Homeopathic Remedies For Tinnitus Relief: Symptoms & Treatment

Best Homeopathic Remedies For Tinnitus Relief Symptoms Treatment

This article will cover homeopathic remedies for tinnitus relief, causes of tinnitus, symptoms, risk factors, management & complete treatment.

What is Tinnitus?

Imagine yourself watching a movie. The climax scenes have you in their grip. The hero and the villain are giving their all to beating each other to a pulp.

Suddenly the villain raises his hand and brings it down with force. It lands on the side of the hero’s head, somewhere near the head.

The entire theatre is quiet, and you can hear a buzzing sound coming from the speakers in all directions.

It takes you by surprise momentarily, doesn’t it? And then you realize it is the buzzing sound in the hero’s ear.

This buzzing sound is called tinnitus in medical jargon. Read on to know more about this condition.

Tinnitus is a symptom where you can hear sounds in one or both of your ears. However, the sound is audible only to you and cannot be heard by others.

It is primarily a buzzing sound.

So, let’s explore tinnitus and its treatment in detail –

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Causes of Tinnitus

What causes tinnitus?

Tinnitus is caused by age-related hearing loss, circulatory disturbances, ear infections, and injuries to the ear. Treating the underlying cause often helps in overcoming this symptom.

Clinical Presentation –

Tinnitus is often presented as a buzzing or ringing sound in one or both ears.

The pitch and volume of the sounds may differ from person to person. Sometimes it presents as a low growl, and at other times it is a loud noise that interrupts all your activities and makes it impossible to hear any outside sounds.

Why cannot everyone around me hear the noise in my ears?

Tinnitus is, most of the time, subjective. That means if you have tinnitus, then only you can hear those sounds. Your friends, relatives, and even the doctor are unable to listen to them.

Sometimes tinnitus presents as a whooshing sound that is in sync with your heartbeat. This is called pulsatile tinnitus and is objective. This means the doctor examining you will also be able to hear it.

How is tinnitus caused?

Tinnitus can happen due to several reasons.

  1. Old Age– The ear canal has much tiny hair that sways when a sound signal passes through the ear. This is how they transmit the sound waves to the brain for it to interpret. As you age, the hair becomes thin and brittle and sway on its own. The brain misinterprets this as sound waves, and it leads to tinnitus.

  2. Constant exposure to loud noises– People working in mines, stone quarries, and other such high sound-emitting factories suffer from tinnitus in later stages of their lives. Putting on your earphones or headsets and listening to music at a very high volume can also lead to buzzing in your ears.

  3. Ear infections and Ear Wax– The ear canal sometimes gets blocked due to ear wax or fluid buildup from an illness. This blockage alters the pressure inside your ear, and you end up hearing a low hum or buzz in your ears.

  4. Head and Neck Injuries– Injuries to the head and neck can cause damages to the hearing center of the brain and the hearing nerves. This leads to tinnitus. In such cases, the buzzing is present in one ear only.

  5. Medications-Several medicines have a proven side effect of tinnitus. Long-term use of these medicines or taking them in high doses can cause tinnitus. The condition fades away as you discontinue the medication.

  6. NSAIDs, diuretics, certain antibiotics, antimalarials, and certain anti-depressants cause tinnitus.

Medical Conditions That Cause Tinnitus

  1. Meniere’s Disease– This disease is caused due to internal ear fluid and pressure changes. Often tinnitus is the earliest indicator for Meniere’s disease.

  2. Otosclerosis– This is a condition where the bones of your middle ear stiffen. This leads to hearing problems and tinnitus. Otosclerosis tends to run in families.

  3. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction– This is a tube that connects your throat and ears. Under normal circumstances, the tube remains close. However, in eustachian tube dysfunction, the tube remains abnormally wide open, and this can cause a sensation of fullness and buzz inside your ears.

  4. Muscle Spasms– The muscles in the inner ear, at times, undergo spasms leading to tinnitus. This happens for no known reason. Neurological disorders like Multiple Sclerosis are sometimes implicated.

