Kali Phos 6X, 30, 200: Uses, Side Effects, Benefits & Dosage

KALI PHOS 6X, 30, 200 Uses, Side Effects, Benefits Dosage

Kalium phosphoricum or kali phos is prepared from “Phosphate of Potassium”. It is the most excellent known nerve remedy in the Homoeopathy system of alternative treatment. Kali Phos 6X, Kali Phos 30 & Kali Phos 200 are the most used form of this medicine.

It is very much useful for people suffering from prostration, lethargy, and weakness. The remedy kali phos is specially adapted for young people.

You can quickly treat physical and mental depression caused by overexertion or some worry. Kali phos very popular among Homoeopathic practitioners and believers, and its results are no less. Let’s explore more about this beautiful healing agent.

Kali Phos is also extensively used as a bio-chemic remedy, the twelve cell salts. A German doctor, Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler, found the theory of bio-chemic treatments.

These are potentized microdoses of the essential minerals present in the body for its maintenance and repair. Kali Phos is widely used in the form of bio-chemic remedies.

This article will explain Kali Phos 6X, 30, and 200 uses, side effects, benefits, and dosage in detail. 

So let me take you through the details of Kali Phos –

Kali Phos Personality

Kali phos is suited to people who young and anemic. The delicate personality of the individual.

You may have seen people worn out from long-suffering; these kinds of people are kali phos personality. Nervousness is a marked tendency. People who feel excessive coldness. Their body remains cold.

Although one can use it in any sex or age with tremendous results, the kali phos patient is weak and exhausted due to excessive mental work or pressure.

Physically, kali phos person is depressed. These symptoms, when present in any person, can be wonderfully treated by this remedy.

The kali phos person wants power in nerves. For successfully treating these symptoms, the kali phos is also known as the “Nerve remedy” of Homoeopathy.

Kali Phos 6X, 30, 200 Uses

I will take you through all the body parts from toe to head. You can match the symptoms and when you feel these symptoms are matched then you can take Kali Phos –

1-Mind Complaints

This remedy works wonders for nervous people who quickly get anxious. Laziness or lethargy is a characteristic feature of kali phos personality.

If a person doesn’t like meeting new people, kali phos may be a remedy for him. The kali phos person is highly depressed.

He is very irritable, gets irritated by minor issues.

Women who need this remedy may tend to exaggerate their problems, i.e. hysterical ladies. Sleepwalking or talking in sleep is wonderfully treated by this remedy.

One characteristic feature about the kali phos person is that the slightest of the task looks pretty huge to him. Also, he is not much involved or excited about business works.

If a person is shy and has the features explained above, this will benefit you from this remedy.

2-Head Complaints

The headache starts from the back of the head, which diminishes by standing up.

If you have vertigo by rising from the bed and standing up or looking upwards, it will be relieved by kali phos.

It is a good remedy for headaches occurring in students due to fatigue.

An empty feeling in the stomach accompanies a headache.

You can quickly treat different headaches with this remedy if the symptoms are similar to the explanation above.

3-Eyes Complaints

A very well indicated remedy for various eye problems such as weakness of sight. Loss of perception power in the eyes.

Weakness of eyes occurring after the attack of diphtheria or from exhaustion. It can treat watery secretion from the looks.

The eyes feel sore and burn occasionally. Eyes get tired while reading.

Kali phos can also treat hanging down eyelids known as drooping of eyelids in weak, nervous, and exhausted people.

4-Ears Complaints

A beneficial remedy for buzzing and humming in the ears.

Sticking pains in internal ears. People who cannot bear noise and extremely sensitive to noise.

They get uncomfortable when they are near loudspeakers.

The humming and buzzing in the ears may lead to vertigo and exhaustion, making the patient nervous and exhaustive.

5-Nose Complaints

You can think of kali phos in the nose-related complaints also where there is an offensive odor, and foul discharge is present from the nose.

It is a valuable remedy for blocked nose, obstruction, and a tendency to sneeze on the slightest exposure to the dust air.

It can treat the loss of smell when the symptoms match. Whenever there is cold, it is accompanied by headache, and there may a discharge of cleary watery secretion from the nose.

6-Face Complaints

Whenever you see a sunken, angry face with hollow eyes, think of kali phos. People having this kind of face may get relieved by this remedy.

It can treat nerve-related complaints that occur on the right side of the body. This remedy can treat dryness and peeling of the lips.

The face is red, hot, and burning, which alternates with yellowishness and paleness.

The forehead may is covered by small itching pimples. Pain from the jawbones to the ear is a characteristic feature of this remedy.

7-Mouth Complaints

Kali Phos is an excellent remedy for problems related to the mouth or oral cavity.

It is helpful in the treatment of offensive and foul-smelling breath. The tongue of the kali phos person has a brownish coating like mustard.

