Silicea Homeopathy 30, 200, 6X: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects


Silicea homeopathy medicine is an excellent medicine derived from Silicic Acid.  It is commonly known as Quartz.

In its pure and natural form, Silicea is inert and has no medicinal value.

Through potentisation, the latent and dynamic medicinal powers are awakened, and it transforms into one of the most valuable remedies in homeopathy.

Silica is a slow and deep-acting drug used to treat several chronic cases. It is well-known as the Surgeon’s Knife for its successful use in circumstances that have been advised surgery.

So this article will explain the Silicea uses, benefits, side effects & dosage in detail.

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So, Let’s get started !!

What is Silicea used for in homeopathy?

Silicea is a deep-acting remedy and a polycrest remedy.

Silicea acts on almost all parts of the body. The main action of this remedy is on the skin, mucus membranes and bones, and cartilages.

Silicea is extremely valuable in all cases where there are severe side-effects to vaccination.

It also acts well in cases of complaints arising due to suppression of foot sweat.

Silicea Constitution or Personality

Silicea is well-suited to people who are tall and thin with a lean, lanky appearance.  They look diseased and are always very nervous and anxious.

The characteristic symptom of Silicea is Adequate Nutrition but Imperfect Assimilation.  They eat a healthy, well-balanced meal, but their body cannot assimilate the nutrients from the food available.

Hence due to this imperfect assimilation, they appear mal-nourished and thin.  The Silicea constitutional people have dry skin and can’t tolerate the cold weather at all.

Even the slightest of injury leads to the formation of hard and painful nodules, which then becomes filled with a lot of pus.

Silicea homeopathy Uses

I will take you through all the body parts from toe to head.

You can match the symptoms and when you feel these symptoms are matched then you can use Silicea –

1- Mind Complaints

Silicea is a remedy for well-read professionals who excel at their jobs.

These people are hard workers and do exceedingly well at whatever task they choose to undertake.

However, years of hard work lead to exhaustion and weakness mentally. The person becomes very dull and listless.

He cannot focus or concentrate on the task at hand.

There is a lot of anxiety in them that their hard work of several years will go down the drain. However, they push through and come out with flying colors, but completely exhausted.

For example, a student will work hard through all his college years and maintain an outstanding academic record.

Still, towards the end of his course, he will be so tired mentally that he will dread facing the final examinations.

He will become nervous and anxious and will fear appearing for the test.

However, he clears the course with flying colors. But all that is a waste as he will now be rendered so much exhausted mentally that he will not be in a state to use his education to build his career.

It is in such cases that Silicea acts wonderfully. It helps clear the exhaustion, fills in fresh and new energy, and makes the person mentally healthy again.

Silicea is also suited to people who dread being alone. They always want people around them, even if no one is speaking to them. Being alone brings on anxiety and nervousness.

2- Head Complaints

Silicea is suitable for the headache due to fasting or irregular meal timings.

The pain starts from the occiput and gradually spreads all over the head before finally settling over the eyes.

Silicea is also an excellent remedy for babies with delays in milestones, especially closing of the fontanelles.

Such babies show profuse sweating over the head, especially the back of the head.

It is also well suited for Vertigo.

Vertigo comes on when the person bends his head to look upwards.

The dizzy spell is relieved by wrapping the head tightly with a cloth and lying down facing the left side.

3- Eyes Complaints

Silicea is helpful in developmental anomalies of the eye.

Improper development of lachrymal duct in babies.

Kids have vision problems where the letters run together on reading.

It is a good remedy for Styes, Cataract, Iritis, Iridio-Chorditis, Corneal Ulcer, and all other eye conditions where there is a lot of pus collection.

Silicea helps to burst the abscess and discharge the pus.

It also helps in further healing and restoration of the affected tissue.

Repeated use of the 30C potency is indicated in such conditions.

4- Ears Complaints

Silicea is indicated in multiple ear conditions like Otorrhea, Meniere’s Disease, Eustachian Tube Blockage, Tinnitus, and hearing loss.

There is severe pain in the ear with extreme sensitiveness to all kinds of noises.

In cases of tinnitus, the person can hear several noises inside his ear.

In conditions where the hearing is reduced, the person will say that he cannot attend a thing and that his ear feels heavy, but suddenly there is a popping sound after which he can hear all sounds acutely and painfully.

In cases of ear infections, the discharge coming out of the ear will be smelly and curd-like.

The infection will be profound, affecting even the bone.

5- Nasal Complaints

The characteristic symptom in Silicea is that the person wakes up with a severely blocked nose.

There is pain at the root of the nose.

The nose is filled with dried crusts which bleed profusely when he tries to pick them and clean the nose.

As the day progresses, the block gets cleared slowly; in its place, there starts nasal discharge.

He also loses his sense of smell and taste.

Silicea is well-suited for Sinusitis, Allergic Rhinitis, any ulcerative condition of the nose.

It is a good remedy for complaints occurring due to Deviated Nasal Septum.

6- Face Complaints

The face of the Silicea person is dull and listless.

