Natrum Muriaticum 30, 200, 6x: Uses, Dosage, Benefits & Side Effects

Natrum Muriaticum 30, 200, 6x Uses, Dosage, Benefits Side Effects

Natrum Muriaticum, commonly know as Natrum Mur, is prepared from common salt, i.e., chloride of sodium (NaCl). It is a polychrest, i.e., broad-spectrum Homoeopathy remedy that can treat a wide range of disorders in the human body.

Natrum Mur 30, 200, 1M, 6X is very common, beneficial, and regular prescriptions among Homoeopathic treatments.

It is a great remedy for certain types of intermittent fever, anemia, chlorosis, digestion, and skin disturbances.

It is seen that prolonged intake of excessive salt can cause profound nutritional changes in the body, such as swelling, dropsy, and changes in the blood, such as anemia and leucocytosis ( an increase in white blood cells ).

This remedy has the peculiar feature of having dryness in the mucous membranes.

It is of great use in thyroid-related disorders, especially hyperthyroidism.

So let’s explore the benefits of this extraordinary and useful homeopathic medicine. 

Natrum Muriaticum Constitution/Personality

The Natrum Muriaticum patient is lean, thin, and bony, having a long neck.

The emaciation is most notable in the neck. The patient has great liability to take cold.

He has a constrictive sensation throughout the body. Great weakness and weariness are the prominent features of this remedy.

The Natrum Mur patient is oversensitive to all sorts of influences.

The patient complains of great debility, especially weakness felt in the morning in the bed.

Natrum Muriaticum Mind Symptoms

Most of the Natrum Muriaticum patients have psychic causes of their diseases.

They suffer from illnesses caused by the ill effects of grief, fright, anger, etc.

Natrum Mur patient is depressed, particularly in the long-standing diseases.

One of the most important indications about this remedy is that whenever the patient is sad, angry, or weeping and someone tries to console them, their symptoms worsen.

Natrum Mur does not want to be consoled by anyone. He becomes irritable. The patient is awkward and always hasty.

The patient wants to be alone to cry. Tears with laughter is a feature of Natrum Mur.

Natrum Muriaticum Uses

I will take you through all the body parts from toe to head.

You can match the symptoms and when you feel these symptoms are matched then you can take Natrum Muriaticum

1-Head Complaints

Natrum Mur is a very useful remedy for head complaints. The headache is throbbing in nature.

The headaches like as if a thousand little hammers were knocking on the brain, in the morning waking up, after periods in women, and from sunrise to sunset.

It can effectively treat the headache of schoolgirls who are nervous and discouraged.

One can use it in chronic headache complaints occurring in one side of the head from sunrise to sunrise with a characteristic pale face, nausea, and vomiting.

The headache can be periodic. Natrum Mur is also useful in headaches occurring from eyestrain and menstruation.

The headache is relieved by sleep.

2-Eyes Complaints

The patient has weak and stiff eye muscles. The eyes are painful, burning, and bruised.

The patient tells as if the letters on the page run together.

He sees sparks, sometimes a fiery, zigzag appearance, around all objects.

The patient cannot read and write properly on account of his eye pain.

Natrum Mur is useful for swollen lids and tearful eyes.

One can use it as an infection of the tear gland where pus is formed.

3-Ears Complaints

Natrum Mur can treat ear problems such as ringing, roaring, and buzzing in the ear.

The patient can hear different noises in his ears.

One can use it to treat shooting and pulsating pain that occurs behind the ears.

4-Nose Complaints

Natrum Mur can treat violent, fluent running nose that last few days then change into stoppage of the nose and thus making the breathing difficult.

The character of discharge is thin and watery, like the raw white of egg.

The patient may have a loss of smell and taste. It is of great help in stopping a cold that starts with violent sneezing.

There is an internal soreness and dryness of the nose.

5-Face Complaints

The face of a Natrum Mur patient is oily, shiny, and greasy.

The patient has an earthy complexion.

This remedy can treat fever blisters very effectively when the symptoms match.

6-Mouth Complaints

The Natrum Mur patient has a frothy coating on the tongue.

One can use it to treat numbness and tingling of the tongue, lips, and nose. It is also a useful remedy for a blistered tongue with a sensation of hair on the tongue.

The eruptions around the mouth of the patient are like pearls.

This remedy can treat dry, cracked, and ulcerated corners of the mouth.

The Natrum Mur patient has a characteristic mapped tongue with a crack in the middle of the lower lip.

It can be used to effectively treat large, swollen, and burning blister or cyst on the lower lip.

7-Throat Complaints

Natrum Mur can treat difficulty in swallowing and feeling as if there is something stuck in the throat.

This can lead to swelling and stitching pain in the throat.

The patient constantly tries to swallow a lump in the throat.

There is much mucus hawking in the morning. Natrum Mur can easily treat these symptoms.

8-Chest and Respiratory Complaints

The patient experiences shortness of breath on going upstairs.

This remedy can treat stitching pains in the chest, especially when breathing in or coughing.

There is tightness and constrictive pain in the chest as if a dry wood of stick is present in the chest.

