Homeopathic Remedy For Teeth Grinding (Bruxism): Causes and Treatment

Homeopathic Remedy For Teeth Grinding

This article covers the Teeth Grinding symptoms, causes, types, risk factors, management & Homeopathic remedy for teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding is a habitual, non-functional excessive grinding of the teeth and clenching of the jaw. It can occur in children as well as adults.

Generally, the grinding and clenching occur at night, but in some people, it is present during the day also. Teeth grinding does not cause harm when it happens occasionally.

Still, when it becomes a regular habit, it may produce complications such as teeth damage and oral cavity problems, hypersensitivity in teeth, painful jaw muscles, damage to dental fillings and restoration, headache, etc.

In medical language, teeth grinding is known as Bruxism.

Teeth Grinding In Children

Children are more likely to develop teeth grinding. There can be two phases of childhood when teeth grinding is usually found.

First, when the teeth appear in children at the age around two years. Second, when the permanent teeth have fully developed in children.

Here the causes can be different such as nutritional deficiencies, worm infestation, abnormal teeth alignment, and some psychological factors can also be associated such as stress, anger, frustration, especially in children whose parents are strict and commanding.

Types Of Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding or Bruxism can be classified into two categories, namely,

Sleep Bruxism

It is grinding of the teeth and clenching the jaw when occurring during sleep. This type is more commonly found. It can be considered a sleep-related movement disorder.

Awake Bruxism

When you unconsciously grind your teeth during the day or when you are awake. It usually occurs due to tension, anxiety, frustration, and anger.

Causes Of Teeth Grinding

The most common cause of teeth grinding is stress and frustration. There are various theories related to teeth grinding but precisely what causes it is mainly unknown.

Air-breathing issues are found to be related to the causes. It can be due to the combination of psychological, physical, and genetic factors such as

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a severe disorder in which breathing stops and starts during sleep.

Abnormal alignment of teeth

Missing teeth or crooked teeth can be the cause of teeth grinding. Here, the jaw posture positions and tooth positions can be abnormal.

Dental restoration procedures

Some dental work may change the normal position of teeth and jaw. This can lead to clenching of the jaw and unconscious teeth grinding.

Biting habits

Semiconscious biting habits such as nail-biting, cheek biting, chewing a pen or pencil, tongue thrusting habits, i.e., pushing the tongue forcefully against teeth.


Injuries or trauma that can lead to loss of teeth and change the jaw structure can be a cause.


Emotional, psychological, and developmental issues can lead to habits like teeth grinding.

Symptoms Of Teeth Grinding

Most people who grind their teeth are unaware of the symptoms because they don’t know that their symptoms are related to teeth grinding.

People with sleep bruxism experience symptoms more intensely in the morning after waking up, while people with awake Bruxism can have symptoms throughout the day.

Let’s explore the sign and symptoms of teeth grinding one by one,


Headache is mainly centralized around the sides of the head, i.e., temple region, and it extends to the ears. The headache can be worse on waking up in the morning.

Pain in muscles

The muscles of your face responsible for chewing can become painful due to the grinding of the teeth and clenching of the jaw. It affects proper chewing while eating. The severity of the pain may not depend upon the degree of teeth grinding.

Tenderness of the jaw

The angle of the jaw can be painful to touch. The patient wants to stay silent as it provides relief to the jaw pain.

Teeth sensitivity

The teeth may become sensitive to hot and cold water or drink. Due to the thinning of the protective layers, the enamel of the teeth is due to repeated grinding.

Cracking and breaking of teeth

Tooth fractures can occur due to extreme grinding of teeth. one may lose dental restorative procedures such as tooth fillings and crowns.

Loosening of the gums

Due to repeated grinding and clenching, the gum socket may become loose. It gives rise to various other symptoms such as bleeding gums, infection of the gums, pain, and foul discharges from the gums.

Risk Factors For Teeth Grinding

Several factors may predispose teeth grinding.


Anxiety, frustration, anger, and stress can lead to teeth grinding.


Teeth grinding is more commonly found in children but can occur in adults as well.

Certain personality types

It is found that competitive, hyperactive, and aggressive kinds of people tend to have Bruxism or teeth grinding.

Certain medications

Teeth grinding can occur as a side effect of some medications, such as medicines used to treat some psychiatric illnesses. Too much caffeine and tobacco can also become risk factors.

Hereditary/Family history

Teeth grinding can run in the family, i.e., if your parents or other family members have teeth grinding problems, you are also likely to suffer from it.

Secondary to other disorders

Teeth grinding can occur as an association with sleep-related issues, for example, sleep apnea, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), dementia, etc.

Diagnosis Of Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is diagnosed during regular dental checkups by your dentist. The patient gets to know about his teeth rubbing by his family members or friends with whomever he stays.

Your dentist will look for signs and symptoms and confirm your diagnosis, such as changes in teeth shapes, headache on waking up, tenderness in jaw muscles, changes in dental fillings and crowns, etc.

