Rhus Tox 30, 200, 1M: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects


Rhus Toxicodendron or Rhus Tox is a magical homeopathic medicine used to treat various ailments of our body.

Rhus Tox 30 & Rhus Tox 200 are the most used potencies, but Rhus Tox 1M is also used in some cases.

Rhus Tox treats several skin complications like – itchy skin with rashes, eczema, herpes, etc.

Rhus Tox is also beneficial for conditions like – arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, flu, viral infections, sore and dry throat with excessive cough.

Rhus Tox is a health tonic for a woman suffering prolonged menstruation with heavy discharge accompanied by abdominal pain.

Along with these even psychological issues like – depression and anxiety are also treated by this remedy.

So this is a homeopathic medicine that must be available in your home, and you should know when to use it.

Once you finish this article, you will get complete information about Rhus Tox uses based on the body’s organ symptoms, its benefits, dosage, side effects, and many more.

Additionally, in the end, you will get the link to buy Rhus Tox online of various brands like SBL, Schwabe, and dr. reckeweg etc.

So let’s get started !!

What is Rhus Toxicodendron or Rhus Tox?


Rhus means red like flowers and leaves are red in autumn & Tox means poisonous. So it is also known as Poison Ivy.

Homeopathy companies make Rhus Tox from various raw chemical toxins like – dendron, urushiol, periodic oil, fisetin, gallic, and tannin.

Although these chemicals are highly poisonous in raw form, they become incredibly safe and useful when potentized and converted into a homeopathic medicine.

Rhus Tox is prepared from fresh leaves of the plant collected at sunset just before flowering time.

But these plants are very peculiar in their characteristics. They are more poisonous during the night and when bursting into leaf, especially sometime in June or July when the sun is not shining.

The absence of sunlight, together with dampness, seems to favor the exhalation of Toxicodendric acid.

An acrimonious vapor, combined with carburetted hydrogen, exhales from a growing plant of the Poison Oak during the night.

It can be collected in a jar, but it is capable of inflaming and blistering a persons’ skin who is collecting it.

So precaution is required because if the plant is touched with skin by mistake, it acts as an irritant and causes itching and vesicular eruption on the skin.

This eruption can extend to the mucous membrane and produces edematous swelling, dryness, rawness, and burning. If it affects the stomach when inhaled or taken internally, there can be colicky pain, diarrhea, tenesmus, bloody stool, urine, and intermittent fever.

So after so much effort, a homeopathy manufacturer prepares Rhus Tox for you.

Key Note Symptoms: When To Use Rhus Tox

Following are the essential points, which facilitate you to prescribe or choose Rhus Tox –

The right side of the body is more affected than the left, especially the fibrous tissues.

Restlessness is the key to the remedy where due to anxiety and apprehensions, the patient cannot remain in bed and has to change position.

After changing position, a patient often gets relief from pain due to restlessness, a patient cannot remain in one position.

The patient is so sensitive to cold that putting hands from under the bed cover brings on the cough.

A person suffers from severe pain as if the muscle or tendon is torn from its attachment or if bones were scraped with a knife.

There are too much stiffness and rigidity with lameness and pain, especially waking up in the morning.

The stiffness gets better by continuous motion or walking. Muscles of the abdomen become relaxed with general weakness resulting in involuntary stools.

There’s a great desire for cold milk, sweets, oysters, and beer but an aversion to liquor and meat.  Dryness of the throat is associated with a great thirst for cold water.

During illness, complete loss of appetite for all food.  Pains tear apart. Very useful in postoperative complications.

Rhus Tox Personality

In homeopathy, the constitution plays a significant role in selecting medicine, and every medicine has a particular affinity towards individual constitutions.

Rhus Tox would be often indicated in a more prone to rheumatic pain and who is sensitive to cold and generally aggravated by cold.

Rhus Tox constitutions usually behave in such a way where you can easily find that a patient is worried, unhappy, or uncomfortable. The patient is susceptible to irritability or a bad temper.

The patient creates difficulty for others and worries a lot and does a lot of discussion/argument.

Those who get easily affected by slightest anger, cold, wetting head, damp sheets, bathing in fresh or saltwater, getting wet in a rainstorm.

A Rhus Tox patient gets overheated, overstrained/overexerted, over lifting like raising arms high to pick up things.

Rhus Tox Mind Symptoms

A patient is a sad person, with extreme restlessness and continuously changes position.

You can also see that a person has a fear of being poisoned as there is a disturbance in their mental abilities, which results in mental confusion and reduced awareness of surroundings.

They have great apprehensions at night and cannot remain in bed. A person has thoughts of suicide and wants to drown himself.

You might even notice that what they speak is not straightforward or easy to understand, or even if they talk, it might be slow or hasty, or reluctant.

They are inclined to weep in the evening without knowing why and mostly prefer to be alone. They get dreams of working hard, swimming, rowing, his daily occupation, and of great exertion.