He looks old and wrinkled.

The skin, especially the corners of the lips, is dehydrated and cracked.

The chin is filled with clusters of eruptions that are full of pus.

Facial neuralgia is a condition well-treated by Silicea.

7- Mouth Complaints

Silicea is apt for Pyorrhea, where the gums are swollen and bleeding.

There is an offensive odor from the mouth due to the pus from the tooth infection.

The person cannot tolerate any cold food or drinks.

He will tell you that he continually feels there is a hair on his tongue, and he will make repeated attempts to remove it.

In kids, Silicea is suited for delayed dentition.

Unhealthy oral hygiene leading to teeth troubles like caries, bleeding gums are treated well by Silicea.

Silicea has a positive action on the teeth and gums; hence, it helps strengthen the gums and teeth when given in 6x or 12x potency.

8- Throat Complaints

Tonsillitis in the suppurative stage is indicative of Silicea.

Tonsillitis recurs periodically at a specific time of the year.

It begins as a common cold, and the cold finally settles in the throat.

When examined, the tonsils will appear swollen and studded with yellowish pus pockets.

Swallowing causes severe pain. In kids and adults, Silicea is a perfect remedy for Parotiditis.

9- Chest and Respiratory Complaints

Silicea acts well on cases where recovery from pneumonia is slow and delayed.

The person wakes up in the morning with a blocked nose, and as the day progresses, the nose clears up, and the cough settles.

There is violent coughing which comes in bouts.

Pain while coughing starts from the chest and shoots to the back.

The sputum is bloody, thick, and extremely offensive.

It is suitable for Asthma, especially in kids.

The child appears as if he is sighing continuously, while in reality, his usual breathing way.

The slightest exertion like walking or even stooping brings on the attack of breathlessness.

10- Heart Complaints

Silicea helps to control irregular heartbeats and hard, bounding pulse.

11- Stomach Complaints

Silicea is the perfect remedy where the nutrition is adequate, but the body’s assimilation is at fault.

It is well-suited to thin, sickly-looking individuals who eat well but don’t put on any weight.

As soon as the food reaches the stomach, the person starts with excessively sour eructations.

These eructations are so worse that one can feel them in the posterior nares.

He cannot tolerate cold food and drinks.

Upon consumption of any cold food or drink, there is immediate vomiting.

Meat and all non-vegetarian food disgust him, and he cannot tolerate them at all.

12- Abdominal Complaints

Silicea is indicated in conditions like swollen inguinal glands, hepatic abscess, and constipation.

There is colicky pain in the pit of the abdomen.

The entire abdomen is filled with gas which keeps rumbling loudly.

The abdomen is very hard to touch.

The abdomen’s pain is better by applying something warm over it, like a warm cloth or a hot-water bag.

13- Rectal Complaints

Silicea is one of the first choices for rectal complaints like constipation, fissures, fistula, and piles.

It is extremely helpful in avoiding painful surgery for piles.

It helps resolve the condition entirely without undergoing surgery. No wonder then that it is called the Surgeon’s Knife in homeopathy.

The person dreads going to the stool.

Passing stools is a harrowing event.

He strains a lot.

The sphincter ani (a flat plane of muscular fibers) is in spasm hence very painful.

With great difficulty, the dry, hard stools are expelled.

As soon as a tiny amount of stool is expelled, it recedes inside, leaving the person in great agony and with a sensation of not having emptied the bowels satisfactorily.

Women will complain of constipation before and after menses. In cases of diarrhea, stools have a cadaverous odor.

14- Urinary Complaints

Silicea is an excellent remedy for children with delayed milestones who suffer from nocturnal enuresis.

These kids also frequently complain of worms.

The urine is bloody, fetid with reddish sediments.

In adults, prostatic fluid discharge happens involuntarily while straining for stools.

15- Male Complaints

Silicea is a remedy for chronic gonorrhea, inguinal hernia, genital eruptions, elephantiasis of the scrotum, hydrocele, sexual erethism, and nocturnal emissions.

The complaints are all seen with discharges that are thick and curdy with a horrible, cadaverous smell.

The entire region is sore to touch, and the person complains of excessive burning in the parts.

The penis shows a lot of pus-filled eruptions that are very itchy.

The scrotum is sweaty.

Silicea is a beautiful remedy for involuntary erections, erections that come on without any stimulus.

It is indicated in persons who have had a very active and colorful sexual life but are now suffering from a lack of energy and mental strength to perform sexually.

Premature ejaculation, inability to achieve an erection, nightfalls are some of the complaints of such people.

16- Female Complaints

This remedy is indicated for female complaints- like Prolapse of the uterus, vaginal cysts, pruritus vulva, leucorrhea, and menstrual irregularities like metrorrhagia amenorrhea.

Menses is very irregular.

It comes only once in two or three months.

Before menses, there is constipation, severe leucorrhea, thick and white like curd with intense itching, and a horrible smell.

Toothache during menses, along with anxiety and sadness, is a keynote of Silicea.

