Coffea Cruda 30, 200, 1M: Uses, Dosage, Benefits & Side Effects

COFFEA CRUDA 30, 200 - Uses, Dosage, Benefits Side Effects

Coffea Cruda is an excellent homeopathic medicine that has various health benefits. Coffea Cruda 200 & Coffea Cruda 30 are the most used form of this homeopathic medicine.

Popular legend has it that coffee was discovered by a shepherd whose goats refused to sleep at night after eating the beans from a specific plant.

The shepherd later boiled some of the beans and drank the concoction when he had to stay awake during late-night sermons and masses at the church.

Thus was born coffee.

Homeopathy makes use of these beautiful beans too. Coffea cruda is a medicine prepared from coffee beans and is one of the most valued medicines in homeopathy.

This article will cover Coffea Cruda uses, benefits, dosage & side effects in detail.

So let’s get started –

What is Coffea Cruda

Coffea Cruda is prepared from coffee beans. But unlike coffee, the beans are not roasted to prepare the medicine. Due to this, homeopathic medicine has the exact opposite benefits of what coffee, the drink, has.

Caffeine remains the main active ingredient. As seen from excessive coffee consumption, the effects of caffeine are the symptoms that Coffea cruda is used to treat.

Amongst its innumerable uses, the most favorite use of Coffea cruda among homeopaths is its use as an antidote. Coffea cruda is a perfect antidote to almost every single homeopathic medicine.

Indeed, in cases of aggravation of symptoms due to homeopathic remedies, don’t be too surprised if your doctor advises you to take a cup of strong coffee!

Coffea Cruda Personality

Coffea Cruda is suited to people who are tall and robust, and well-built. They are typically Type A people.

There is an inherent restless in them, both at the mind as well as in the body. They are go-getters and achievers.

They are constantly stimulated and driven to achieve the goals they set for themselves. They are always up and about and on their toes.

On the other end of the spectrum, Coffea cruda is also suited to weak people, drained out and lethargic with no energy left in them to do anything.

They personify the ‘burn-out cases well. Their mind and body become numb, and nothing can stimulate them into action.

Coffea Cruda Uses

I will take you through all the body parts from toe to head.

You can match the symptoms and when you feel these symptoms are matched then you can take Coffea cruda – 

1-Mind Complaints

Coffea cruda is best described in one word, ‘excitement.’

Coffea stimulates the mind and makes the person extraordinarily hyper and full of energy. He is a very chirpy and happy person, full of ideas and lots of innovative ways to implement them.

He hops about excitedly while talking. Indeed, his enthusiasm is infectious and catches everyone eventually.

The coffea person’s mind is like a sponge that absorbs everything quickly. Impressionable is what the stalwarts of homeopathy use to describe this quality of the Coffea person.

When all this is taken to the extreme, the coffea person will come across to you as a workaholic.

A highly driven person who relentlessly pushes others to do the same. He becomes anxious and tosses and turns in his bed at night if all the ideas in his chaotic mind are not put into action.

His mind is in turmoil, and he is always anxious. He turns into a person who weeps over trifles and laments over them. He is frightened easily, especially by pleasant surprises.

2-Head Complaints

Coffea Cruda personalities are prone to headaches due to their inherent nature.

Too many ideas taking up all the space in his head lead to a headache that they will characteristically describe as ‘my head feels so heavy and painful, it is as if a nail has been driven into my head and my brain has splattered pieces.’

Coffea cruda is well suited to semi-lateral cephalgia as if one drove a nail into the parietal bone. He will tell you that he feels as if his vertex is cracking when he is sitting quietly and that he can hear it.

The head feels heavy as if all the blood has rushed to the head. This heaviness of the head is felt more so while having a conversation or while

The slightest noise and bright light aggravate the headache. Stimulants like caffeine, tobacco, and narcotics which were once substances that gave him respite, now only serve to aggravate his headache.

3-Eyes Complaints

The eyes of the coffea person are bright and lovely. You can tell from his eye how excited he is.

When his eyes are red and have bags under them, it is a tell-tale sign that the person is finally exhausted.

The characteristic symptom of coffea cruda is vision. He has a prominent sight. He can read tiny letters very clearly.

4-Ears Complaints

The ears are susceptible to noise. All the sounds are amplified several times over.

The slightest noise is heard very loudly, and that aggravates all his aches and pains.

Music especially is highly intolerable.

5-Nose Complaints

The sense of smell is heightened in Coffea Cruda. The person can pick up even the faintest of smell.

During a headache, there is bleeding from the nose; the blood is bright red. The head feels very heavy during epistaxis.

6-Face Complaints

The face is dehydrated and hot to touch. The cheeks appear bright red and are hot to touch.

The entire surface of the face, right from the jaws to the scalp line, even extending further into the scalp, is painful.

The pain originates from the decayed tooth, especially the molar tooth.

7-Mouth Complaints

The person will typically tell you that he has the taste of sweet almonds in his mouth.