They might become forgetful and cannot remember the most recent events.  They are also irritable and anxious as if they had met with some misfortune.

Restlessness, anxiousness, and nervousness are observed in extreme acute and chronic complaints.  They stagger while walking as they are full of dizziness as if intoxicated.

They can be highly superstitious and bound with some thoughts that are very difficult to change.

Rhus Tox Uses

I will take you through all the body parts from toe to head. You can match the symptoms and when you feel these symptoms are matched then you can prescribe Rhus Tox –

Head Complaint – Rhus Tox for Headache

You can see that the elder patient experiences vertigo, followed by a headache.

A patient some times have loose feeling in the brain, which gets worsen by the slightest movement.

A patient even experiences the feeling of a board strapped across the forehead. This is indicated in headaches, and these are so severe that a patient becomes very confused or shocked.

Sometimes a person cannot think clearly and have to lie down. The headache pain gets worse by slightest disappointment, annoyance, or humiliation.

Eyes Complaints

Eyelids are stiff, agglutinated, dry, and firmly closed. There is a profuse gush of hot tears on opening the eyelid.

You might notice paralysis of any of the muscles of the eyeball. There can be orbital cellulitis with pustular inflammations.

A person gets iritis after exposure to cold and dampness.

Ear Complaints

Ear lobules are swollen with sensation as if something were inside and discharge of bloody pus.

A patient has inflamed salivary glands with fever.

Nose Complaints

Let’s look at the nose symptoms where you can prescribe Rhus Tox –

An unsympathetic person gets sneezing coryza from getting wet.  The tip of the nose is sore, red, and ulcerated.

Nose bled on leaning at night, at stool, and become severe during fever. The breath is hot, which burns the nostrils.

Mouth Complaints

Following are some of the mouth symptoms –

The tongue is the hallmark symptom in Rhus tox, which you can not ignore.  The tongue is red, cracked, and coated.

The tongue has red triangular space at the tip and dry red at the edges.  The corners of the mouth are ulcerated.

During fever, there are blisters around the mouth and the chin. Teeth feel loose and long.

The saliva is bloody, coppery, bitter, and runs during sleep. The bread tastes bitter.

Face Problems

You can prescribe Rhus Tox in case any of the following symptoms matches –

Facial neuralgia with chilliness, which is worse in the evening.  Cheekbones become sensitive to touch.

Jaws crack while chewing and are prone to get easily dislocated while chewing.  Lips are dry, brownish, cracked, at corners, and also crusty.

Throat Complaints

You might observe the following conditions in the throat where Rhus Tox works very well –

You find a yellow membrane over the tonsils.

The throat is sore with swollen glands, and a person finds difficulty in swallowing.

There is inflammation in the food pipe from swallowing corrosive matter.

Respiratory Complaints: Rhus Tox for Cough

Respiratory complaints have become very common. You can give this medicine to your patient if any of the following symptoms matches –

A patient has infections in the lower and upper respiratory tract like – allergic, viral, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. Tickling sensation behind sternum.

A tormenting cough that is dry and hoarse, tearing with bloody taste, which becomes worse during chill, puts hands out of bed, and from midnight to morning.

Hoarseness from overstraining of voice. In the case of hemoptysis (spitting of blood) from overexertion, from blowing wind instruments, blood is bright red and rusty.

In the complaints of influenza(viral fever) along with aching in all bones.

Bronchial coughs in older adults, which is worse in the morning, along with the expectoration of small mucus plugs.

Heart Problems

If a person having any of the following complaints related to the heart-

Hypertrophy of heart from overexertion.

The pulse becomes quick, weak, irregular, intermittent, with numbness of the left arm.

The patient experiences Trembling and palpitation when sitting still, which gets better by walking.

Stomach & Abdomen Problems: Rhus Tox for stomach pain

If you find the following symptoms associated with stomach, then you can suggest Rhus Tox –

There is nausea, vertigo, drowsiness, and bloated abdomen after eating. A person has a desire for milk consumption.

During colic (Pain in the abdomen), pain compels the patient to take a bent walk, making him feel better.  Stools can be watery, frothy, bloody with a foul smell, having a texture like gelatine.

Stools are involuntary in sleep at night, or with tenesmus, which is worse after drinking. Sometimes patient goes through painful tenesmus but without stools.

There is excessive distension of the abdomen after eating. You might even experience rumbling of flatus on first rising, which later disappears by continued motion.

A patient experiences tearing pain down the thighs in dysentery, and stool stinks like a dead body.

Urinary Problems: Rhus tox for urine infection

Rhus Tox is like magic in case of various urine related complications –

Overexertion leads to involuntary loss of bladder control, worsening at night, lying down, or sitting posture.

Urine is dark, turbid, high colored, and scanty.

