Hypericum Perforatum 30, 200: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Hypericum Perforatum Homeopathy Uses, Benefits Side Effects

Hypericum Perforatum is powerful homeopathic medicine. Hypericum Perforatum 200 & Hypericum Perforatum 30 are the most used form of this homeopathic medicine.

It is an outstanding medicine for the treatment of all sorts of injuries to the nerves, especially of the toes, nails, fingers, etc.

It is also beneficial in treating ulcers and piles and an excellent remedy to be considered for the pains which emerge after surgical operations (due to damage to nerves in the wound).

It is said that it even overtakes the action of morphine in alleviating the pain.

It also acts as tetanus after injury and helps in preventing lockjaw.

Hypericum is a very helpful medicine for mental and physical exhaustion accompanied by headaches, irritability, and brain fag.

This article will cover Hypericum Perforatum uses, benefits, side effects & dosage, etc

So let me take you through the details of Hypericum Perforatum

What is Hypericum Perforatum

Hypericum originated from the Greek name for the plant HYPERIKON. ‘Hyper’ means over, and ‘eikon’ means image or apparition, which means that plants can ward off evil spirits.

Hypericum perforatum is also known as ST. JOHN’S WORT. It is so-called because it flowers, blossoms and is harvested in summer in late June at ST. JOHNS feast. It’s a plant with yellow star-shaped flowers.

Since the 16th century, it has been used in the medicinal field to treat wounds and alleviate pain. Paracelsus had recommended its use in treating depression.

And from then, others have used it in treating sores, cuts, minor burns, and abrasions involving nerve damage. You also used it in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, water retention, and gastritis.

Hypericin and hyperforin are the two active principles of the plant which play a significant role. Hypericin regulates dopamine levels and seems to be having antidepressant properties.

At the same time, hyperforin is a potent inhibitor of serotonin, dopamine, noradrenaline, GABA at the synaptic cleft. This action of hyperforin helps in alleviating signs of depression.

Hypericum perforatum has anti-inflammatory properties in response to wounds. Both hypericin and hyperforin reduce inflammatory agents like prostaglandin, interleukin-6, and others.

Hypericum leads to the activation of fibroblast cells that is responsible for wound closure. Hence its use in wounds and cuts is precious.

It also seems to have antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial activity.

The leaves of the Hypericum are covered with translucently clear dots and black glands. These glands contain essential oils. And also, the leaves of Hypericum are lance (a long weapon with a wooden shaft and pointed steelhead) shaped.

This plant’s signature has to lead to its use as a remedy for wounds or perforations of the integuments (protective layer).

Hypericum Perforatum Personality

It seems to suit the plethoric, who are overly large and full of blood with significant soreness.

The people who require this medicine are usually of robust presence. They can also be very timid and impressionable, who get easily influenced by emotions.

They are of irritable temperament. These people are prone to the affections of the spine as well as trauma.


  1. Injury to the brain or spinal cord or harmful effects of such damages.

  2. Fright

  3. Bites of animals

  4. Shock

  5. Forceps delivery ( a complication of injury)

  6. Change of weather

Hypericum Perforatum Homeopathy 30, 200 Uses

I will take you through all the body parts from toe to head. You can match the symptoms and when you feel these symptoms are matched then you can take Hypericum Perforatum – 

1-Mind Complaints

The mind is significantly depressed following an injury in a person. Due to the effects of shock and fright, they are prone to anxiety.

They are usually sad and depressed spirits.  Anxiety makes them feel as if they are lifted high up in the sky or feel that they will fall from such a height.

They tend to make mistakes while writing. And they even forget what they wanted to say. They talk wildly in the sleep, especially after 4 am.

They develop great weakness of memory and become very irritable.

2-Head Complaints

Due to injury, patients experience varied symptoms (due to nerve affections). A person feels as if their brain Is loose and also as if icy cold hands touch the head.

They have heaviness in the head and also as if insects are crawling on the scalp.

Suddenly they feel the head has become large and is drawn to some point. Headache radiated to the cheekbone.

After fall, the patients tend to have a headache with sore eyes. After an injury, these patients develop throbbing headaches with hair fall.

The pain is more on the vertex, which worsens in a closed room.

Hypericum is indicated in a skull fracture and bone fragments and helps relieve the pain and heal the wound.

They have profuse sweating in the scalp, which is worse in the morning after sleep.

3-Eyes Complaints

The right side is more affected by burning and stinging pain.

They have to stick through sensation in the right eye.

They tend to develop styles, especially on the lower eyelid.

4-Ears Complaints

There is itching in the right ear (meatus)

And they are sticking through feeling in the right ear, especially in the evening.

And females tend to develop sensitiveness to hearing, especially during menses.

5-Nose Complaints

The patient experiences soreness in the nose with itching. So, they have to pick in the nose continuously.

They also have extreme dryness of the nose with sneezing and crust formation in the left nostril.

