Arnica Montana 30C, 200C, Pills: Uses, Dosage, Benefits & Side Effects

Arnica Montana 30C, 200C, Pills Uses, Dosage, Benefits Side Effects

Arnica Montana is one of the essential and frequently used polycrest remedies in Homoeopathy.

Arnica plant is found all over the world in the mountain region. Before it was discovered for use in homeopathy, it was used for any injury from fall with excellent results.

This crude form of Arnica plant, when used after the process of potentization, has given a vital remedy to homeopathy, which has got action on the blood.

Particularly the capillaries, which are minute blood vessels; Arnica in potentized form has the power of absorbing blood.

It is commonly known as leopard’s bane, belongs to family composite, and was proved by Dr. Hahnemann.

It is a primary traumatic remedy in Homoeopathy.

Trauma/injury in all its varieties and aftereffects, whether recent or remote, are all covered by this one single medicine.

Arnica Montana Personality

Arnica patient is lively and expressive, who is disposed to sore, bruised feeling all over the affected parts.

The aftereffects of trauma/injury make him sad, fearful, want to be alone, and not want to be talked to—a scared and nervous person with a red face.

He does not want to be approached, as he does not want to enter in any conversation, does not wish to be touched on account of significant bodily soreness.

Guiding Symptoms To Arnica Montana Uses

Guiding symptoms are the ones that define the remedy; they are characteristic of the remedy. The following condition gives indications towards the use of Arnica in Homoeopathy.

Injury to muscles of hands, legs, mostly blunt injuries in past leading to present problems. The affected part becomes bluish or blackish. It prevents pus formation and prevents the damage from getting infected.

Sore, lame, bruised feeling all over the body as if beaten. Everything on which the patient lies seems too hard—the heat of the upper part of the body and coldness of the lower part. This makes the patient is oversensitive to pain.

Tendency to small painful boils one after another.

A state of unconsciousness with involuntary passing of stools and urine.

The patient bleeds easily; blood vessels are relaxed. Arnica is helpful in bleeding of any kind, bleeding into internal organs or the skin.

Trauma /injury without cuts of soft parts/muscles, results of sudden shock due to injuries from fall or accidents prevents suppuration and septic conditions and on time absorption of the injured part.

This makes Arnica an invaluable remedy for your baby when they frequently fall in the process of learning to stand and walk; few doses of Arnica will be helpful for kids who frequently fall on their heads.30C Potency of Arnica is beneficial in such a situation.

Dr. Hahnemann has stated that this remedy is suitable for old/chronic issues resulting from past injury.

Arnica is suited in cases where damage in the long past seems to have caused the present trouble.

The local application of Arnica produces hair growth and checks hair falling, thus making it an invaluable remedy in the treatment of hair fall.

Arnica Montana Mind Symptoms

Fear touched or being approached. Arnica patient is sad, wants to be alone, quiet does not want to be talked to. I do not wish to enter into any conversation as there is intense soreness all over the body.

In-state fever, the patient remains unconscious when spoken to, answers wholly and correctly, but is immediately out. In typhoid fevers, a state of semi-consciousness is observed with involuntary discharge of stools and urine.

Indifferent to everything, complete inability to perform active work is fear of getting touched, over sensitiveness.

Depression of spirit, sad, fearful, easily frightened, imagines all sorts of things, especially that he has some heart disease.

Dreams of muddy water, robbers, dreadful dreams, sudden fear of death wake him up at night with the grasping of heart, thinks he will die suddenly. This is seen in persons who have gone through railroad injuries o shock, sore and bruised from injury.

Ailments from: -Bad effects of mechanical injuries even if received years ago, falls, blows, hard work, bruised injuries, complaints from intake of liquor, charcoal vapors, fright and anger.

Uses of Arnica Montana

I will take you through all the body parts from toe to head.

You can match the symptoms and when you feel these symptoms are matched then you can take Arnica Montana

1-Head Complaints

In Arnica, Headache is on the part where there is the past incident of fall on the Head or accident.

The Head is hot, while the body remains cold, sensitiveness of brain with sharp pain in Head.

Scalp feels contracted. Cold spots on the forehead. Headache /Vertigo chronic form due to aftereffects of past injury to head from a blow, fall, or accident. Headache is better by lying in Head low position.

2-Eyes Complaints

Double vision after injury, paralysis of eye muscles, sore and bruised feeling in eyes on doing close work.

Damage to conjunctiva/retina on coughing.

Dizziness on closing eyes, so must keep them open.

Eyes feel tired on sight-seeing, on seeing moving objects/pictures.

