Calcarea Carb 30, 200, 1M: 20+ Uses, Dosage & Benefits


Calcarea Carbonica or in short Calcarea carb is one of the essential medicine in homeopathy. Calcarea carb 200, Calcarea carb 30 and Calcarea carb 3x are the most used potencies.

Calcarea carb is prepared from the middle layer of the oyster shell, which is calcium carbonate. It’s a fine white powder that is tasteless, odorless, and almost insoluble in water.

But, it differs from the pure chemical manufacture of calcium carbonate of the modern age.  Modern age calcium carbonate occurs as limestone, marble, chalk, etc.

Calcarea carb helps in improvising the function of secretion and absorption where all organs’ nutrition is impaired. It acts on the glands, which are indurated and swollen.

It increases the coagulability of blood. On the skin, it can help in reducing ulceration with burning and itching. And like this, there are many uses of Calcarea Carb for the various ailments of our body.

So, let’s go through the most prevalent clinical uses of Calcarea carb.

1-Calcarea carb for Nasal polyps, Adenoids


A painless growth in the lining of the nose or sinuses is called nasal polyps.

They are caused due to infections, allergies, etc. Patients usually have running noses, blocked noses, or postnasal drip. But in some cases, there might be no symptoms at all.

Adenoids are a patch of tissue high in the throat just behind the nose.  They help in keeping away infections and keep body fluids in balance.

Adenoids and tonsils help in trapping the germs that come in through the mouth and nose. You might notice that nostrils are dry, sore, and ulcerated.

The patient has constant dull pain in the root of the nose. They also have sore pain in the nostril and septum.

You might notice redness and swelling on the anterior part of the nose. Patients have a cold with an increased frequency of passing urine.

You might notice an offensive odor from the nose and offensive yellow discharge. In children, there’s swelling of the nose and upper lip.

In children, adenoids and polyps lead to obstruction in the nose, and they sneeze without a cold. In polyps, they lose the sense of smell, and they cause swelling at the root of the nose.

You can even notice in children who tend to be fat; there might be bleeding from the nose. Children take cold at every change of weather. They become starving on catching a cold.

They have pain in the abdomen alternating with cold.

Dosage & Potency:

Calcarea Carb 30C potency will be most beneficial in these states.

One can do repetition as per the state of the patient.

2-Calcarea carb for Lipoma

A lipoma is a fatty tumor which is situated just below the skin. It’s usually painless.

There can be more than one. Usually, such tumors do not require treatment.  But if they tend to bother, like if they are increasing in size or are becoming painful, it would require surgical removal.

But homeopathy has medicines that can avoid surgical interventions.

Calcarea carb is one of the essential remedies for lipoma. Calcarea carb will reduce the size and pain and help balance the lipid/fat metabolism. Hence One can also avoid surgery.

Dosage & Potency:

30C potency acts well for lipoma.

Repetition can be done as and when required.

3-Calcarea carb for Tonsilitis

Tonsils are lymph nodes that are situated at the back of the throat on either side.  They are present as the defense mechanism and prevent your body from getting an infection.

When they become infected, it is called tonsilitis. It can occur at any age, but it is most common during childhood.

You might notice that tonsils are swollen, and also the glands in the throat are also swollen. They get stitching pain in the throat on swallowing. Hence, they have difficulty swallowing.

When they clear their throat, the mucus comes up, which is salty.

Dosage & Potency:

30C and 200C are well indicated in this state.

In the acute stage of infection, one can repeat low potency.

In the chronic stage, it would be better to avoid repetition.

4-Calcarea carb for Acidity


The patient develops a loss of appetite due to overwork.  They crave indigestible things like chalk, coal, pencils, eggs, ice-creams, salts, and sweets.

When they develop Acidity, even a small quantity of water, if they drink it causes nausea.  The water needs to be icy cold not to produce nausea.

They develop an aversion to meat, milk, boiled things, and fats. In Acidity, they have sour eructation, sour vomiting, and curdled milk.

A person has a complete loss of appetite, but they relish it when they begin to eat. They cannot tolerate milk.

A person has a sensation as if something is rising to the head. One develops a thirst for cold water at night.