They have pain in the bridge of the nose on getting up in the morning. Their sensitivity to smell is also increased.

6-Face Complaints

The face of these individuals is bloated and hot. Their skin on the front is prone to eczema with intense itching.

Eruptions of eczema seem to be under the skin.

The right side of the face seems to be more affected by facial neuralgia.

7-Mouth Complaints

The mouth and lips are dry with burning heat in the mouth. Toothache is better by lying on the affected side quietly.

Pain in the tooth is of pulling and tearing in nature. And toothache is always accompanied by sadness.

On examination, the tongue is white at the back, and the tip is clean, or sometimes it,s dirty yellow.

A person feels thirsty with a heat sensation in the mouth.  And tend to develop eruptions around the mouth with yellowish-green scabs and cracks at the corner of the mouth.

8-Throat Complaints

A person feels as if a worm is moving their throat.

And if a person has faced a frightful situation, it leads to hot refluxes from the stomach coming up to the throat. All this is accompanied by anxiety.

A person develops hoarseness with scraping and roughness in the larynx, pharynx, and nostrils in foggy weather.

Foggy weather gives rise to a short barking cough with frequent hacking. The cough worsens in the evening, around 6-10 pm.

9-Chest and Respiratory Complaints

These people are prone to asthma which comes on from change of weather or foggy weather. In asthma, they get spells of short barking cough.

Their complaints getter better by either copious perspiration or copious expectoration. Tightness is experienced in the chest in foggy weather.

They develop anxiety in the chest in the afternoon with short breath. Stitching pain in the chest is marked below the breast, within outward through the left breast.

Stitching pain worsens on any kind of movement. Those people suffering from piles are prone to develop Pneumonia. They can very well be treated with Hypericum.

10Heart Complaints

A person feels as if their heart will dropdown. This sensation is more marked in the evening.

The pulse becomes rapid and hard with palpitation.

11-Stomach Complaints

The patients experience increased appetite in the morning and evening. They feel intense pressure in the stomach just by eating a minimal amount of food.

The pressure in the stomach leads to nauseous feelings, and they are inclined to vomit. These individuals crave wine, pickles, and warm drinks.

And they belch while drinking water. These people have a lump-like feeling in the stomach.

12-Abdominal Complaints

Hypericum Perforatum is very well indicated in distension of the abdomen, which occurs after surgery.

They have a bubbling sensation at the navel. These individuals are prone to diarrhea in summer with eruptions on the skin.

Diarrhea drives them out of bed early in the morning with very severe unusual urging.

Stools are yellow, loose, and bilious in diarrhea, aggravated during the morning and evening.

Whenever they are constipated, they discharge a hard little ball. This is always associated with nausea.

13-Rectum Complaints

The rectum is very dry, due to which they are prone to hemorrhoids.

Piles are associated with pain, bleeding, and tenderness. Dryness in the rectum gives rise to dull and pressing pain.

14-Urinary Complaints

A person gets a nightly urge to urinate but with vertigo. Whenever there is an urge, it is attended with violent tearing pain in the genital organs.

In female’s urethra is swollen and stiff with burning soreness and sensitiveness.

15- Female Organs Complaints

For those females who have to undergo forceps delivery and have had severe pain in the sacrum and hips with severe headache, then Hypericum is the solution.

It’s an excellent remedy for females having pain in the hips, trim back, and coccyx after delivery. Delayed menses is attended with sickening pain in the abdomen, headache, and sensitiveness to noise.

Tension is developed in the region of the uterus as if a tight bandage has been put. As we are aware, Hypericum possesses anticancer properties and works wonders in challenging slow-growing tumors of the breast.

16-Back Complaints

The patients who have met with spinal injury or concussion have severe consequences. The spine becomes painfully sensitive. There is tremendous pressure on the sacrum.

The coccyx is also very painful, and the pain radiates up to the spine and down the limbs. After a fall or injury slightest movement of arms or neck brings about cries.

The spine becomes so sensitive, especially in the cervical (neck region), that One cannot touch it.

17-Hands & Legs Complaints

The patients happen to experience violent pains and sometimes cannot walk or stoop after they had fallen on the coccyx.

There is tremendous pain in the bones of the hands and feet. When they tend to sit for a long time, there is tremendous pain in the sciatic nerve.

After an injury, the patient feels weak and trembling in all his limbs. They develop a sensation of lameness in the left arm and right foot.

And there is numbness and crawling sensation in hands and feet.

18-Skin Complaints

Their skin is very rough as if there are tiny knots all over. The scar of an old healed wound also hurts.

The scars are very painful if the tissue affected is rich in nerves. Hence Hypericum is an excellent remedy in wound gaping (open and big).

They are prone to itchy, swollen areas on the skin with smarting pain on the hands.


In fever, they experience shuddering of the whole body with the desire to urinate. The pulse becomes hard and fast.

In the heat stage of fever, they give a wild staring look. The head becomes hot, and the carotid artery in the neck can be seen throbbing.

