Homeopathic Remedy For Ganglion Cyst: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Homeopathic Remedy For Ganglion Cyst

A ganglion cyst is a mass of tissue that is filled with jelly-like mucus called MUCIN. It is also known as a Bible cyst because in ancient days, tapping the cyst with heavy books like the Bible was carried out.

It is widespread in women and mainly occurs in the age group of 20-40 yrs. It rarely occurs in children younger than ten years.

And if osteoarthritis is associated, then cyst is seen in old age.

These are not cancerous and are usually harmless.

They typically do not cause any symptoms and disappear on their own.

In most cases, it’s a cosmetic concern for the patients rather than a functional disturbance.

Approximately 80% of the ganglions are found on the wrist. A cyst found on the top of the wrist is called a dorsal wrist ganglion cyst. A cyst found on the palm side of the wrist is known as the volar wrist ganglion cyst.

This article is focused on the homeopathic remedy for ganglion cyst, its symptoms, causes, medicines & complete treatment.

So, Let’s get started !!

Ganglion Cyst Sites

It is more common at the back of the hand at the wrist joint. Sometimes it can occur on the palm side.

It becomes prominent when the wrist joint is flexed.

It can occur at other sites as well but is less common like:

1.Base of fingers on the palm.


3. Outside of knee and ankle.

4.Top of the foot.

Ganglion Cyst Pathogenesis

A fluid called synovial fluid is present in the tissues surrounding the tendons and wrist joints.

When this fluid leaks from these areas, they form a sac-like structure called a ganglion cyst.

The fluid from the cyst is gelatinous and feels like jelly.

Ganglion Cyst Symptoms

The swelling of cyst varies in size can range from the size of a pea to a golf ball.

Most of the time, they are not painful.

In chronic cases, it might present with intermittent pain if there is repetitive trauma or movement.

If the cyst is connected to a tendon, there might be a weakness of the affected finger, and sometimes the person might lose grip strength.

On touching, you might find it very hard or bony, or it might be spongy.

But the range of movement of the wrist is very normal.

The patient may experience a tingling or burning sensation if a cyst happens to touch the nerve. And sometimes paraesthesia, pain or, motor weakness is also present.

The cyst may become smaller in size sometimes or may completely resolve and come back.

The area around the cyst feels numb. And whereas the skin over the top of the cyst is smooth, round, and rubbery.

Cysts that develop below the fingernail are often associated with arthritis. These are called mucous cysts.

The pressure from the cyst might lead to the formation of depression or groove in the nail.

On examination with the torch, it transilluminates.

Ganglion Cyst Causes

The exact cause for the ganglion cyst is not known, But some of the main causes that have been observed are as follows –


A flaw in the joint capsule or tendon sheath may be one of the reasons.

People using certain joints vigorously are more prone, e.g., female gymnasts. Repetitive micro-injuries due to overuse of joints is the reason in such instances.

Osteoarthritis is also one of the cause which can cause an increase of the fluid in the joint resulting in leakage through the tendon sheath into the cyst.

Inflammation of structures like joint capsules, tendon sheath is said to be one of the reasons.

When the synovial capsule of the synovial fluid escapes from the joints into the surrounding tissues, there is a reaction between the local tissue and the synovial tissue or fluid. This leads to the formation of the cyst.

When degeneration of connective tissue occurs after a trauma or repetitive injuries to capsules or ligaments, there is increased production of hyaluronic acid, which leads to the accumulation of mucin-like material to form a cyst.

Multiplication of mesenchymal cells also leads to the formation of a cyst.

Ganglion Cyst Diagnosis

A physical examination itself is enough to diagnose the Ganglion cyst. It will reveal whether the cyst is firm or soft.

Further to confirm the diagnosis, the physician might do an aspiration of the liquid present in the cyst under the guidance of USG. Its jelly-like appearance confirms the diagnosis.

To know how much the wrist joint is involved MRI is done.

Ganglion Cyst Treatment

The presence of a cyst is not an emergency condition. So, if it’s not bothersome or there is no pain, it can be left undisturbed.

It may take up to 12-18 months for it to disappear on its own. If there is the involvement of nerve, vein, or artery, then surgery is suggested.

In case of severe pain, analgesics are given to minimize swelling and discomfort. Splints and braces are given to offer support to the affected area to reduce swelling and pain.