  5. Tumors– Acoustic neuroma is one of the significant causes of tinnitus. It is a benign tumor that forms on the cranial nerve running from the brain to the ear. Other tumors in the head and neck may also be a cause of tinnitus.

  6. Blood Vessel Disorders– Atherosclerosis, high blood pressure are conditions that affect the blood vessels and can lead to the development of tinnitus. Malformed arteries and veins are also to be held responsible for tinnitus.

  7. Others– Diseases like long-standing Diabetes Mellitus, migraine, thyroid problems, anemia, autoimmune disorders like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis have all been associated with tinnitus.

Risk Factors of Tinnitus

What are the risk factors that I need to avoid?

Loud noises are a significant risk factor. If you listen to music at loud volumes with your headset or earphones, stop doing that immediately.

If your workplace involves hearing loud noises all the time, ensure that your employer provides you with noise-cutting earplugs.

Smoking, tobacco, and alcohol abuse are known to aggravate conditions that cause tinnitus.

Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, arthritis are conditions that cause tinnitus. Make the required changes in your lifestyle so that you can combat these diseases effectively.

Men and older adults are generally more prone to develop tinnitus. In addition, a history of a head injury may work against you in developing tinnitus.

Can tinnitus cause other complications?

Tinnitus can lead to other problems like-

1. Fatigue

2.Sleep issues

3. Memory problems

4. Difficulty in concentration


6. Depression and anxiety

7.Problems in social and personal life.

When do I need to see my doctor if I have tinnitus?

Some people are not bothered by the buzzing in their ears and carry on with their lives usually. For others, it is too much to bear.

Visit your doctor if you suffer from a cold that led to tinnitus and has not been cured in over two weeks. If you experience dizziness, loss of balance and hearing problems make sure you rush to your doctor.

This is a condition that is difficult to live with. If you are dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, or other mental health disorders due to tinnitus, do reach a specialist.

Diagnosis of Tinnitus

How is Tinnitus Diagnosed?

People having tinnitus may often be a subject of ridicule. This happens with the fact that only they can hear the noises. So going to a doctor may be difficult for these people.

But the condition must be checked by a professional.

The doctor will treat you with the symptoms that you present with. He will also perform specific tests to identify any underlying cause.

  1. Hearing Tests– In this test, the person affected is made to sit in a soundproof room and made to hear different sounds through one ear at a time. Then, depending on what One can listen to and what cannot, a diagnosis is made.

  2. Movement Tests– One will make the person move his eyes, clench his jaws and move the arms, neck, and legs. Depending on whether the tinnitus worsens with each or all of these movements, the doctor can arrive at a required conclusion.

  3. Imaging Studies– One may suggest a CT scan or an MRI depending on the other symptoms along with tinnitus.

  4. Blood Tests– One will suggest blood tests to rule out diseases like anemia, thyroid disorders, diabetes, heart diseases, and vitamin deficiencies.

The doctor will also ask you to describe the sounds you hear precisely.

-A clicking sound indicates that tinnitus is caused due to the contraction of the ear muscles.

-A whooshing sound is due to the involvement of blood vessels and can be due to high blood pressure. Such sounds increase when you stand up, stoop or exercise.

-A low-pitched sound may be due to Meniere’s disease or ear blocks due to infections, wax, or bone malformations.

-High pitched ringing is the most commonly reported sound. This indicates exposure to loud volumes, hearing loss, or medication use. Acoustic neuroma also causes high-pitched sounds.

Homeopathic Medicines For Tinnitus

Homeopathy is a gentle system of medicine that treats diseases without any side effects. Homeopathy follows the principle of Like Cures Like.

The process of potentization works to efficiently remove all toxic properties and enhance the medicinal properties of the drugs. Homeopathy also believes in treating the person suffering from the disease and not the disorder.

A well-qualified homeopath will choose the correct remedy based on the symptoms you show.

Given below are some remedies that work well in cases of tinnitus.

1.KALI MUR- for tinnitus due to excessive buildup of mucus in the throat


Kali Mur is indicated in conditions where the tinnitus shows its origin in the throat area.

Too much mucus gets accumulated in the throat. The mucus is thick and tenacious, and the person is unable to cough it up.