They also have swelling in the stomach, which looks like an inverted saucer.

Calcarea carb is an excellent remedy for hyperchlorhydria, where patients’ gastric juice on being examined shows a higher level of HCl acid in it. This is also one of the causes of ulcers.

Dosage & Potency:

you can give 200C potency to the patient.

You can do repetition after the action of the previous dose is over.

5-Calcarea carb for PCOS, facial hair, hair loss, hypothyroidism, goiter, weight gain


PCOS is a hormonal disturbance that causes ovaries to enlarge with multiple small cysts. It results in menstrual irregularities, excess facial hair growth, acne, and obesity.

Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland cannot produce enough thyroid hormone, resulting in abrupt heart rate, body temperature, and metabolism. Because of these, patients experience fatigue, constipation, dry skin, and unexplained weight gain.

Goiter can also result from the underactive thyroid gland. Calcarea carb is one of the essential remedies in homeopathy used to correct the hormonal errors that occur due to various reasons.

Due to which metabolism is chiefly affected and leads to weight gain. Patients affected have their muscles and skin lax and flabby. Patients grow fat but not strong.

They sweat easily on the head, chest, especially during their sleep.

Sweating is so profuse that they can wet their pillow. They have sluggish habits, which means they tend to be slow in almost all the work.

They are very susceptible to cold; that is, they catch a cold very quickly. Parts on which they lie down become numb.

They develop a tendency to sprain the muscles. Children also become dull and sluggish in thyroid and pituitary dysfunction.

They become forgetful and depressed. You can see constipation in these patients, and they feel better when they are constipated.

Females affected with PCOS are flabby and get their menses late with palpitation along with headache and breathlessness. A complete absence of menses in such females is also widespread.

Dosage & Potency:

1M potency will be beneficial to restore the balance.

Do not repeat the dose unless the need arises.

6-Calcarea carb for Skin complaints like boils, Vitiligo

Calcarea carb is indicated in various skin troubles. Let me explain to you one by one.

Psoriasis: – Skin becomes dry, itchy, and scaly patches, especially on knees, elbows, trunk, and scalp.

Urticaria: -Its outbreak of rash on the skin that appears suddenly. Urticaria is better in cool air.

Blood boils: It’s a painful infection of a hair follicle surrounding the skin.

Minor wounds do not heal readily. They are recurring in patients. Calcarea carb will help in removing this recurring tendency.

Milk white spots: Keratin filled cysts under the skin which looks like white or yellowish bumps. These are called milk spots or milia.

Petechial eruptions: A small red or spot-on purple skin that occurs due to a break-in capillary blood vessels are said to be petechial eruptions.

Chilblains: Skin sores or bumps that occur due to exposure to cold temperature. Skin is cold like a snake and is flaccid and unhealthy. There is a visible quivering of skin from head to foot followed by giddiness. They develop cold spots on the head, hands, knees, feet, and other affected parts.

Vitiligo: In Vitiligo, skin loses its color in patches.

Dosage & Potency:

One can use 30C, 200C, 1M as per the state of the patient.

Repetition will also depend upon the state of the patient.

7-Calcarea carb for Cholesterol


Calcarea carb helps in reducing Cholesterol in patients who are fat and flabby. Fat deposition is increased in the abdomen as fat metabolism is affected in these patients.

They complain of tightness in the chest, and there’s a feeling of suffocation ongoing upwards, especially like climbing stairs.

The patient experiences palpitation at night and after eating, and they feel cold and restless with palpitation.

They can’t climb even a few steps and has to sit down. They experience sharp pains in the chest from before backward. The chest becomes very sensitive to touch or pressure.

Dosage & Potency:

30C and 200C are the best potencies to improvise fat metabolism.

One shouldn’t do repetition frequently unless the symptoms call for it.

8-Calcarea carb for Diabetes


It is suited to an individual who is fat, fair, and flabby. The person is mild but obstinate. One has an increased appetite with a weak stomach.

They frequently pass urine the whole night the patient has to pass. The amount of urine is also more in such patients.

The patient might complain that there’s a sharp smell from urine.

Dosage & Potency:

30C, 200C, 1M, and higher potencies.  You can start from lower potency to higher.