You may have heard complaints of excessive dryness in the mouth, especially in the morning; kali phos can help for sure.

In the cases of toothaches where there is easy bleeding from gums, gums are spongy; this remedy has proved itself as a great healing agent.

In kali phos patients, there is a tendency to produce thick and salty saliva, which leads to a bitter taste in the mouth.

8-Throat Complaints

This remedy can treat the paralysis of vocal cords if the symptoms of the drug match the symptoms produced in the affected individual.

It can be helpful in the prevention and treatment of gangrenous sore throat.

You can treat enlarged and painful tonsils to remedy when the features are associated with a dry and husky sensation in the throat.

The patient will be irritable and anxious due to throat problems, and he will prefer to keep himself in silence.

9-Chest and Respiratory Complaints

Kali phos can be helpful to treat chest-related problems such as asthma, where the characteristic feature is that the asthmatic troubles worsen while having the most miniature food or eating.

Going upstairs may lead to shortness of breath and uncomfortableness.

You can treat the cough with yellow mucus-like discharge or expectoration with this remedy. A whistling sound is produced on coughing, and the pain extends from the throat to the upper end of the stomach, i.e., along the trachea.

The patient is unable to do hard physical work. He can not lift heavy objects as it will lead to shortness of breath and suffocation.

He will sit and take long deep breaths after walking fast or doing some physical activity.

The chest is painful and sore to touch. Stitching pains under the breast. The pains shoot up to the back of the shoulder joint.

This remedy can quickly treat these symptoms.

10Heart Complaints

It is helpful in the treatment of palpitations of the heart, which are caused by little work or going upstairs, or lifting some heavy objects.

One of the indications to use kali phos in heart problems is that there is a dull pain in the left upper part of the chest which sometimes feels like it may stop the breathing or stop the heartbeats.

The patient will be restless about his heart complaints. He may not get proper sleep due to the tension and anxiety about his heart complaints.

This will lead to the deterioration of the overall health of the person.

11-Stomach Complaints

This remedy can treat the stomach problems such as belching, nausea, vomiting, eructations.

The main characteristic feature present in all of the complaints is a nervous “gone” sensation in the pit of the stomach as if the stomach is always empty.

The patient will be nauseated after eating. Sour and bitter taste belching is present.

Eructations and vomiting of bile, i.e., a yellowish bitter watery fluid early in the morning. Digestion is disturbed, and this makes the individual very much irritable.

These complaints can be treated by this remedy very successfully.

12-Abdominal Complaints

In the abdomen problems, the person requiring kali phos will be depressed on account of his illness. Foul and offensive-smelling diarrhea is caused by exhaustion or fright.

He may feel the urge for stool while eating. Bloody dysentery can be treated by kali phos, watery agonizing stools mixed with pure blood.

The abdomen swells. If you are suffering from watery rice stools, think of kali phos to provide significant relief.

It is also found to be helpful in the cases of mild prolapse of the rectum.

13-Rectum Complaints

This remedy has the peculiar feature of having protruding hemorrhoids with slight burning pain and swelling.

The kali phos patient will have clay-colored, foul-smelling stools. Passing stools can be unsatisfactory; the urge may not subside.

This will make the individual greatly disturbed. Whenever he is constipated, the stools are dark brownish and mixed with yellow streaks of mucus.

You can quickly treat these symptoms with this beautiful healing agent.

14-Urinary Complaints

It is a valuable remedy for the treatment of uncontrollable urine, whether occurring in the daytime or at night. Occasionally there may be bleeding from the passage of urine.

The urine is excessively yellow. When blood is mixed with the urine, there is an appearance of red sandy urine.

There is a sensation of burning and smarting pain each time after urination.

You can match the symptoms, which will improve the state of the individual suffering from these problems.

15-Male Organs Complaints

Kali Phos is beneficial in the treatment of nightfall in men. It can be helpful in people with decreased sexual powers.

There is weakness and prostration after the act of sexual intercourse. He will be nervous, weak, and exhausted.

Strong desire with an urge to urinate. Emissions with eructations can be present.

Also, there is marked irritability in the kali phos patient due to these problems.

16- Female Organs Complaints

The kali phos female is pale, sensitive, irritable with period troubles.

Either is menses occur too late or when it happens, the quantity is too little. In contrast to this, some women may have a heavy flow during menses, and the character of the blood is thin, which does not solidify.

The menstrual discharge is foul-smelling. There is sharp, stitching pain all through the womb, which is worse at night.

Intense sexual desire four or five days after menses. This remedy has the power to improve and treat the weak, feeble, and ineffectual labor pains in weak and irritable ladies.

17-Back Complaints

This remedy can treat sore and lame feelings in the back. Little exertion can worsen the symptoms.

The affected person will be depressed with pains and subsequent exhaustion. Aching pain between the shoulders.