9-Heart Complaints

This remedy can benefit patients suffering from health issues due to increased heart rate.

The heart and chest feel constricted. The pulse is not regular.

The patient experiences a fluttering sensation about the heart.

The heart’s pulsations seem to shake the whole body.

The heart problems can increase on lying down.

10-Heart Complaints

This remedy can benefit patients suffering from health issues due to increased heart rate.

The heart and chest feel constricted. The pulse is not regular.

The patient experiences a fluttering sensation about the heart.

The heart’s pulsations seem to shake the whole body.

The heart problems can increase on lying down.

11-Stomach Complaints

Natrum Mur patient is hungry, but he loses flesh, i.e., lean, thin, and bony.

There is a burning sensation in the chest with increased heartbeats.

The patient is very thirsty, wants to drink water, but the thirst is not relieved.

The patient has sweats while eating.

One of the characteristic features is that the patient craves salt.

He likes salty food & drinks. The patient has an aversion to fatty food.

Sticking pains around the heart region can be treated with Natrum Mur when the symptoms match.

12-Abdominal Complaints

The patient complains of cutting pain in the abdomen.

The abdomen feels bloated and distended. There is a pain in the center of the abdomen on coughing.

Natrum Mur can treat chronic liver problems with pinching and shooting pain in the right upper part of the abdomen.

It can also help in cases of enlarged spleen.

The patient complains of cutting pains here and there in the abdomen with nausea relieved by the release of flatus.

The cause of abdominal upset can be mental depression and sadness.

13-Rectum Complaints

Natrum Mur is a useful remedy for burning and stitching pains that occur after stool.

The anus feels torn, contracted. There is bleeding from the rectum after stool.

This remedy can treat constipation when the stool is too dry.

The patient is worried and anxious due to his sufferings.

In the cases of diarrhea, Natrum Mur can be used if the stool is copious and painless, which is preceded by pinching pain in the abdomen.

14-Urinary Complaints

Natrum Mur can be very helpful to treat pain just after passing urine.

The urine passes involuntarily when walking and coughing.

There is a hesitation; the patient has to wait a long time to pass urine if others are present.

While urinating, the patient feels stitches, smarting, and burning pain in the passage of urine.

It can treat dark-colored, coffee-colored, or black urine occurring in nervous, weak, and depressed people.

The urge for urination is frequent; the patient wants to urinate day and night, sometimes every hour with large quantities of urine.

15-Male Organs Complaints

The patient suffers from itching, eruptions, and excoriation between the scrotum and thighs—the glans and scrotum itch with a stinging sensation.

The Natrum Mur patient may have dullness of sexual desire. It can treat emissions that occur even after coitus.

Natrum Mur can be very useful in cases of impotency with decreased emissions.

In some cases, there is a strong foul smell from genital organs.

16-Female Organs Complaints

Natrum Mur is a leading female remedy capable of treating many female problems with great results.

Natrum Mur can treat profuse quantity, irregular menses.

The female part is dry. This remedy can treat leucorrhoea when the character of the discharges is acrid and watery.

The patient may complain of pain in the lower abdomen region, which is worse in the morning.

Natrum Mur can treat cases of mild degree uterine prolapse with cutting pains in the passage of urine.

It can help in ineffectual labor pains and delivery.

Natrum Mur is a very useful remedy for the treatment of suppressed menses when the symptoms match.

17-Back Complaints

This remedy is of great help in aching and rigidity felt in the neck and back.

The patient has a painful neck stiffness with the pain extending to the back of the head.

Pain in the lower back that occurs during the night can be treated with this remedy.

The spine is oversensitive. The patient feels relieved when lying on something hard.

The symptoms are aggravated in the morning.

A characteristic indication for the selection of Natrum Mur is that the patient has pain in the back with a desire for some firm support.

18-Hands Complaints

Natrum Mur can treat various complaints of hands if the patient’s personality matches the personality of this remedy.

Slight movement increases the circulation. Palms of the hands are hot and perspiring.

This is a great remedy for curing dryness and cracking about fingernails.

Arms feel weak and tired. Tingling and weakness in the hands can be relieved by this remedy.

Hands tremble while writing. The patient may experience heaviness of arms.

Pains in the shoulder joint as if injured. These symptoms can be relieved by using Natrum Mur.

19-Legs Complaints

This remedy can treat weak knees. The patient complains of numbness and tingling in the legs.

The ankles are weak and turn easily on walking—a great remedy for the painful contraction of the hamstring muscles.

The joints produce a crackling sound on the motion. The legs feel weak and cold.

The patient says that his legs feel heavy and tired as if paralyzed.

20-Skin Complaints

It is a great remedy for skin ailments in Homoeopathy. The akin is greasy, oily, especially on hairy parts of the body.

It can easily treat dry eruptions on the margin of the hairy scalp and bends of joints.

Natrum Mur can treat fever blisters with great results. One can use it for urticaria eruptions that itch and burn.

Crusty eruptions in the bends of joints, behind ears, can be cured with Natrum Mur.

The patient may have warts on the palms of hands. Eczematous eruptions that are raw, red, and inflamed can be relieved by Natrum Mur.