Repetition would depend on the state of the patient.

9-Calcarea carb for Erectile dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction means the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse.

Calcarea carb is one of the excellent remedies for erectile dysfunction if the following symptoms match.

The patient has increased sexual desire with reduced erections. Emission is frequent with a burning sensation.

After intercourse, they experience tremendous weakness, vertigo, lameness of the back and knee with headache and sweat.

They also have a burning sensation in the genitals. They develop impotence due to excessively getting indulgent.

Seminal emission is always premature in these patients.

Dosage & Potency:

200C and 1M potency will help in alleviating the dysfunction.

You should avoid frequent repetition in ordinary cases only do if you see symptoms matching.

10-Calcarea carb for Arthritis, Gout


The patient experiences rheumatoid pains as they have been wet. They have sharp sticking pains as if wrenched or strained.

They have severe weakness and trembling in extremities. Swelling of joints s noticed, especially the knee joint.

On examination, you can see that their feet are cold as if they have worn a cold stocking. They get cramps in the calves’ muscles, especially at night when they stretch their leg.

They experience tearing pain muscles and burning in soles of feet, and soles become raw. Arms are weak and lame, and their hands become numb when they try to grasp something. They want to make their fingers mobile.

Even children have weak ankle which turns inward while walking. They are clumsy and awkward and fall quickly.

A gout is a form of arthritis that occurs due to uric acid deposition in bone joints. Calcarea carb will help in correcting the uric acid metabolism and thereby preventing uric acid deposition.

Dosage & Potency:

30C and 200C potency are the most suitable for this condition.

One would require frequent repetition to ease the pain.

11-Calcarea carb for Leucorrhoea


Leucorrhoea is the flow of whitish, yellowish, or greenish discharge from the vagina in females, which may be normal or a sign of infection.

The patients experience thick, milky gushing or yellow Leucorrhoea flowing from the vagina. Before menses, females have a headache, pain in the abdomen, chilliness, and Leucorrhoea.

Most of the time, Leucorrhoea is milky white.

Dosage & Potency:

30C and 200C potency act well.

You can do repetition after the action of the pre1vious dose is exhausted.

12-Calcarea carb for Warts, Genital warts


A small fleshy bump on the skin caused by the human papillomavirus is called warts.

Warts can spread from one location to another or from person to person by contact. Usually, they are painless. Commonly hands, feet’s and genitals are affected.

You will notice warts develop on the face and hands. The patients also develop warts behind the ears, which become inflamed and form ulcers.

They might even develop a wart at the end of the elbow, which becomes inflamed and pains like a boil, and then it dries up.

Dosage & Potency:

30C and 200C potency will act best for warts.

You will require repetition till the improvement.

13-Calcarea carb for Anxiety


This remedy suits people who are fat, fair, and flabby. They lack courage and confidence but still are very obstinate.

These personalities get easily affected by fright and by being absorbed in themselves. They get mentally and physically tired due to overwork.

They feel something terrible will happen in the future, and these thoughts are worse in the evening. They fear becoming insensible and unable to reason.

They feel that they will contract some uncurable disease. So they are always anxious about their health. Even a slight symptom can be troublesome. One loses hope of getting well.

These people have many fears like fear of disaster, of becoming mad. They eve1n fear becoming and even observed by people. Hence become suspicious and doubt everybody.

Fear gets triggered if they happen to hear about any inhuman events. Forgetfulness creeps in and develops Anxiety with palpitation.  If it gets intense, they even develop an aversion to work.

Dosage & Potency:

1M potency will act best in such cases.

Do not repeat the dose until there is a need.

14-Calcarea carb for Abscess


An abscess is a collection of pus that has built up within the tissues of the body. Calcarea carb will take care of the abscess. It will help in the absorption of pus and not break the abscess.

The abscess is not red in appearance, but it is pale and painful. It is also helpful for people who develop an abscess in the lungs.

Dosage & Potency:

30C potency acts well for abscess.

You may require repetition for the absorption of pus.

15-Calcarea carb for Bronchitis, Emphysema


Inflammation of the lining of bronchial tubes, which carry air to and from the lungs, is called bronchitis. Emphysema is damaged in air sacs, which causes breathlessness.