A long-standing history of otorrhea is also indicative of Kali Mur.

The person will complain of cracking sounds. These sounds are aggravated by swallowing.

Dosage & Potency

30C to 200C with frequent repetitions as per symptom similarity.

2.NATRUM SALICYCLICUM- for tinnitus due to Meniere’s disease


This remedy shows tinnitus as a constant low growling sound n the ears.

Tinnitus is accompanied by vertigo and hearing loss. This forms the classical triad of Meniere’s Disease.

Vertigo is aggravated while getting up from a sitting position or while stooping.

The person is better by staying in a lying-down position.

Dosage & Potency

30C to 200C with frequent repetitions as per symptom similarity.

3.CHENOPODIUM- for tinnitus synchronous with heartbeats


This remedy is beneficial in the objective type of tinnitus. The sounds in the ears are of a loud roaring type.

They are usually high-pitched, but the person is not able to hear normal human sounds.

Tinnitus is associated with severe and sudden spells of vertigo.

Dosage & Potency

30C to 200C with frequent repetitions as per symptom similarity.

4.GRAPHITES- for tinnitus with hissing and buzzing sounds


This remedy is perfect when the person complains that his ears are stuffed up.

He will tell that he can hear loud hissing and buzzing sounds.

Upon examination, the ears will show dried-up, flaky deposits around the ear opening.

The condition is worsened with every movement of the head and the jaw.

Dosage & Potency

30C to 200C with frequent repetitions as per symptom similarity.

5.CHININUM SULPH- for tinnitus with ringing sounds


This remedy is helpful in Meniere’s Disease.

The sounds in the ears are mainly of the ringing type; the pitch of the sounds varies as per the severity of the disease.

Vertigo and progressive loss of hearing are indicative of this remedy.

Dosage & Potency

30C to 200C with frequent repetitions as per symptom similarity.

6.PETROLEUM- for tinnitus with ringing bell-like sound in the ear


The person will complain of itching deep inside the ear.

He will also complain that he cannot tolerate several people talking at once. These two statements, along with the ‘bell ringing in the ears, are highly indicative of Petroleum.

One can also use this remedy for older adults who complain of gradually increasing loss of hearing.

Dosage & Potency

30C to 200C with frequent repetitions as per symptom similarity.

7.SALICYCLICUM ACIDUM- for tinnitus with roaring sounds


This remedy is suitable for tinnitus, where the sound heard is of the roaring type.

Vertigo and loss of hearing are also present, thus completing the triad for Meniere’s disease.

The person will complain of constant nausea and a sensation as if all the blood is rushing to his brain.

Tinnitus arising after a bout of Influenza, especially one treated with Aspirin, is a keynote indicator to prescribe Salicyclicum Acidum.

Dosage & Potency

30C to 200C with frequent repetitions as per symptom similarity.

8.SILICEA-tinnitus after ear injuries


There will be a history of perforated eardrums due to some injury in this remedy.

The sounds heard are of the hissing type.

The hardness of hearing and purulent discharges are other characteristics noticed. The condition is worsened upon exposure to damp weather.

Dosage & Potency

30C to 200C with frequent repetitions as per symptom similarity.


9.MANGANUM- for tinnitus with whistling noises


This remedy is proper when the person complains of sound that sounds like whistles.

There is also the hardness of hearing. Pain from the ears shoots to the head. The pain and tinnitus are worsened by laughing or speaking.

Dosage & Potency

30C to 200C with frequent repetitions as per symptom similarity.

10.BRYONIA ALBA- for right-sided tinnitus with stitching pain


This remedy is helpful where the person complains of particular sounds like the chirping of birds or water pouring over a dam.

The tinnitus is accompanied by stitching pain that radiates to the head. Vertigo is also present. The condition is worsened by exposure to open air.

Dosage & Potency

30C to 200C with frequent repetitions as per symptom similarity.

11.ANTIM TART- for tinnitus with flapping or fluttering sounds


The sounds heard in this remedy are characteristic. For example, the person will complain that he can listen to fluttering or flapping sounds inside his ears.

Another typical symptom is the warm sensation inside the ear.