Sometimes it may be the taste of hazelnuts too. This is characteristic of coffea cruda.

On examination, you will see that his tongue is dry, and his mouth has a foul odor due to the rotting and decayed teeth.

Teeth Problems-

Coffea acts wonderfully for neuralgic pains that originate from a decayed or carried tooth.

The keynote symptom in coffea cruda is ‘toothache that is temporarily relieved by holding ice-cold water in the mouth.’

The pain is aggravated by anything touching his tooth, so he eats and drinks everything in haste.

Hasty eating and drinking due to toothache is another well-known keynote of coffea. The neuralgic pain associated with toothache travel all over the face.

8-Throat Complaints

The person has a severe sore throat. Excruciating swelling. Inability to swallow solids and even liquids.

Pain in the palate felt acutely while swallowing.

9-Chest and Respiratory Complaints

The person complains of a tickling sensation in the larynx that induces cough.

The cough is short and jerky. The breathing is labored.

He takes quick and short gasps of air while inhaling. The chest heaves visible while he breathes.

There are suffocative breaths, especially at night.

10-Heart Complaints

There are violent palpitations. The entire hand trembles due to the increased palpitation.

Increase in a heartbeat after hearing a sudden exciting or shocking news.

The pulse is rapid and irregular. The heart is in a constant state of activeness due to abuse of stimulants.

11-Stomach Complaints

Coffea cruda is well-suited to gastric disturbances happening due to improper eating habits.

The person cannot tolerate oily, greasy, and spicy food. Fast foods like pizza and burgers don’t go down well. Stimulants like coffee and alcohol too tend to cause stomach upsets.

Despite this, there is excessive hunger in the person, and he is constantly looking to eat or drink something or the other.

He cannot bear any tight clothing around his abdomen.

Thirst is increased, especially at night. He wakes up thirsty often and can go back to sleep only after he has had a glass of cold water to drink.

12-Abdominal Complaints

The solar plexus is a prominent seat of affection in coffea cruda.

The person will tell you that you can feel the anxiety and fear in the pit of the stomach. There is a pain in the abdomen as if from overloading.

He feels that his abdomen will soon burst and all the contents will fly out; that much is the over-full feeling.

He cannot even bear tight clothing around his abdomen. There are cramps in the stomach, and the pains shoot upwards.

This is due to the incarcerated gas inside the abdomen. Women tend to suffer from anxiety and despair due to the abdominal pain caused by the gas.

13-Rectum Complaints

Coffea is best suited to involuntary diarrhea due to loss of control of the sphincter ani. This kind of painless diarrhea is typically seen in older adults.

Years of abuse of stimulants like coffee leads to a paralytic state of the rectum. The stools are soft and are expelled quickly, but he has to keep rushing to the bathroom frequently. The stools smell very bad, like rotten eggs.

Coffea is also an excellent remedy for dentitional diarrhea. The pain is eased by eating ice-creams and sucking on popsicles. It helps more if the child is malnourished and anemic.

Diarrhea brought on by fright, sudden emotions, surprises is also well-treated by Coffea cruda. Coffea is a remedy for diarrhea in homemakers.

These women are so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work, and they cannot cope with the demands of being a housewife. The anxiety caused by this stress leads to diarrhea in these women.

14-Urinary Complaints

Evacuation of too much urine at night- this is a characteristic keynote of Coffea.

This is attributed to the excessive consumption of caffeine in the Coffea Cruda person.

Caffeine acts as an irritant to the urinary tract producing large quantities of urine at night.

15-Male Organs Complaints

Overuse of male parts leading to their exhaustion is found in Coffea.

There is a strong urge to indulge in intimate activities. But the male organs do not co-operate. The male organ remains flaccid.

There is failure to ejaculate, and sometimes there are pre-mature ejaculations.

Complaints of anxiety and despair arise from failure to perform sexually.

16-Female Organs Complaints

The woman suffers from terrible itching of the genitals. There is a lot of white discharge, which further adds to the itching.

The menses arrives too early and lasts for too long; a clinical condition called metrorrhagia.

Menstruation is seen with bright red blood and large black clots. The female region is highly sore and hot to touch. The entire region shows hyperaesthesia.

She cannot even wear a pad during menses; even the touch of the pad is insufferable. Coition is next to impossible due to such an elevated level of sensitiveness and pain.

Coffea cruda is a perfect remedy for uterine bleeding and uterine prolapse.

Labor pains are severely unbearable and last too long. The pains are so intense that they make the woman hysterical.

She cries out in pain, hears noises, and sees visions in her delirious state. The slightest noise aggravates her condition. She begs everyone around her to keep still and not move at all.

Sudden excitement during pregnancy carries the threat of a miscarriage.

17-Hands & Legs Complaints

Coffea is a good remedy for crural neuralgia and sciatica, which is worse by motion and better by hard pressure.

The hands appear weak and are always trembling.

The tremble is more apparent when the person is trying to grasp something or hold something tightly. The fingers are in a permanent state of contraction.