Stiffness is present from the neck due to swelled glands of the neck. Stitching pains along the spine.

The character of pain is like the one which occurs due to falling injury.

18-Hands & Legs Complaints

Hand Complaints –

The person who needs this remedy for a cure will have severe pain in the shoulders and arms in the morning.

Pain occurs first in the right-sided shoulder, followed by pain in the left shoulder.

He cannot raise his hands freely without pain. Numbness in the right arms and hand. This remedy can relieve the swelling nodes in the armpits. The affected individual is also mentally exhausted.

Leg Complaints –

There is weak and tired pain in the legs. The legs may be swollen, and there will be a numb sensation along with it.

The pains in the great toe due to ill-fitting shoes can be relieved by this remedy. This is also an excellent healing agent for the problems like burning soles and toes.

Extreme tiredness due to overwork may worsen the pains in the legs.

19-Skin Complaints

It is found to be effective in itching complaints occurring in nervous and exhausted people.

Itching in the whole body or on the chest, underarms, scalp, under the beards.

Itching is aggravated in the night from 3 am to 5 am. You can quickly treat these symptoms with kali phos.


Fever due to overexertion and exhaustion. The patient is full of anxiety and tension.

The whole body is full of pain. Increased perspiration and sweat in the armpits.

Hunger is increased. These symptoms can be relieved by Kali phos.

One should give it in repeated doses in short intervals.

Kali Phos Modalities

Modalities are the factors which, increase or decrease the complaints in a patient.

They are categorized as aggravating factors and amelioration factors.

Aggravating factors make the condition of the illness worst, while the amelioration factor makes the condition of the disease better.

It can be time, any part of the day, season, position, or any applications, etc.

Aggravated By

The complaints of the kali phos patient increase with the increase in physical and mental exertion, even eating.

Any sudden expressions such as excitement or worry may worsen the existing symptoms of the kali phos individual.

Cold weather or cold atmosphere and early morning climate are also the aggravating factors for this remedy.

Amelioration By– 

The complaints or problems of the kali phos patient are relieved by rest. The warm weather and atmosphere make him comfortable and ease his issues.

Proper nourishment also plays an essential role in the betterment of the kali phos individual.

Kali Phos Relationship with Other Medicines

Similar medicines in action:

Gelsemium, Zincum met, Cimicifuga (Actea racemosa), Lachesis, Muriatic acid.

Kali Phos Dosage, Potency and Repetition

Kali Phos is extensively used as a bio-chemic remedy, the twelve cell salts

Depending on how well the symptoms match the presenting disease condition and the availability of peculiar and rare symptoms, the ideal dose can be 30c to 200c.

Repetition has to be frequent as we will be using it more on a symptom similarity basis on a physical level without involving much of the mental plane.

Kali Phos 6X Uses & Dosage

Kali phos is very popular as a bio-chemic (the Schuessler’s cell salts) remedy and nerve supplement in 6x potency.

The 6x potency is available in the form of tablets. And the doses will depend upon the age of the patient, for example, for children below 12 years of age, the recommended dose is two tablets twice or thrice daily.

For adults and old-aged people, the recommended dose will be four tablets four times a day.

You should allow the dry tablets to be dissolved on your tongue. It should not be taken with water.

In acute cases, the dose can be frequently repeated i.e., at the interval of fifteen minutes.

It is generally recommended to avoid raw onion and garlic or strong coffee when you are taking the medicine in 6x potency.

Kali Phos 30 Uses & Dosage

Kali Phos is the most effective nerve remedy for Homoeopathy. It can be used effectively in 30C potency in infants, small children, and young adults.

You can repeat it two to three times, depending upon the symptom severity and age of the patient. 30C has given outstanding results in every age and gender.

Kali Phos 200 Uses & Dosage

Kali Phos 200C can be used in middle-aged and older adults with excellent results.

You can prescribe it based on physical symptoms in acute cases. You can also use it in small children, but the dose will be decided by considering the sign similarly.

You can give 200C potency of kali phos one time a day to people of any age or gender.

Kali Phos 1M Uses & Dosage

Kali phos in 1M potency is an excellent healing agent for all sorts of problems of middle-aged or older people when the physical and mental symptoms match.

It can be repeated once in 3 days, or depending upon the severity of the symptoms; You can repeat it more often.

Kali Phos Side Effects

Based on rigorous experimentations, a Homoeopathically prepared kali phos is not found to produce any side effects.

Suppose the medicine is prescribed based on the case-taking phenomenon, a detailed investigation made by professional homeopathic doctors, as they will use somewhat high potencies to cure your problems completely.

In that case, it may lead to a slight increase in your existing symptoms, which will go away in few hours to one day on their own.

However, overdosing or improper administration of this remedy very rarely might lead to some problems like increased thirst, confusion, headache, or body ache.

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