If the cyst is present on foot, close monitoring is required to interfere with walking.

A shoe that doesn’t rub on the cyst and cause irritation has to be worn by placing a pad inside the shoes. This will help reduce the pressure against the cyst.

Aspiration of the fluid is done from the cyst using a needle, and all the fluid is emptied, but since the cyst is intact, the fluid refills again. This is not done on the volar wrist cyst as there are chances of damaging the blood vessels and nerves in that area.

Surgical excision is more difficult on the volar wrist cyst. And surgery, though, is considered the safest choice. It takes a longer time to recover.

It also increases bleeding at the site, healing issues, damage to blood vessels, nerves, infection, scarring, and pain.

After surgery, recovery takes 2-6 weeks. Some people face complications like permanent stiffness and pain after surgery.

Rare complications of anesthesia can affect the heart or lungs. This is seen in a minimal number of people.

Homeopathic Remedy For Ganglion Cyst

As we are aware that homeopathy treats the patient as a whole after taking a detailed history. In ganglion, homeopathic treatment will help prevent recurrence of the cyst and treat it without surgery, which becomes essential in a conventional line of treatment.

As we are aware, surgery has its pros and cons, but there are many chances of recurrence of cysts even after surgical excision.

Hence homeopathy is considered the safest mode of treatment with faster recovery and helps prevent a recurrence.

In chronic conditions, miasmatic consideration would be done, and as per the dominant miasm, a miasmatic remedy is given to the patient to remove the tendency for the cyst. And this remedy also acts as a complementary to the constitutional treatment and helps speed up the process of cure.

The duration of treatment would vary from patient to patient, how much of the disease has been progressed if it’s affecting the nerves or blood vessels. All these factors play a significant role in the duration of treatment.

1.BENZOIC ACID: For Ganglion cyst with stitching pain


Benzoic acid is the best remedy for ganglion cysts with swelling on the wrist joint.

These patients tend to have stitching pain in the cyst.

It can help in removing the tendency to the formation of the ganglion cyst.

Dosage and potency

30C potency in repeated doses as per the state of the patient can be administered.

2.CALCAREA FLUOR: For Encysted Ganglion cyst


It is an excellent remedy who have a tendency for ganglion cyst at the back of the wrist joint.

Their wrists and ankles are cold.

These cysts are hard and stony, and Calcarea fluor has a great capacity to resolve them.

Dosage and potency

30C potency will be of great help. Since it’s a deep-acting remedy, One shouldn’t repeat it too often.

3.PHOSPHORUS: For Ganglion cyst with the affection of nerve


Phosphorus is significantly indicated when the ganglion cyst happens to touch the nerve in the wrist.

As the nerve is affected, the patient experiences severe formication in the hands along with stitching pain.

Hands might also become numb.

If the size of the cyst is too big, it affects the joint movement. In such instances, they are scarcely able to hold anything with the hand.

They feel that suddenly joints give up.

Dosage and potency

200C potency will act reasonably in case of nerve affection. Do not repeat it too often until the action of the previous dose is entirely exhausted.

4.RUTA: For Ganglion cyst due to overstraining of wrist joint


Ruta has an excellent affinity for flexor tendons around the joints where the cyst usually forms.

The patients requiring this medicine are prone to deposits, especially around the wrist joint. Ruta will help in removing this tendency.

Hence ganglion cyst is more commonly seen in the wrist joint.

Cyst forms due to the straining of the wrist joints and muscles of the affected part.

So, they have pain and stiffness in the wrist and hands.

Dosage and potency

Mother tincture locally applied on the cyst and the same medicine in 30C potency in repeated dose taken internally will help bring about a cure.

5.RHUS TOX: For Ganglion cyst with severe wrist pain


It is best indicated for the cyst when it is accompanied by severe tearing pain.

And the patient feels better only by the movement of the affected part.

Sometimes, when the cyst’s size is more, and it happens to touch the nerve, they tend to experience numbness and formication.

In sporadic cases, they tend to feel as if there is a loss of power in the forearm and fingers.

They might have a crawling sensation in the tips of the fingers.

Dosage and potency

30C, 200C potency in repeated doses will help in relieving the pain and also cure the cyst.


6.SILICEA: For Ganglion cyst on the left wrist


The patients requiring the medicine always seen that ganglion is mainly on the left wrist.