The dentist will ask questions about your daily dental routines, sleeping habits, and medication history. Your dentist may advise you some diagnostic examinations, for example,


To determine the severity of dental issues, changes in the oral cavity structure, if any.

Management Of Teeth Grinding

Let’s discuss the approaches that you can follow to relieve and manage the teeth grinding.

Regular dental checkups

Your dentist may advise you to wear mouth guards that can reduce your teeth grinding during sleep. One can recommend some jaw relaxing exercises.

Stress management

Suppose the cause of your teeth grinding is stress, frustration, or anxiety. In that case, you can practice methods to minimize your stress, such as meditation, exercise, or in severe cases, you can ask for help from a therapist or counselor.

Behavioural change

Suppose your dentist has told you that some of your habits cause your teeth to grind, such as biting cheeks, chewing pencils or pens, etc. Then it would help if you tried to avoid those habits.

Good sleeping habits

Getting good and proper sleep may reduce your teeth grinding issues.

Reduce caffeine and alcohol

Cut down the intake of excessive caffeine-containing products and alcohol as they worsen the teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

Homeopathic Remedy For Teeth Grinding

Homeopathy is a gentle system of medicine that treats diseases without any side effects. Homeopathy follows the principle of Like Cures Like.

The process of potentization works to efficiently remove all toxic properties and enhance the medicinal properties of the drugs. Homeopathy also believes in treating the person suffering from the disease and not the disorder.

A well-qualified homeopath will choose the correct remedy based on the symptoms you show.

Given below are some remedies that work well in cases of teeth grinding.

1.CINA: For Teeth Grinding In Children With Worms Infestation


Cina is an excellent remedy for teeth grinding in children who suffer from worm infestation. It is a popular children’s remedy.

The child will be irritable; he screams and jerks violently—ill humor child who does not want to be touched or carried.

The child grits his teeth during sleep. He may complain of pain about navel.

Children who scream and cry during sleep and wake frightened. He also talks in sleep. The symptoms are worse at night and in summer.

Dosage And Potency:

Use Cina in 30ch potency, four pills, or drops thrice daily for 15-20 days.

2. CHAMOMILLA: For Teeth Grinding In Children During Dentition


Chamomilla is a well-known Homoeopathic remedy for children during dentition. It can be used in adults also who become easily angry.

The teeth grinding can be present during sleep or while the patient is awake. Here, the cause of teeth grinding can be stress and anger.

The patient is restless and impatient. He may complain of a headache that extends to the inner ear and cheeks.

The patient may have sleep disorders. He may weep during sleep and wakes up with frightening dreams.

Dosage And Potency

In children below five years of age, use Chamomilla in 6ch potency two pills or drops twice daily for one week.

In children above five years, use Chamomilla in 30ch potency four pills or drops twice daily for one week.

In adults, use Chamomilla 200ch once daily till improvement occurs.

3. BELLADONNA: For Teeth Grinding Associated With Headache


Belladonna can be used for teeth grinding patients who suffer from violent throbbing headaches.

The patient may complain of dry and throbbing pain in the teeth. Belladonna patient will bite the tongue and cheeks.

The patient is full of anger and gets excited at the slightest cause. The sleep quality is also poor. During sleep, restlessness, crying out, teeth grinding is present.

Dosage And Potency

Use Belladonna in 1M potency four pills or drop once every third day. One can also use Belladonna in 200ch potency once daily for 15-20 days. Belladonna 30ch four pills or drops can be used thrice daily for a month.


4. PLANTAGO MAJOR: For Teeth Grinding With Tooth Sensitivity


Plantago is one of the best teeth remedies in Homoeopathy. It can quickly treat a wide range of teeth problems. The patient has teeth grinding with sticking pains in the teeth and ear.

The teeth grinding may lead to the decaying of teeth and loosening of gums, giving rise to numerous other problems like infection in the gums, gum bleeding, etc.

Teeth ache and are sore to touch. The cheeks are swollen. The symptoms get worse on eating or drinking anything cold.

Dosage And Potency

Plantago can be used in mother tincture form, i.e., Q potency, ten drops thrice daily till improvement occurs. Plantago 200ch can be used thrice daily till improvement occurs.

5. SANTONINUM: For Teeth Grinding And Jaw Clenching In Children With Worms Diseases


Santoninum is an excellent Homoeopathic medicine for treating grinding teeth and clenching the jaw in children who tend to suffer from worm diseases and gastrointestinal irritation.

The child complains of an itching nose that compels him to bore his nose now and then. He will be restless during sleep with his muscles twitching.

The tongue of the patient is deep red. Abdominal discomfort always accompanies him.

Dosage And Potency

For best results, use Santoninum in 30ch potency, four pills, or drops thrice daily for 15-20 days.

6. ARSENIC ALBUM: For Teeth Grinding In Anxious People


Arsenic Album can effectively treat the teeth grinding in anxious people with restlessness and great mental anguish.