The symptoms of Natrum Mur are worse by eating salt and at the seashore.

One can also use this remedy to treat baldness when the mental symptoms match. The patient may develop itchy hives (eruptions) after exertion.

21-Fever Complaints

Hot knees and cold nose is a typical symptom seen in Ignatia fever.

During the heat stage, the lady will show aversion to uncovering the body.

She will have no thirst even though she is burning up.

The sweating stage comes on after eating. Sweat is seen in small spots over the face.

During the chill stage, the look is flushed red. The whole body shivers and the lady will be extremely thirsty.

Natrum Muriaticum Modalities

Modalities are the factors which, increase or decrease the complaints in a patient.

They are categorized as aggravating factors and amelioration factors.

Aggravating factors make the condition of the illness worst, while the amelioration factor makes the condition of the disease better.

It can be time, any part of the day, season, position, or any applications, etc.

Aggravated By

The conditions or factors that aggravate or worsen the symptoms and sufferings of the Natrum Mur are



Warm room

Lying down about 10 am.

At seashore

Any mental exertion




Amelioration By– 


Cold bathing

Going without regular meals

Lying on right side

Tight clothing

Pressure on the back

Natrum Muriaticum Relationship with Other Medicines

In Homoeopathy, the medicinal actions of a drug can be influenced by other Homoeopathic drugs such as medicines that can complement, antidote, follow each other.

Complementary Medicines: Apis Mellifica, Sepia, Ignatia.

It Antidotes: Apis Mellifica, Argentum Nitricum, Quinine (Cinchona)

It is antidoted by: Arsenic Album, Phosphorus, Nitri Spiritus Dulcis, Camphora

Followed well by Sepia, Thuja

Follow well: Apis Mellifica

Natrum Muriaticum Dosage & Potency

Homeopathic medicines are prescribed based on the similarity of the symptoms. The symptoms presented by the patient are matched with the symptoms of the remedy.

Depending on the extent of symptom similarity, the potency and repetition are decided. The more significant number of symptoms that match, the higher is the potency used.

Similarly, if a smaller number of symptoms match the remedy, then a lower potency is used.

Other than this, one major factor in deciding the dosage and repetition is peculiar and rare symptoms. These are the seemingly irrelevant symptoms to the pathology, and they appear to have no relevance to the case whatsoever.

Indeed, these are the ones that, more often than not, maybe dismissed as a joke and not taken seriously. But these are the ones that define the person.

These symptoms are the ones vital to a homeopathic prescription as they are the ones that help us understand the person suffering from the disease.

So more the number of these peculiar and rare symptoms higher should be the dose used, and lesser should be the repetition.

Homeopathic remedies are powerful and profound acting. They have to be prescribed with utmost care and judiciousness.

Natrum Mur 30C Uses

Natrum Mur 30C is considered a mild dose. It can be used to effectively treat skin conditions such as itching, eruptions, etc. One can give it to children as well.

Natrum Mur 30C dosage should be four pills or drops thrice daily till improvement occurs.

Natrum Mur 200C Uses

Natrum Mur 200C is considered a moderate dose. One can use it in young adults and older adults. One can treat eye, ears, mouth, abdomen, male and female-related complaints, etc.

Natrum Mur 200C dosage should be four pills or drops twice daily for 15-20 days.

Natrum Mur 1M Uses

Natrum Mur 1M is considered a high dose. It should only be used when the symptoms match mentally as well as physically or under medical supervision. One can use it to treat difficult chronic diseases.

Natrum Mur 1M dosage should be four pills or drops once every 15 days. If there is a need to repeat the dose frequently, then Natrum Mur 1M can be repeated at an interval of not less than three days.

Natrum Mur 6X Uses

Natrum Mur in 6x potency i.e. bio-chemic tablets can be used to treat various conditions such as anemia. It helps boost energy and relieve exhaustion. It is also used for complaints, for example, toothache, diabetes, thyroid gland disorders, etc.

In 6x potency, Natrum Mur can help to reduce swelling and edema. It is also beneficial in local application on insect bites and eruptions as it can relieve itching, redness, and swelling.

The ideal dose for Natrum Mur in 6x potency is 4 tablets thrice daily for a month. For local application, 3-4 tablets should be crushed and mixed with water and it can be applied to the skin.

Natrum Muriaticum Side Effects

In Homoeopathy, the medicines are prepared so that they do not create any side effects.

Using an unnecessarily high dose of Natrum Mur in too frequent repetition can produce remedy symptoms in the human body. This process is called Homoeopathic drug proving.

Therefore, this remedy should only be used when confirmed or under medical supervision. But this happens rarely.

Let’s explore the side effects that can occur due to unnecessary heavy doses.

Feeling of heat.

Burning lower abdominal pain.


Chest pain


Numbness in fingertips

Increased sweat

Sudden thirst etc.

These are few side effects rarely produced as the dose in Homoeopathy is always adjusted to minimum quantity. The doses are also recommended in such a way that One can minimize any adverse effects.

You can use Natrum Mur for your ailments if the symptoms explained match your symptoms, and the symptoms will surely improve.

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