3-Ears Complaints

Trauma or injury to the ear from a blow, mechanical damage, resulting in the present loss of hearing.

Noises in ears caused by a rush of blood to the Head.

Shooting pain in and around the ears.

Pain in ear cartilages as if bruised.

Dullness in hearing after injury to ears blood from ears and swelling of ears with over sensitiveness to being touched.

4-Nose Complaints

Arnica is an invaluable remedy in bleeding from the nose resulting from blowing the nose or any trauma to the nose from falling or accident.

Bleeding after every fit of coughing, dark fluid blood.

The nose feels sore; cold. Bleeding due to past injury to the nose.

5-Face Complaints

Sunken, mottled look on face, very red face.

Heat in lips. Aching of facial bones.

Swelling of face after teeth extraction following some dental procedure.

6-Mouth Complaints

Bad breath from the mouth with soreness of gums after teeth extraction.

Pus formation in maxillary sinus.

Dryness of mouth, thirsty and bitter taste in the mouth.

It tastes like rotten eggs.

7-Throat Complaints

Cough at night, during sleep, worse exercise.

Acute tonsillitis, swelling in the throat.

Hoarseness of voice from overuse of voice.

Raw, sore feeling in the morning.

Dryness and tickling in throat low down in trachea.

8-Heart Complaints

Clinically, Arnica has helped dissolve small blood clots.

There is stitching pain in the heart region, pain in the elbow of the left arm.

Pulse feeble and irregular—fatty degeneration of the heart. Weary, sore, bruised, great weakness, must lie down, yet bed feels too hard.

9-Chest Complaints

Clinically, Arnica has helped dissolve small blood clots.

There is stitching pain in the heart region, pain in the elbow of the left arm.

Pulse feeble and irregular—fatty degeneration of the heart. Weary, sore, bruised, great weakness, must lie down, yet bed feels too hard.

10-Stomach Complaints

Longing for vinegar. Distaste for milk and meat.

Pain in stomach during eating. Very hungry. At times vomiting of blood.

Oppressive gas passing upward and downward, feeling as if the stomach is passing against the spine.

Pressure in the abdomen is from stone due to increased gas formation.

11-Abdomen Complaints

Stitches under false ribs.

The abdomen feels distended.

Offensive gas formation, even eructation, and burping are gross.

Soreness, tenderness, and bruised feeling in the stomach.

12-Rectum Complaints

Nightly loose motions, stools involuntary in sleep, offensive, brown, bloody, looks like brown yeast.

Loose motions worse lying on the left side.

Straining and pain on passing liquid stools.

Stool of undigested food, slimy, mucus, bloody, black watery stools.

13-Urinary Complaints

Retention of urine from over-exertion, bladder muscles become weak.

Blood in urine after trauma or injury.

Dark brick-red sediments in urine are causing very painful urination.

Involuntary dribbling of urine after labor as there is over-exertion of pelvic muscles following childbirth.

14-Female Reproductive System Complaints

Extreme soreness, tenderness, bruised feeling throughout the genital system in pregnant women.

Injured parts after labor. Violent after-pains following childbirth.

Uterine bleeding from mechanical injury after intercourse/after birth.

Swelling of the breast from mechanical damage, sore nipples.

In a pregnant state sensitive to moving fetus, the motion of fetus very painful and bruised keeps her awake all night.

Arnica will help reduce this over-sensitiveness to the movement of the fetus.

15-Male Reproductive System Complaints

Overexertion leads to weakness, backache.

Legs are weak with aching soreness, bruised sensation all over, mainly rheumatic bone pains.

Congestion of prostate gland.

Haemotocoel acute condition following trauma or injury to external organs.

Sexual debility, low physical power, soreness, bruised feeling, as if beaten all over the body.

16-Back Complaints

Backache pains starting from the lower back extending to the upper part of the back.

There is great fear of being touched and struck by a person coming near him.

Pain in the back as if bruised or beaten.

Over sensitiveness to handle cannot bear the pains; everything the patient lies down seems to be too hard.

Backache increases on being touched or by pressure but reduces by lying down on the affected part.

Some past injury or trauma follows rheumatic weakness of the spine to the spine.

17-Hands Complaints

Swelling fingers in rheumatic conditions with sore bruised sensation in finger joints.

Sore, bruised, lame feeling in fingers of the hand, wrist joint, elbow joints, pain extending to shoulder.

Does not like to be touched, cannot move hands as they are swollen and painful as if bruised, affecting the capacity to perform day to day activities.

Deathly coldness of forearms.

Pain in hands increases on being touched better by rest.

18-Legs Complaints

Weakness of legs, swelling of legs due to over-exertion, past injury.

