Homeopathic Remedies For Vertigo: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Homeopathic Remedies For Vertigo

This article will cover the Best homeopathic remedies for vertigo, its symptoms, causes, risk factors, cure, management & complete treatment.

Vertigo is feeling off-balance. A sensation in which the things in the surrounding seem to be spinning, or you may feel that you are spinning, which is not the reality.

You may fall or become dizzy or even unconscious. You may not be able to walk or stand while having Vertigo.

Dizziness and spinning can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and a feeling of fullness in the ears.

Types Of Vertigo

There are two different types of Vertigo – Peripheral Vertigo and Central Vertigo.

A. Peripheral Vertigo:

This is the most common type of Vertigo that occurs due to specific problems in your inner ear.

The inner ear is associated with maintaining the body’s balance. It happens due to an infection or trauma of the inner ear.

The common symptoms associated with this type of Vertigo are pain and feeling of fullness in the ear, along with dizziness, spinning, nausea, and vomiting.

B. Central Vertigo:

Central Vertigo is caused due to injuries in the brain or certain brain diseases.

Central Vertigo comes without any warning or signs and persists somewhat longer than peripheral Vertigo.

The dizziness attacks are highly intense and make you may have to take support to stand up and walk after having Vertigo.

For example, certain diseases, such as migraines or brain tumors, are associated with this type of Vertigo. The spell or episode of dizziness may last from few minutes to hours.

Causes Of Vertigo

A . Inner Ear Troubles:

Troubles in the inner ear most commonly cause Vertigo. The inner ear regulates the body posture by determining the gravity and thereby maintaining the to and fro motions with the help of sensors present in the inner ear.

The various components of the body, such as the eyes, sensory nerves, and ear, perform to maintain balance. Eyes help determine the surroundings and look at the obstacles in the path.

The sensory nerves send signals to the brain about how to coordinate the body’s movements, and the inner ear determines gravity. It adjusts the body for proper balance while standing or walking.

If any problems occur in the inner ear, such as trauma or infection, then the information sent from the inner ear to the brain is not synchronized with the brain’s information from the eyes and sensory nerves; this causes disbalance and dizziness. And give rise to the sensation of Vertigo.

Certain ear diseases are also responsible for Vertigo such as LABYRINTHITIS, i.e., a viral infection in the ear that occurs after flu or the common cold, MENIERE’S DISEASE, which affects one ear usually involves ringing and buzzing in the ear, hearing loss, and feeling of fullness in the ear with nausea.

B. Circulatory disturbances:

Many people suffer from Vertigo due to an insufficient supply of blood to their brains. The proper amount of blood supply is necessary for the brain to function reasonably.

Fluctuations in blood pressure may result in dizziness. Sometimes a sudden change of position, for example, standing or sitting suddenly, may lower the systolic blood pressure, which results in Vertigo.

Similarly, people who suffer from certain heart diseases such as heart attack, irregular heartbeat, cardiomyopathy, etc., are at higher risk of developing Vertigo as their heart is not sufficiently supplying the blood to the brain, resulting in spells of dizziness.

C. Neurological Troubles:

Many cases of Vertigo are found to be associated with problems in the nervous system. One such disease is BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional Vertigo); if you had a head injury or old age, Vertigo occurs during the sudden and rapid movement of the head.

Another disease is Migraine, you must have heard about Migraine as it has become a prevalent problem these days. People having Migraines may develop dizziness with or without headache.

For example, some other severe conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease and Multiple sclerosis, are also known to cause Vertigo.

D. Some Other Causes:

Certain drugs

Some medicines like antidepressants, tranquilizers, seizure controlling medicines. These medicines may cause changes in normal body functioning and induce Vertigo.

Panic disorders

Anxiety disorders, specific fears such as fear of heights, fear of closed places, etc.


Less water intake, especially in the summer season, may cause a sensation of dizziness and fainting.