In bronchitis, these patients develop a severe cough. They have a tickling cough from dust or feather in the throat, which is troublesome at night.

The cough is dry with free expectoration in the morning. Cough is aggravated while playing the piano or eating.

Their voice becomes hoarse, but it is painless. They develop a persistent irritating cough from arsenic wallpaper.

The patient experiences severe breathlessness with a thick, yellow, sour discharge of mucus only during the day.

Sometimes there is bloody expectoration with a sour sensation in the chest. They get suffocating spells with tightness, burning, and soreness in the chest.

The expectoration is scanty and salty. Everything makes the patient short of breath. They have a weak feeling in the chest and cannot even speak during that time.

Dosage & Potency:

30C, 200C potency is most suitable for bronchitis.

One will require repetition.

16-Calcarea carb for Fistula


A fistula is an abnormal connection between two body parts, e.g., organ or blood vessel or any other structure. They occur due to injury or surgery.

Most commonly occurring are anal fistulas. Calcarea also gets indicated in the parotid fistula.

Dosage & Potency:

30C and 200C potency will do their best, and repetition should be done after evaluating the patient’s state.

17-Calcarea carb for Gallstones


Hard deposits that form and are present in the fluid in the gall bladder are said to be gallstones.

These patients develop pain due to the presence of stone, which is called gall-stone colic. For them, the liver region is painful, especially when they bend. The gall bladder is also situated behind the liver.

The abdomen is very sensitive to the slightest pressure. The abdomen is swollen, and A person has cutting pain in the abdomen.

They cannot bear tight clothing around the waist. Their abdomen is distended, but at the same time, it becomes complicated. These patients get twisting or cramping about the umbilical region.

Dosage & Potency:

30C, 200C potency is indicated in colic.

And Calcarea carb will help in preventing the tendency of formation of stone and improvise the metabolism.

Repetition will depend on the state of the patient.

18-Calcarea carb for Kidney stone


The patient has severe pain in the kidney region due to a stone in the kidney, called renal colic. Urine is dark brown, sour, foul-smelling, and is of a strong odor.

Urine has white milky sediments and sometimes appears milky. Urine amount passed is excess in quantity.

Sometimes urine looks turbid after standing like clay water. The patient notices much mucus in urine like Leucorrhoea, which doesn’t appear otherwise.

They complain of deposition like white powder in the urine.

Dosage & Potency:

30C potency in frequent doses would be required to bring about a cure of this state.

19-Calcarea carb for Children


Calcarea carb is one of the best remedies for children whose calcium metabolism is affected. So, it will help in correcting these disturbances.

In children, improper assimilation gives rise to glands’ inadequate nutrition, especially cervical glands in the neck and mesenteric glands, which are located in the abdomen.

Their bones and skin are affected. Their blood component is affected, which causes anemia. Since the bones are affected, there are faulty developments of bones.

Infants have open fontanels for a more extended period, and some might even develop rickets and exostosis, which is due to the affection of calcium metabolism.

Their muscles and skin become lax and flabby. They grow fast but not strong.

It is suitable for complaints of teething children who develop convulsions, diarrhea, and also who develop late walking. Children do not put their feet on the ground.

Some children are emaciated with a big head and a big belly. They are susceptible to cold. And cold primarily affects their chest. Children are affected by malnutrition; they become dull and sluggish, and they do not even want to play.

These children are stubborn, obstinate, mischievous. They are afraid of everything they see. They can be irritable and cry for minor matters.

Some children develop hydrocephalus (accumulation of fluid in the brain), Calcarea carb is one of the best medicines.

Some children have swelling of the upper lip and nose and tend to bleed from the nose, especially those who tend to be fat.

These children chew and swallow in sleep. They crave indigestible things like chalk, charcoal, eggs, ice-creams, coal, and pencils. During diarrhea, they have increased appetite.

Dosage & Potency:

200C is the best and safest potency for children. One shouldn’t do repetition frequently.

20-Calcarea carb Antidotes

These are the following antidotes to Calcarea carb.



Nitric acid

Nux vomica


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