.

He is always hungry. His hunger is extreme, but a few mouthfuls fill him up, and he can’t eat anything more.

There are a constant rumbling and gurgling sound in his abdomen.

As if the food he has eaten is getting fermented, and gas is being formed.

The sensation of bloating starts immediately after he eats.

A person cannot tolerate gas-producing foods like cabbage, broccoli, and beans.

And, He gets colicky pain in his abdomen due to the accumulation of excessive gas.

A patient feels the rolling of gas inside his tummy. Unfortunately, even after passing gas, he has no relief. The liver region, i.e., the right side of the abdomen, is swollen and tender.

Due to improper function of the liver, the entire lower body is swollen and heavy while the upper body looks wasted.

Lycopodium is suited to liver diseases like hepatitis and jaundice.

Throat Complaints

Lycopodium is an excellent remedy for throat conditions like Tonsillitis, Diphtheria, Pharyngitis, and Laryngitis.

The right side of the throat is affected first, and then the left side is affected.

There is a feeling of constriction in the throat.

Lycopodium affects the mucus membranes causing dryness and shirtlessness.

Lungs Complaints

Lycopodium helps pneumonia in an advanced stage or pneumonia that has been left untreated and neglected.

All three lobes of the right lung show marked affliction, but the lower lobe is the one with severe affection.

A pneumonia-affected person has a sickly, pale appearance.

A person with pneumonia is feeble and fragile with a deep-seated, hollow cough.

He coughs up yellow, purulent mucus, which has a fetid odor and leaves a sour taste in his mouth.

Along with the lung complaints, you can see his nose flapping each time he breathes.

Lycopodium is useful for pneumonia in newborn babies wrongly diagnosed or neglected.

The chest is full of mucus that rattles when the baby coughs.

Excretory Problems – Lycopodium for Constipation & Piles

Lycopodium is an excellent remedy for newborn babies who suffer from constipation.

It is suited for constipation that has started since puberty or post-childbirth.

Sometimes when one visits a new placer someone else’s home for a few days, one cannot clear his bowels satisfactorily due to the mental block of being at a new place. In such cases, Lycopodium works wonderfully.

Lycopodium is also indicated for hemorrhoids or piles, which invariably develop due to the excessive straining related to constipation.

Urinary Problems : Lycopodium for Frequent Urination

When a person complains of having Red Sand like particles in the urine, Lycopodium is the remedy that should crop up instantly.

The person’s urine is dark red and has albumin-like particles inside.

The Lycopodium patient will typically tell you that he passes a meager amount of urine in the daytime while giving a copious amount at night.

He passes so much urine at night that he has to get up frequently, leading to a night of disturbed and unrefreshed sleep.

He will tell you that there is severe backache that is relived with all complaints related to the urinary system after he passes urine.

The above-described symptoms are crucial points that seemingly have no co-relation but should be taken into account seriously.

Male Problems: lycopodium for Male infertility, Erectile dysfunction

Lycopodium is suited to older men with sexual problems. They suffer from an enlarged prostate, which leads to frequent urination at night.

Recurrent urinary tract infections are common too.

These older adults have a strong sexual desire, but they fail to achieve an erection.

If at all an erection is achieved, they end up with premature ejaculation.

Their penis is small, shriveled, and cold. Often, they will tell you that they even fall asleep In the middle of a sexual act.

All these sexual problems in Lycopodium can be attributed to an overactive sexual life and sinful indulgences in the youth.

female Complaints

If you ever felt as if you had passed gas through your vagina, don’t panic. It is a condition that affects many women and is quite common. Medically it is called physometra.

Lycopodium is one of the best remedies to treat this condition.

The major complaint that a Lycopodium female will present is dryness.

The entire vagina is extremely dry. In such a condition, having sex is a strenuous activity.

She dreads the act and is full of anxiety during it.

The vagina shows immense burning before and after sex. The dryness is so extreme that it often leads to bleeding. A woman suffers from leucorrhoea, commonly known as whitish vaginal discharge.

This discharge is also very acrid and causes bleeding and burning.

A woman has irregular menstruation and usually comes very late each month.

The flow is also very profuse and lasts for several days.

Hand & Legs Problems: lycopodium for Gout, Joint pain, sciatica

If you ever feel that your right foot is hot and your left foot is cold, take a dose of Lycopodium.

This peculiar condition of the feet is characteristically seen during fevers but may be present otherwise, too. Lycopodium is well-indicated in gout, where the right foot is affected.

Right-sided sciatica, which is so painful that the person can not lie on his right side, has been treated effectively by Lycopodium.

The soles of the feet are full of painful callosities, and every time he walks, there is a pain as if he is walking upon small sharp stones.