Low iron in the body, i.e., anemia, will lead to weakness that can cause Vertigo.

Symptoms Of Vertigo

Dizziness can be explained as spinning, unbalanced feeling, swaying, unsteady and faint feeling.

You may feel like the surrounding you are in is moving around. This feeling may remain for few seconds to hours. It can keep recurring for several days.

For example, a sudden change in position, standing abruptly from a lying position or sitting position, may cause dizziness in your head.

You will have to sit for some time to regain the balance, or you may have to take the help of something or someone to stand and walk.

This is more commonly found in the old age group than younger people.

You may also feel nausea, vomiting, sweating, temporary hearing loss, and ringing or buzzing in the ears.

Sometimes pupil in the eye is stuck on one side or moves continuously during an attack of Vertigo.

If you face dizziness and some symptoms such as chest pain, severe headache, irregular heartbeat, double vision, vomiting, or fits, it is a medical emergency condition.

You should immediately seek medical help and consult your doctor for proper treatment.

Risk Factors For Vertigo

A. Previous History Of Vertigo

If you have experienced Vertigo, dizziness, and spinning-like symptoms earlier, then you may suffer from recurring Vertigo.

B. Old Age Group

People in old age suffer from different conditions which make the body weak and feeble. Also, some disease develops with old age, for example, diabetes, blood pressure problems, etc. which may become risk factors for Vertigo.

C. Certain Ear And Eye Diseases

Vertigo is closely associated with ear and eye troubles. If you have any eye and ear diseases, you are at higher risk of developing this.

D. Bad Eating Habits

Some people tend to ignore meals and have late meals. Mainly the younger generation stays up late at night and also wakes up late.

This disturbs their food and nutrition cycle, which leads to a weak body, low nutritional value. It can develop anemia and other nutritional disturbances and dizziness, and faintness.

Diagnosis Of Vertigo

If you go to your doctor and tell your symptoms of spinning and dizziness, then he will ask you to perform a few physical examinations to confirm if you have the problem of Vertigo or not.

He will check if how you maintain your balance and posture. He will also check if your nerves of the central nervous system work properly or not.

A. Rotatory Chair Testing

In this test, you will have to sit on a computer-based chair that moves in a full circle at a slow speed, and the computer records the measurement of eye movements.

B. Posturography

In this test, you will stand barefoot on a platform and maintain balance under different conditions. This will give an idea that which part of your balance system is affected and causing Vertigo.

C. Evaluation Of Head And Eye Movements

These examinations determine how your body reacts to sudden movements of the eye and head and how it is associated with Vertigo.

D. CT Scan And MRI

Your doctor may advise you for CT Scan and MRI to detect the details if you have any brain-associated clinical conditions or in any other critical illness.

Management Of Vertigo

You should be extra cautious if you have recurrent vertigo attacks. Here are some tips that you can follow to speed up your recovery rate and avoid any worse situation.

You should avoid reading in moving vehicles such as buses, auto, car, or planes.

Try to avoid going to places where there is loud music if you have sensitive ears.

Avoid looking at bright and shiny light-emitting objects that can impact your eyes and make you dizzy.

Maintain a routine and eat at regular intervals to avoid weakness and faintness. It is seen that those who skip their breakfast have greater chances of fainting while doing work.

If you have blood pressure fluctuation problems or if you have diabetes, then try to have medicines at proper timings. Avoid any food that can trigger dizziness; for example, high sugar content must be avoided by diabetic patients.

If you have a migraine, then take the necessary steps to minimize the risk of Vertigo, such as avoiding stepping out in hot sunlight, not getting close to loud noise, etc.

These days where everything has come up on the internet and people are continuously working on phones and laptops; One should take measures to prevent eye problems that can lead to headaches and Vertigo.

Homeopathic Remedies For Vertigo

Homeopathy is wonderfully capable of treating vertigo problems. homeopathy is considered the safest mode of treatment with faster recovery and helps prevent a recurrence.