Male Reproductive System

Rhus Tox is excellent homeopathic medicine in the case of some of the particular problems associated with males –

In the case of hydrocele, Rhus Tox has efficient use. A hydrocele is a condition that is a fluid-filled sac around a testicle and is often first noticed as a swelling of the scrotum.

A scrotum is thick, swollen with intense itching. There is a spread of mumps from its primary infection to testes.

Female Reproductive System

In the case of the female reproductive system also Rhus Tox works well –

Menses are absent, getting wet with milk in the breast.

Menses comes early, which is profuse and lasts longer than usual.

Prolapse of the uterus(drooping ) from lifting or overstraining.

Extremities: Rhus Tox for Knee pain, Back pain, Joint pain

Rhus Tox can be sure shot in case of the problems related to hands and legs also –

Left-arm is nervous and shaky. Palms become dry, hot, cracked, sore, and palm burn after washing.

Rhus tox can cure stiff paralyzed limbs where the patient does not tolerate cold fresh air, making even the skin very painful.

Sciatica becomes worse in the cold, damp weather and at night.

Patients also experience numbness, formication, paralysis after being overworked.

Sometimes it also leads to loss of power in the forearms and fingers and creates a tingling sensation in the fingertips.

Skin Problems

These are sensitive people, so their skin is also equally sensitive. Their skin is susceptible to cold air.

A person gets urticaria from getting wet in the rain with rheumatism or during the fever.

An acrid substance present in Rhus Tox can cure skin with small vesicular eruptions, crusty, or even eczematous.

Skin complaints alternate with dysentery. Pus developed in such instances is capable of eroding the hair.

Sleep Problems

A person has very restless sleep.  The person keeps tossing along with frequent yawns.

The yawns are sometimes very violent and happen suddenly for brief periods only, and the person has a desire to stretch.

A person gets dreams of blood, fire, or exertion and awakens in the morning with tiredness and nervousness.

Fever Problems

You can mostly observe intermittent kinds of fevers.

There is an interval where the body’s temperature is elevated for several hours—followed by a period when the temperature drops back to normal, usually seen during infectious disease.

You can see two stages of fever chill stage followed by a heated stage-

The patient feels too chilly during the chill stage as if he has poured ice-cold water on him, with a dry cough and restlessness.

The heat stage comes after the chill stage with urticaria and the desire to stretch the limbs.

During fever, the tongue becomes dry and brown with sordes, along with frequent stools and restlessness.

The sweating stage is also observed, but that’s only with pain with sleepiness.

Rhus Tox modalities

What are modalities?

Modalities are the factors which, increase or decrease the complaints in a patient.

They are categorized as aggravating factors and amelioration factors.

Aggravating factors make the condition of the illness worst, while the amelioration factor makes the condition of the disease better.

It can be time, any part of the day, season, position, or any applications, etc.

Aggravated By – During sleep, cold, wet rainy weather, after rain, night, rest, lying on back or right side.

Amelioration By – Motion, warm, dry weather, change of position or walking, rubbing, warm application, from stretching out limbs.

Relationship with Other Homeopathic Medicines

Rhus Tox Complementary Medicines –

You can use the following homeopathic medicines as complementary of Rhus Tox –

  • Bryonia

  • Calcarea Fluor

  • Phytol

Rhus Tox Follow Well Medicines –

Following are the homeopathic medicines if prescribed after Rhus Tox works very well in the complaints –

  • Acetic Mur

  • Acid Phos

  • Arsenic 

  • Arnica 

  • Belladonna 

  • Berberis

  • Cactus

  • Calcarea Phos

Rhus Tox Inimical Medicines –

Following are the homeopathic medicines if prescribed after Rhus Tox does not work well in the complaints –

  • Apis 

Rhus Tox Antidote Medicines –

Following are the homeopathic medicines if prescribed after Rhus Tox, nullifies the effect of Rhus Tox. And these are used to suppress the aggravation of Rhus Tox

  • Ampelopis Trifolia 

  • Anacardium

  • Aconite

  • Ammonium Carb

  • Croton Tig

  • Grindelia

  • Mezereum

  • Cypris

  • Pulmbago

  • Graphites

Rhus Tox Dosage & Potency

Dosage usually depends on various factors and best judged by your physician.

Selection of potency depends on age, sex, susceptibility, pathology of the disease, history of the disease, family history, general condition of the patient, and various other things.

Rhus Tox 30 Uses & Dosage

Rhus Tox 30 is used primarily in rheumatism, paralysis, and diseases of the eye, ptosis.

Such states require frequent repetition, four pills on the tongue twice or thrice per day.

Rhus Tox 200 Uses & Dosage

4 pills or two drops on tongue twice a day until improvement in headaches, cough, and ear infections.

Rhus Tox 1M Uses & Dosage

In chronic rheumatism, higher dilutions make the best cures. This is most effective in diarrhea, dysentery, and skin diseases, fever, and restlessness.

Repetition depends on person to person, which your physician will be able to say.

Six pills stat on the tongue is given, then wait and watch.

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