Silicea is beneficial for breast complaints like breast abscesses, benign tumors, which are hard and painful.

Painful nipples that are cracked and suppurating are healed well with Silicea.

17- Back Complaints

Silicea is useful in complaints arising after an injury to the spine in the past.

It is helpful to some extent in conditions like Potts’ Disease.

The spine is fragile, and the persons frequently complain of pain in the coccyx.

Injury to the spine during anesthesia for major surgeries results in a weak range and frequent lower backache.

18- Bones and Extremities

Silicea is a good remedy for children with delayed closure of the fontanelles.

Silicea has a seat of action on almost all the bones of the body; Caries and necrosis of the small bones of the nose, ear, mastoid process, head of the femur, and other long bones are well healed with Silicea.

Silicea affects the spine and nerves.

There is sciatica with shooting pain along the legs and hip.

The calves feel tight and constricted.

The parts that have been lain upon get numb quickly, and there is painful tingling when blood supply is restored.

Silicea is a perfect remedy for icy cold feet with offensive sweating.

There are painful ingrown toenails.

The soles are sore and painful.

Silicea is a good remedy for children affected with Rickets’ disease due to improper assimilation of vitamins.

Silicea can also be considered in spinal deformities like kyphosis, scoliosis, and lordosis.

19- Skin Complaints

Silicea is the remedy of choice when the skin is unhealthy, dry, cracked, and filled with bumps that suppurate.

The discharge from the boils is thick, curdy, and extremely offensive.

Every minor injury to the skin tends to discharge.

Silicea is an excellent anti-suppurative remedy.

It helps abort the pus formation, thereby healing the affected tissue gently and promoting the healthy growth of new tissue.

Eczema, boils, carbuncles, pimples, acne vulgaris, psoriasis, felons, herpetic eruptions, impetigo, burns, keloids, ingrown toenails are some of the conditions that come under the beautiful scope of Silicea.

In cases where a foreign body lodged inside, Silicea helps to expel the foreign body and then promotes healing.

20- Fever

During fever, the Chill stage is well-marked.

The chilliness is felt all over the body.

There is intense shivering even in a warm room and even after being wrapped up in several blankets layers.

The chill is worse after midnight towards morning.

Silicea Modalities

Modalities are the factors which, increase or decrease the complaints in a patient.

They are categorized as aggravating factors and amelioration factors.

Aggravating factors make the condition of the illness worst, while the amelioration factor makes the condition of the disease better.

It can be time, any part of the day, season, position, or any applications, etc.

Aggravated By– in a warm room, wrapping up the affected part, summer season, humid weather.

Amelioration By– during the new moon phase, in the morning, from washing or bathing in cold water, during menses, uncovering the affected part, lying down, damp, lying on, left side, cold food, and drinks, cold and fresh air.

Silicea Relationship with Other Medicines

Silicea Complementary medicines: Thuja, Sanicula, Pulsatilla, Fluoric Acid

Silicea is Antidoted by Camphor, Coffea Cruda, Hepar Sulph

Silicea Antidotes these Medicines: Merc Sol, Merc Cor, Sulphur.

Follows well: Belladonna, Bryonia, Ignatia, Nitric Acid.

Followed well: Lachesis, Lycopodium, Sepia.

Silicea Dosage and Repetition

The dose of the medicine and the necessary repetition depend upon the individual case.

Generally, if the pus hasn’t yet started to form, and the affected part is hard and painful, the lower potency is used.

This helps in hastening the suppurative process and eventual healing.

In conditions where the part affected shows a full-blown abscess which is painful, Silicea is used in higher doses like 200 or 1M.

This helps in the bursting of the bump, the release of the pus, and further healing and new healthy tissue growth.

Silicea Side effects

Silicea is known to expel foreign bodies.

So if you have some implant in your body, remember to tell your homeopath about it as using Silicea here may lead to accidental expulsion of the implant.

In skin conditions like a burst abscess or a keloid, Silicea helps to reabsorb the scar tissue and helps in forming healthy new tissues.

In such situations, careful monitoring is essential as some underlying skin infection may accidentally get reabsorbed into the body.

Use of Silicea as a Tissue Salt

Tissue salts help in restoring the mineral imbalances in your body.

They also promote the body’s natural healing process.

Deficiencies of tissue salts lead to several small and seemingly insignificant symptoms, which can have severe repercussions on your health if left unattended for a long time.

Tissue salts help in replenishing the mineral deposits in your body.

In homeopathy, Dr. Schussler advocated the use of 12 tissue salts. These tissue salts are used in extremely low potencies of 3x, 6x, and 12x.

Silicea is one of the 12 tissue salts.

Lack of silica in the body can give rise to various complaints like dry and damaged hair, brittle nails, recurrent infections of the respiratory system, dry and dirty skin, lack of general vitality, anxiety, and nervousness.

Silicea 6x or 12x is generally given as a supplement to the homeopathically chosen remedy.

Its dosage is usually four tablets two times a day in adults and two tablets two times a day in children.

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