Trembling is also seen in the feet. The cramps in the legs are very characteristic in coffea cruda.

Cramps in the calf muscles are felt when the person bends the knees. While bending the foot in the instep, the entire sole gets cramped.

18-Skin Complaints

The sudden appearance of rashes with no apparent cause is highly characteristic of Coffea cruda.

Such a symptom is seen commonly in regular coffee drinkers who cannot go a day without their daily dose of caffeine.

The rashes appear suddenly and have no particular affinity to any part of the body. They sprout suddenly anywhere on the body.

The affected part is bright red, extremely sensitive, and very very hot. The sensitivity is so severe that the person cannot beat to have the part covered.

Motion increases the pain. You will also meet the doctor walking towards the patient to examine the rash with resistance, so much is the intolerability of motion.

The person cannot bear to be touched. “oh no, doctor, stay away and don’t touch my rash’. If this is what the doctor hears, he need not think twice before giving a dose of coffea cruda.


The fever state sees the patient tell you that he is exceptionally chilly. But upon touch you wills ee that he is burning up.

The body is scorching to touch, except the face, which is covered with sweat.

During the heat stage, the person will reach a stage of delirium; He starts seeing things and hearing noises.

During the night, he will wake up several times to pass copious amounts of urine. There is an increase in his thirst, too, especially at night.

All parts of the body are susceptible to touch. He cannot bear any clothing on himself even though he says he is chilly.

He cannot beat any motion. He requests everyone to be still and not move around while he has a fever.

The Coffea Cruda Child

The coffea child is very emaciated-looking. He is malnourished and anemic.

A detailed history will reveal that there was some form of excitement suffered by the mother during labor or confinement that led to early labor pains and eventual drying up of breast milk.

The child has a weak digestive system that is unable to absorb the nutrients.

Coffea cruda is a beautiful remedy for complaints during the dentitional period. There is a painful eruption of teeth along with fever and diarrhea.

The pain in the erupting teeth is better by sucking on ice popsicles or by eating ice cream.

Chickenpox and measles during childhood are well-treated by coffea cruda. The rash is very severe, making the affected part extremely sensitive to touch.

Mentally, the child is like a sponge that absorbs everything. ‘Unusual activity of the mind’ would be the ideal way to describe the coffea child.

He is brimming with ideas and eager to put them into action. He is restless and always on his toes. He has a heightened sense of smell and vision.

He can read fine prints with great ease, and even the faintest of smell is picked up well by him.

Coffea Cruda Modalities

Modalities are the factors which, increase or decrease the complaints in a patient.

They are categorized as aggravating factors and amelioration factors.

Aggravating factors make the condition of the illness worst, while the amelioration factor makes the condition of the disease better.

It can be time, any part of the day, season, position, or any applications, etc.

Aggravated By

Touch motion, tight clothes, excessive emotions, sudden surprises or shock, nighttime, strong odors, stimulants like coffee, alcohol, and narcotic drugs.

Amelioration By– 

Hard pressure, holding ice-cold water in the mouth, lying down, warmth.

Coffea Cruda Relationship with Other Medicines

Complementary medicine

Antidoted By

It Antidotes

Coffea Cruda, along with Camphor, is the best-suited antidote to almost all homeopathic remedies.

Incompatible Medicines

  • Camphor

  • Cocculus Indicus

Coffea Cruda Dosage, Potency and Repetition

30C Dosage – This is an ideal dosage for complaints that are acute and are pathologically diagnosed. Frequent repetition is advised.

200C Dosage– 200 C is an ideal dose when a homeopathic totality with lots of keynote and characteristic symptoms is achieved.

Repetition should be guarded. Once a day or twice a day, repetition is ideal. It is advisable to stop the medicine when the symptoms subside or if they show signs of reappearing.

1M Dosage – 1M is usually used in cases where there is a complete match between the symptoms of the patient and the characteristics of the remedy. A constitutional prescription calls for a dose of 1M.

At such a high dose, repetition is best avoided. A single dose of the remedy should be administered, and the patient has to be advised to wait and watch the course of action of the remedy.

Coffea Cruda Side Effects

Homeopathic medicines are considered to be highly safe and gentle. They are known not to cause any side effects. Sometimes it so happens that the medicine has been repeated more than what was necessary.

This causes all the symptoms to reappear in a similar or even more aggravated format.

In such rare cases, the homeopath will advise you to either stop taking medicine, or he will use an antidote remedy to nullify the effects of the medicine taken.

When you take coffea cruda as an indicated remedy for your condition, keep a lookout for the following symptoms. Stop the medicine if you find any or all of these.

1. Insomnia

2. Nervousness and restlessness

3. Stomach upsets like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea

4. Sudden appearance of skin rashes


6. Increased sweating

7. Excessive sleepiness.

8. Unusual increase in the frequency of urination.

9. Rapid breathing or breathlessness

10.Headache with anxiety, sweating, and palpitations.

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