So, let’s start discussing the most effective Homoeopathic remedies for Vertigo.

1.BELLADONNA: For Acute And Sudden Attacks Of Vertigo


Belladonna is a top-grade Homoeopathic remedy for dizziness and spinning.

If you feel that you are falling to your left side or feeling like you are falling backward while experiencing Vertigo, then belladonna is the correct remedy.

The people who need belladonna have an energetic and enthusiastic personality. Vertigo comes with a throbbing headache, i.e., the whole head feels like shaking internally.

Vertigo becomes worse in light and noisy places. Forehead becomes heavy, and you become dizzy, and you may fall to your left side backward.

Potency And Dosage:

You can use belladonna in 1M potency once daily for 15 days to one month, or you can use belladonna in 200ch potency twice daily till improvement occurs.

In children, use belladonna in 30ch potency once daily till improvement occurs.


2.GELSEMIUM: For Vertigo With Weakness And Heaviness


Gelsemium is known to cure cases of Vertigo very efficiently. The main symptom is a feeling of heaviness in the head and eyelids.

Headache is mostly worse in the back of the head. If you have Vertigo with ear troubles, then this remedy can relieve your suffering.

There is a pain in the ear. Extreme weakness and lethargy and pain extending to the shoulders and neck region.

Dizziness remains all day long, and you can faint while doing some heavy task or at exertion. If you want to stay quiet and remain alone due to your suffering, then gelsemium is the right choice for you.

Potency And Dosage:

You can use gelsemium in 1M potency once daily for 30 days. Gelsemium in 200ch potency can be used twice or thrice daily till improvement occurs.

3.COCCULUS INDICUS: For Vertigo With Sudden Change Of Position And Travelling


Vertigo, especially while traveling, can be easily treated by cocculus indicus.

While riding and sitting up, if you feel nauseous and dizzy, you can cure these symptoms with this beautiful healing agent of Homoeopathy.

Vertigo comes with headaches with extreme pain in the eyes and neck. You will feel like your head is shaking, and you are fainting slowly.

Traveling by bus, car, and the train becomes terrible for you due to your vertigo complaints. This remedy is also helpful for vertigo complaints occurring in people who have fits or similar conditions.

Potency And Dosage:

You can use cocculus indicus in 200ch potency twice daily till improvement occurs. You can use cocculus indicus in 30ch potency thrice daily for few months.

4.BRYONIA ALBA: For Vertigo Worse By Change In Position


Bryonia is a very well-known remedy for the treatment of Vertigo which occurs due to a change in position.

While standing suddenly from a lying down or sitting position, you may feel dizzy. You can feel nausea with dizziness.

Vertigo accompanies headache, and the character of headache is like someone is hammering your head.

You may feel like a bursting or splitting sensation in your head. Vertigo becomes worse while stopping and moving the eyeballs.

Dizziness will be relieved by rest in the people who require Bryonia alba for Vertigo.

Potency And Dosage:

You can use Bryonia alba in 1M potency once daily for 15 days. You can use Bryonia alba in 200ch potency twice or thrice daily till improvement occurs.

5.CHINA: For Anaemic Persons Suffering From Vertigo


China is a valuable remedy for the cases of Vertigo occurring in weak, anemic, and exhausted people who lack energy.

One of the characteristic symptoms is Vertigo comes when walking. You may feel pressure in the head and eyes. Bright illusions or black spots before eyes and then become dizzy.

China is an excellent remedy for Vertigo due to ear complaints, for example, ringing and buzzing in the ear followed by dizziness.

If you feel better and relaxed in the open air, then china is the best remedy for your vertigo complaints.

Potency And Dosage:

You can use china in Q potency, i.e., mother tincture form, ten drops thrice daily in one-fourth cup of normal water till improvement occurs. You can also use it in 1M potency once daily till improvement occurs.