The lycopodium person cannot stay seated at a place for long periods.

His legs go to sleep, i.e., they become numb, and there is twitching and jerking in the calf muscles.

Skin Diseases

Lycopodium people have wrinkled, pale, and unhygienic skin.

Their skin is so wrinkled that it gives them an old man look.

They have a lot of brown spots and freckles, especially on the left side of the face. Their hair too turns pre-maturely grey.

Lycopodium is a good remedy for eczema, which is associated with chronic liver disorders.

The scabs are dry and painful. They itch violently, and there is a thick yellow, sour-smelling discharge from them.

Sweat from the feet and axilla is highly offensive.

Lycopodium for Babies

The lycopodium baby is a fragile and emaciated baby.

It has wrinkled skin and looks ugly and old.

It has a well-formed head, but the body’s upper part is emaciated while the lower half of the body is swollen.

The child is brilliant and has a quick grasp of things.

He learns new activities quickly.

But he is a lonely, introverted child. He prefers being at home and playing in his room with his toys.

He is not comfortable going out and playing with other kids of his age.

Being around unknown people gives him anxiety. He stutters and stammers.

The lycopodium child is the one who will win all the debates and elocutions at school.

On stage, he comes across as a fluent and eloquent speaker with a significant amount of self-confidence. But his inner turmoil is known only to him.

He has stage fear, fear of failure, and fear of being ridiculed.

He overcomes all these mental blocks and comes out as a shining star. Alas, such intellectual activities leave him physically drained with absolutely no energy.

He quietly retreats to his room.

Even though the child looks emaciated, he has perfect hunger. He eats voraciously.

A few mouthfuls fill him up to the throat, and he feels bloated. But soon after, he feels hungry and starts eating again.

The child sleeps with his eyes half-open. His nostrils keep flapping in a fan-like motion.

He is a compassionate child. He can cry at the drop of a hat.

The child loves eating sweets. He has a fondness for warm drinks, too, though they aggravate his symptoms.

Lycopodium Aggravation

All the complaints in Lycopodium show the characteristic 4 PM to 8 PM aggravation.

The lycopodium person cannot tolerate oysters and gas-producing foods like cabbage, broccoli, and beans. He is also intolerant of warm drinks.

Being in a warm room makes his condition worse. He cannot sleep on his right side as it increases his pains.

Lycopodium Improving Factors

Going out for a walk makes a lycopodium patient feel better.

The cold, fresh air is like a soothing balm to his aches and pains.

Applying a cold, wet cloth over the affected area also works well for a patient.

Passing urine relieves his back pain instantly.

Relationship with Other Homeopathic Medicines

Lycopodium is a deep-acting remedy; it is generally not the first choice to start the treatment.

Generally, remedies like Carbo Vegetabilis, Sulphur precede the use of Lycopodium.

Lycopodium shares a very similar profile to Iodum. It is essential to be very careful while differentiating both these remedies.

Camphor, Causticum, Coffea, Nux Vomica are the remedies that have the power to nullify all the effects of Lycopodium.

Lycopodium Dosage & Potency

Lycopodium is a remedy that is used for chronic conditions.

Hence the lower potency is usually preferred.

Repetition is not to be done frequently as Lycopodium is a deep acting remedy.

Self-medication is not recommended with a remedy like Lycopodium.

If you feel that you have symptoms that match with what you have just read, please consult an experienced homeopath who will help and guide you better.

Lycopodium 30 Dosage

You need to take 2 drops or 6 pills – 3 times a day if the above symptoms are matched. 

Lycopodium 200 Dosage

You need to take 2 drops or 6 pills – once a day.

Lycopodium 1M Dosage

You can take 2 drops or 6 pills once a week.

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  2. I have a ring ear also and lycopodium and others are helping. Yes. I recomend try everyone with ear issues.
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    1. yes sir you can…. i am a user of both of these, i use them, you can try my way… when i take lycopodium orally that time i apply r89 on hair…. because we have to take lycopodium 200 once a day only… and r89 20-30 drops 3 times a day… so you removed the conflict of taking both of them orally… rest dosage of r89 you can take orally after that

  4. I am having BPH ( Enlarged Prostate) and takes Sabal Serullata MT Daily for this. I was also advised to take Lycopodium 30 for Nocturia ( Frequent Night Time Urination ). I was advised to Lycopodium once in 2-3 days. Is Lycopodium interactive Sabal Serullata or is it not safe to take it daily). Incidentally, I have Hypertension ( High Blood Pressure) also and under medications for that

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    First ? : In your opinion are these safe together in combination.
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  7. Respected dr. , Please suggest me can I take Lycopodium 1M dose once a week for my sexual problum which same as you write ,
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