The patient may experience periodical headaches and earaches. The gums are unhealthy and bleeding due to repeated grinding of teeth and jaw clenching.

Teeth are painful and sore. The quality of sleep is poor. The patient is disturbed, anxious, and restless throughout the night.

He has fearful dreams. These factors make his teeth grinding worse.

Dosage And Potency

Use Arsenic Album in 1M four pills or drops potency every alternate day for 15-20 days. One can also use Arsenic Album in 30ch potency, four pills, or drops thrice daily till improvement occurs.

7. STRAMONIUM: For Teeth Grinding With Sleep Disorders


Stramonium is an excellent Homoeopathic remedy for the treatment of teeth grinding in people with sleep disturbances.

One of the characteristic features of this is that the patient cannot bear solitude and darkness. He becomes terrified in the dark.

The patient grinds his teeth during sleep with wakes up screaming with fear. He may experience headaches and jaw tenderness.

Dosage And Potency

Use Stramonium in 30ch potency, four pills, or drops thrice daily for 15-20 days. One can use Stramonium 1M once a week for one month.

8. PHYTOLACCA DECANDRA: For Irresistible Desire to Grind The Teeth Together


Phytolacca Decandra is an excellent Homoeopathic remedy with a wide range of benefits for various health issues, including teeth grinding.

One can give it to people, especially children with an irresistible desire to bite the teeth together. The teeth and jaw are clenched.

The patient may bite the tongue, which makes the tongue feels rough and scalded, and often bleed. The patient may pressure headaches in the sides of the head, i.e., temples.

Dosage And Potency

Phytolacca Decandra can be used in 6ch potency, four pills, or drops thrice daily for 15-20 days in children and adults. Phytolacca 200ch can be used once daily till improvement occurs.

9. CANNABIS INDICA: For Teeth Grinding In Sleep


Cannabis Indica is known to treat teeth grinding that occurs primarily in sleep. The patient has a dry mouth and lips.

The patient may experience shaking headaches due to teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Speaking may worsen the symptom as the jaw is already tender and painful.

The patient of Cannabis Indica may also have sleep disturbances.

He is very sleepy but unable to sleep. Obstinate insomnia can be present. The patient experience dreadful dreams.

The symptoms are worse on consuming coffee, alcohol, and tobacco.

Dosage And Potency

Cannabis Indica can be used in 30ch potency, four pills, or drops thrice daily till improvement occurs. Cannabis Indica 200ch can be used once daily for 15-20 days.

10. TUBERCULINUM: For Teeth Grinding With Sensitivity


Tuberculinum can be used to treat teeth grinding problems with the sensitivity of the tooth.

The patient may experience deep brain headaches with intense neuralgic pains extending to the ears. The jaw can be sore and tender.

The gums may loosen due to repeated grinding of teeth and clenching of the jaw.

Sleep can be disturbed; sleep quality is poor. The dreams are distressing. These symptoms, when matched, can treat teeth grinding very effectively.

Dosage And Potency

Tuberculinum 200ch potency, One can use four pills or drops twice a month for one month.

11. CALCAREA PHOS: For Teeth Grinding While Teething And For Decaying Teeth


Calcarea phos is an eminent remedy for teeth grinding and associated troubles.

The patient has numerous complaints during teething; teeth develop slowly, rapid decaying of teeth. One can also use it in children with worm diseases.

The patient may experience headaches with abdominal discomfort and issues.

The jaw is sensitive with loose gums due to frequent grinding of teeth. Children who grind their teeth during dentition can be benefited from this remedy.

Dosage And Potency

For best results, use Calcarea Phos in 6x potency, four tablets four times a day till improvement occurs. In children, the recommended dose for Calcarea Phos 6x is two tablets, four times a day, mixed with water or milk.

12. ACONITE: For Sudden Onset Of Teeth Grinding With Sensitivity


Aconite can be used successfully to treat acute teeth grinding in highly anxious people with great worry for his disease.

Teeth are sensitive to cold with the constant movement of the jaw as if chewing. The gums are hot and inflamed.

There is swelling and pain in the cheeks and jaws. The symptoms are worse in the morning on waking up.

The patient may experience severe headaches with pain extending to the ears.

Dosage And Potency

Use Aconite 1M, four pills, or drops once daily for a week. Aconite 200ch, four pills, or drops can be used twice daily for 15 days. For children, use Aconite 30ch, four pills, or drops thrice daily for 15-20 days.

13. MERC SOL: For Teeth Grinding With Loose Teeth And Bleeding Gums


An effective healing agent for various complaints of mouth and teeth, including teeth, grinding.

The patient feels soreness in the jaw on chewing. The gums recede and are spongy and swollen.

It is helpful in people with decaying teeth, loose teeth with bleeding gums, and teeth grinding.

The patient experiences tearing headaches.

Dosage And Potency

Use Merc Sol in 200ch potency once daily till improvement occurs. Merc Sol can be used in 30ch potency thrice daily till improvement occurs.

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