6.CONIUM MACULATUM: For Vertigo Worse By Movements of The Head


Conium maculatum is a popular Homoeopathic remedy known to cure complex cases of Vertigo.

If you feel dizzy while lying in bed and turning the head sidewise or taking a turn in bed, or turning the eyeballs, this will benefit you from this remedy.

Your Vertigo will become worse in noise or by continuous conversations. You may feel that your falling towards your left side.

Headache, nausea, and vomiting may occur alongside. Your Vertigo may have eye troubles as the underlying cause. This remedy is also suitable for curing Vertigo occurring in the old age group.

Potency And Dosage:

You can use conium maculatum in 200ch potency twice daily till improvement occurs. You can also use this remedy in 30ch potency thrice daily till improvement occurs.

7.PULSATILLA: Vertigo In Women With Menstrual Complaints


Suppose you have any complaints associated with periods, for example. In that case, irregularities, pains, problems with heavy or scanty flow, and you also experience Vertigo which is better by open-air, then this remedy is for you.

Pulsatilla is prominently a female remedy, but it has shown excellent results in men also. The chief symptom is Vertigo getting better by open air.

Suppressed and delayed menses causing nausea, one can treat headache and Vertigo with this remedy. It is also a beneficial remedy for people suffering from vertigo and ear troubles at the same time.

Potency And Dosage:

You can use Pulsatilla in 1M potency once daily till improvement occurs. You can also use Pulsatilla in 30ch potency thrice daily till improvement occurs.

8.CYCLAMEN EUROPAEUM: For Vertigo With Spinning Sensation


If you feel like things around you are revolving and spinning, you can use this cyclamen europaeum remedy to show excellent results in these symptoms.

You feel dizzy and don’t want to step outside the room as it makes your Vertigo worse.

Vertigo is associated with eye troubles such as double vision and flickering of different colors before successfully treating eyes with this remedy.

You may feel nauseous and exhausted. If you have anemia and lack of bodily energy, then you can use cyclamen europaeum.

Potency And Dosage:

You can use cyclamen europaeum in 200ch potency twice daily for a month. You can also use it in 30ch potency thrice daily till improvement occurs.

9.CHENOPODIUM ANTHELMINTICUM: For Sudden Vertigo With Ear Troubles


Chenopodium is a beneficial remedy for people suffering from Vertigo which is caused by ear diseases.

The nerves which are responsible for proper hearing are affected. You may hear a ringing and buzzing sound in your ears.

People with a history of fits and seizures, which are now suffering from Vertigo, can be benefited from this excellent remedy.

You may feel sharp pains in the ear or a feeling of fullness in the ears, followed by dizziness and spinning sensations. The sudden and abrupt change in the position may lead to Vertigo.

Potency And Dosage:

You can use Chenopodium in 30ch potency thrice daily till improvement occurs.

10.PHOSPHORUS: For Vertigo Of Old Age Group


It is a helpful remedy for vertigo complaints in old age people. Mainly the dizziness occurs after rising from any sitting or lying down position.

The head feels heavy and congested. Vertigo accompanies faintness.

Hearing is complex, and you may also suffer from many eye troubles, for example, double vision, hallucinations of light, etc. If you have any of these symptoms, then phosphorus is the best remedy for you.

Potency And Dosage:

You can use phosphorus in 200ch potency once daily till improvement occurs.

11.ARNICA: For Chronic Spinning Vertigo


Arnica is an essential Homoeopathic remedy, and it falls under the category of most popular and beneficial remedies in Homoeopathy.

It is helpful in the treatment of people suffering from ling standing Vertigo. The objects in the surrounding seem to whirl around especially walking.

You may feel dizzy every time you close the eye. It may result from past traumas in the brain. You may feel dizzy while seeing moving pictures also. If you have any of these symptoms, then Arnica is an excellent choice for you.

Potency And Dosage:

You can use Arnica in 1M potency once daily till improvement occurs. And you can also use Arnica in 200ch potency thrice daily till improvement occurs.

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