Dosage & Potency

30C to 200C with frequent repetitions as per symptom similarity.

12.CAUSTICUM- tinnitus with re-echoing of words heard


The Causticum person will resent with a painful ear where the pain extends to the head.

There will be hard wax accumulation and discharge from the ears on examination, which is sticky, gluey, and very offensive. There is a pulsating pain in the ear and head.

The person will complain that he can keep hearing the words he has already heard, like an echo.

Dosage & Potency

30C to 200C with frequent repetitions as per symptom similarity.

13.HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS-for tinnitus with heavy machinery like sounds


This remedy show sounds like those from a heavy machine being operated. There is a feeling of fullness in the ears and head. You will see a thick discharge from the ear.

Dosage & Potency

30C to 200C with frequent repetitions as per symptom similarity.

14.PULSATILLA- tinnitus with sounds of the wind


This remedy shows a history of chronic ear infections and ear wax buildup. In addition, the ear is entirely offensive and dry. The pain and tinnitus are worse in the open air.

Dosage & Potency

30C to 200C with frequent repetitions as per symptom similarity.

15.BELLADONNA- tinnitus with pressure in the ear


This remedy shows a sensation as if all the blood has rushed to the ear.

There is massive pressure in the ear as if someone was boring through the ear with a finger. The sounds heard are like that of a wind whooshing.

The person is extremely sensitive to high-pitched sounds. He startles with fear every time he hears a loud noise. Even normal sounds seem abnormally loud to him.

Dosage & Potency

30C to 200C with frequent repetitions as per symptom similarity.

16.CALCAREA CARB-for tinnitus due to use of antimalarial drugs


There are strange sounds in the ears. These sounds are aggravated by eating or drinking.

The person will typically say, “doctor, all these complaints have started since I had malaria..”

Dosage & Potency

30C to 200C with frequent repetitions as per symptom similarity.

17.CARBO VEGETABILIS- tinnitus after acute infections


Carbo veg is a remedy indicated when tinnitus occurs after a bout of critical illness like Influenza.

The tinnitus is accompanied by nausea and vomiting. The complaints are aggravated by going out in fresh air, but the person craves being out in the open.

Carbo veg is also helpful in conditions where the recovery is slow and prolonged.

Dosage & Potency

30C to 200C with frequent repetitions as per symptom similarity.

18.LYCOPODIUM- tinnitus with a humming sound, associated with gastric troubles


Lycopodium is helpful if the person complains of tinnitus where there is a humming sound in the ears. There is associated hardness of hearing.

The right ear is usually affected. In addition, you will see a history of gastric complaints like gastritis, indigestion, peptic ulcers, and the likes.

Dosage & Potency

30C to 200C with frequent repetitions as per symptom similarity.

19.CINCHONA OFFICINALIS– tinnitus following a heavy fluid loss


Cinchona is helpful in conditions where there is tinnitus with slight ringing in the ears.

Tinnitus develops as an aftereffect of any situation that causes severe fluid loss like vomiting, diarrhea, heavy sweating, surgeries, etc.

Dosage & Potency

30C to 200C with frequent repetitions as per symptom similarity.

20.FORMICA- for buzzing noises with pain in the head


This remedy is used where there is a buzzing sound in the ears. The ear is hot and painful to touch.

The pain radiates to the temporal region, causing a headache. The earache and headache are worse in the morning.

Dosage & Potency

30C to 200C with frequent repetitions as per symptom similarity.

Guidelines for Selecting the Appropriate Potency

In Homeopathy, the potency and dosage depend on several factors like the severity of the disease, the symptom similarity with the remedy, and the pathological state.

While treating tinnitus, one needs to look at the underlying cause and include tinnitus as part of a symptom totality and not just a standalone symptom.

30C– This is the ideal potency for tinnitus cases. The repetition needs to be frequent. Use three to four times a day. Once the symptoms subside, it is essential to stop taking medicine.

200C– This potency is indicated when there are many keynotes, characteristic symptoms that match the remedy. Here frequent repetition is not meant. Two doses per day are ideal. Stop the medicine once symptoms are relieved.

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