Their face becomes bright red and bloated with great oppression and anguish on the face.

Only the hair on the head is moist, and the rest of the body skin burns.


They constantly feel drowsy with laborious dreams. On attempting to sleep, they get spasmodic jerks in arms and legs with twitching.

They get vivid dreams of activity, of traveling, and being distressed.

They start talking nonsense at 4 am in a deep sleep and awake with a sense of feeling as if they are floating in the air without any physical support.

Their tiredness goes away by afternoon, after which they feel refreshed.

General Characteristic Guiding Keynotes Symptoms

  • Hypericum gets indicated in wounds that are more tender than it appears.

  • Excessive painfulness is the hallmark of the remedy.

  • It’s an excellent remedy for injuries to nerves of fingers, toes, and nails, e.g., crushed fingers, especially tip when the nerve is injured from the bite of animals.

  • Neuritis, tingling, burning and numbness is the guiding symptom towards the remedy.

  • Spasms after every injury which occurs after damage to the brain or spinal cord. And even they develop convulsions after knocking the body against anything.

  • Whenever there is a deep cut in skin or flesh, there is intolerable violent shooting, lancinating pain as the nerves are involved.

  • Hypericum acts as a preventive for tetanus and also prevents pain after operations.

  • A forceful injury caused by a sharp-pointed object that penetrates the skin is very sensitive to touch. Hypericum is the solution for sensitivity and pain.

  • The affected parts like the occiput in the head and coccyx at the back are very sore to the touch.

  • Pains usually extend towards the trunk or downsides with crawling and numbness sensation.

  • There is shooting pain upwards from the injured part.

  • A wound may sometimes swell up with no tendency to heal, might look dry and shiny on its edges, and red and inflamed with burning, stinging, and tearing pains. This wound shows no healing process. So, this is where Hypericum plays a significant role.

  • Hypericum also gets indicated in persons who have had an injury in the spine or coccyx and have those pains lingering for many years.

  • Hypericum always modifies and arrests ulceration and sloughing.

  • It is also indicated in bunions and corns with severe pain showing nerve involvement.

Hypericum Perforatum Modalities

Modalities are the factors which, increase or decrease the complaints in a patient.

They are categorized as aggravating factors and amelioration factors.

Aggravating factors make the condition of the illness worst, while the amelioration factor makes the condition of the disease better.

It can be time, any part of the day, season, position, or any applications, etc.

Aggravated By

  • In cold
  • Dampness
  • In fog
  • Closed room
  • Least exposure
  • Touch
  • Jar or the slightest movement
  • Exertion
  • Change of weather

Amelioration By– 

  • Bending the head backward
  • Lying on face
  • Rubbing
  • Copious expectoration

Hypericum Perforatum Relationship with Other Medicines









Comparison With Other Remedies For Wounds

Let’s see how do we differentiate other remedies in case of wounds and when to use Hypericum.


  • Like Hypericum, even Ledum is indicated for nerve injury.
  • Ledum is used more as preventive medicine if a patient happens to step on a nail or fingertip being crushed etc. and to prevent tetanus.
  • Ledum will also prevent the shooting pain from the wounds, and the pain is usually dull
  • Hemorrhage with extravasation (leakage of blood from blood vessels into the surrounding tissue) from injuries.


  • Black and blue soreness of wounds in sensation and appearance, which happens in the initial stage.
  • There is no laceration of soft tissues but only trauma.


  • Staphysagria gets indicated in abdominal operations where a lot of stretching of muscles and fibers are involved.
  • The cuts have to be with sharp instruments.
  • It will help in healing and granulation formation in the tissue immediately.


  • It is indicated in lacerated injury to the muscular tissue.
  • Compound fracture with profuse discharge of pus.
  • It is given for the union of tissue as the first aim and second to prevent pus formation.


  • Ruta gets indicated for bruised conditions of bone, cartilage, tendons, and joints.
  • Ruta hastens the curative process when given after arnica in case of joint affections.
  • It acts best when given after Symphytum in case of injuries to bones.

Rhus tox

  • It affects the fibrous tissue more.
  • Strains of muscles and tendons
  • Weakness of tendons and muscles and rheumatic pains, which get better by continuous movement.


  • It is indicated for injuries with a blunt instrument.

Hypericum Perforatum Dosage, Potency and Repetition

30C DOSAGE: 3-4 pills three times a day till improvement is seen.

200C DOSAGE: – For nerve pain, four pills twice or thrice per day as per the intensity of symptoms.

1M DOSAGE: – High potency can be given as per the patient’s state, and repetition depends on the patient’s susceptibility.

Hypericum Perforatum Side Effects

The most common side effects are gastric symptoms, allergies, dizziness, confusion, lethargy, and dryness of the mouth.

These are usually mild to moderate symptoms.

When taken in high doses, it can cause skin toxicity.

While taking these doses, one must take standard precautions to protect their eyes against excessive exposure to sunlight.

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