Fingertips become dry and painful. They also feel numbness.

They have offensive sweat in their hands and feet.

They also have tearing pain in the wrist.

Dosage and potency

200C potency should be given to the patient and shouldn’t be repeated too often.


7.THUJA: For Ganglion cyst on the left wrist


Thuja can be given to the patients if they have a ganglion cyst on the left hand at the back with the following symptoms.

The cyst is very soft on examination. The patient feels deadness of the affected part.

They experience burning, sticking, wandering pains which worsens by warmth.

They tend to swell around the joints. The skin seems to be very oily.

These patients consider themselves very delicate and sensitive. They feel that they are made of glass and can break easily.

Dosage and potency

You can apply mother tincture locally on the cyst, and 30C potency internally with infrequent repetition will help establish a cure.

8.CAUSTICUM: For Ganglion cyst with numbness, tingling, and weakness


It is suited to individuals with a dark complexion and rigid musculature.

The patient has tremendous burning over the affected joint, the place where the cyst exists.

They have instability in the muscles of hands with numbness, tingling.

Numbness and weakness are very marked in the affected hand.

Dosage and potency

200C potency once or twice a week till improvement is seen.

9.LAPIS ALBA: For Ganglion cyst, which is pliable


The person requiring lapis alba always presents with a ganglion cyst which is very pliable and not too hard or stony.

They seem to have excellent elasticity in the affected part. They also have a ravenous hunger.

It’s an excellent remedy for new growth. If they happen to experience pain in the cyst, they are burning, stinging, or shooting type of pain.

Dosage and potency

30C potency with frequent repetition can be administered to the patient.

10.APIS: For Ganglion cyst with burning, stinging pain


Apis is indicated for cyst at the wrist joint. They have numbness in their hands and fingertips.

The burning, stinging pain of the affected part is the hallmark of this medicine. These patients cannot bear the slightest heat and touch.

The skin over the cyst becomes hot and dry, and alternately there are gushes of sweat.

Dosage and potency

30C potency can be administered with repeated dosage as per the state of the patient.

11.BRYONIA ALBA: For Ganglion cyst after injury of joints


Bryonia can be given to the patients when the cyst results from trauma or injury of the joints. Arnica is the first indicated in such instances; if it doesn’t, Bryonia works very well.

Most of the time cyst is noted in the right hand. The affected part pains a lot on movement and is better only by rest.

It is painful to pressure also.

Dosage and potency

You can give 30C, 200C potency in repeated doses to the patients till improvement.

12.CALCAREA CARB: -For Ganglion cyst on the right wrist


The patients requiring Calcarea carb are fair, fat, and flabby. They sweat easily.

The cyst appears on the right wrist. They have sharp sticking pain as if the part is wrenched or sprained.

They are prone to sprained muscles. Their hands are cold and clammy because of perspiration.

Dosage and potency

30C, You can give 200C potency as per the state of the patient. Since it’s a deep-acting medicine, You shouldn’t repeat it too often.


13.ARNICA: For Ganglion cyst with a history of injury


Trauma or injury brings on the cyst at the back of the hand at the wrist joint. The affected area feels very sore, painful, and bruised.

Arnica has absorbent action. Hence it has the capacity of absorbing the

Jelly-like mucin in the cyst and helps in resolving the cyst. It is indicated in people with dark hair and rigid muscles.

The veins in the hands are distended, and they get cramps in the fingers. The affected part is so painful that they fear being touched.

Dosage and potency

30C, 200C potency in repeated doses can be administered to the patient.

14.SULPHUR: For Ganglion cyst on the left wrist with numbness


Sulphur is indicated for a cyst on the left wrist.  The left arm is numb, which worsens on lying down.

Fingers also become numb. They experience drawing and tearing pain in their hands and arms.

Hot, sweaty palms and burning in soles and hands at night is the indication of this remedy.

Dosage and potency

30C, 200C potency will be the best to start with, and do not repeat the medicine too often.

15.CARBO VEG: For Chronic Ganglion cyst


The patient requiring this medicine is sluggish, fat, and lazy and has chronic complaints.

Their vitality is low due to medications, illness, or loss of fluids from the body.

They feel sore and bruised on the affected part and in general.

They crave air as their circulation is affected.

Dosage and potency

30C and 200C potency work best in chronic conditions.


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