Pain in legs increases from least touch, the motion of legs, wants to sit at one place, leg pains increase more in cold damp weather.

Leg pains as if sore, bruised, and as if beaten better by lying down.

Cannot walk erect on account of bruised pain in the pelvic region.

Gout and rheumatic problems all begin low down and move upwards.

19-Skin Complaints

Skin becomes black or blue due to injury/trauma in recent or past.

Tendency to form small painful boils one after another.

Pimples with burning and itching. Bedsores on injured parts.

Spots that have been for a long time, with symmetry in distribution pattern.

20-Fever Complaints

Typhoid fever is mainly covered by Arnica.

During fever, there is primarily sore, lame, bruised feeling all over the body.

Everything on which the patient lies down makes him think that surface is hard, so there is fear of getting hurt, which makes the patient move from one place to another in search of the quiet place.

As the fever progresses, there is low muttering in sleep; when asked, will answer correctly and complete, will go in sleep/unconscious state immediately.

The patient will say there is nothing wrong with him or there is no matter with him, does not want to be approached.

During fever, there is involuntary passing of stool and urine.

All discharges from the body, whether stool, urine, sweat, or even mouth, are offensive in a typhoid state.

Arnica is sometimes indicated in meningitis fever(brain fever) occurring due to injury to head in the past due to fall or accident where there is the heat of upper part of the body and coldness of lower part.

Arnica Montana Modalities

Modalities are the factors which, increase or decrease the complaints in a patient.

They are categorized as aggravating factors and amelioration factors.

Aggravating factors make the condition of the illness worst, while the amelioration factor makes the condition of the disease better.

It can be time, any part of the day, season, position, or any applications, etc.

Aggravated By

All symptoms are further exacerbated in Arnica from slightest motion, from touch, on being approached, in a damp cold climate, after intake of wine.

Ameliorated By

All complaints are better by lying down, by rest, and in Head low position.

Relationship with Other Medicines

Complementary Medicines:

These remedies complete the curing process that is started by the first medicine given.

Complements to Arnica are-Aconite, Hypericum,Rhus Toxicodendron,Ipecacuanah.

Similar Medicines:

This remedy has lots of similarity in action but are different in origin, i.e., source from which the medicine is prepared are different.

Medicines similar to Arnica are-Baptisia, China, Phytolacca, Pyrogenum, Rhus Toxicodendron, Ruta, and Staphysagria for soreness as if bruised.

Follows Well Medicines:

These medicines follow the previous treatment in action, thus aiding in cure.

Remedies that follow Arnica are- Aconite, Apis mellifica, Hamamelis, Ipecacuanah,Veratrum album.

Followed Well By

These are medicines given after the first medicine finished its action.

Arnica is followed well by Sulphuric acid.


When there appear of new symptoms, the new symptoms combining with the old one should be studied, and a second remedy covering more of these new symptoms than the old one is to be given; this second remedy is the antidote.

Arnica mainly does not produce any significant aggravation in any case. Still, Camphor can antidote Arnica if the issue is going in the wrong direction or aggravation.

Arnica Montana Dosage & Potency

Dosage and Potency of the medicine depend on the individual case.

Homeopathic medicines are prescribed based on symptom similarity, where the symptoms narrated by the patient are somewhat similar to the guiding symptoms of the treatment.

Your homeopathic doctor forms the totality of symptoms, and medicine identical to the disease condition is given; the more exact similarity, the early cure process.

Arnica Montana 30C Usage:

Lower potency is given when very few symptoms match the medicine to that of the patient.

These symptoms help doctors diagnose the disease condition only; there is a minor symptom of Arnica.

Lower potencies require frequent repetition. You should give the 3-4 times a day till the expected result is seen.

30C Potency of Arnica help in dissolving extravasated blood, causing bluish blackish discolorations on skin surface following -fall or mechanical injury.

Arnica Montana 200C Usage:

This is considered as higher Potency; they are given when the majority of mind symptoms of Arnica and physical symptoms of Arnica and that narrated by patient match.

Higher potencies are advisable to be not repeated very often; they act for a long duration of days, so the second dose is repeated every 7-days or every 15-days once.

On giving 200C Potency, it’s advisable to wait for the symptoms to subside, which can be repeated until all signs in totality go.

Arnica Montana 1M Usage:

Arnica 1 M should not be repeated; it is given 30 days once and waiting for symptoms to disappear.

This is very high Potency. It would help if you gave it only after careful case analysis, where all medicinal symptoms of Arnica and that provided by the patient match with each other ideally.

Arnica Montana Mother Tincture Usage:

Arnica in tincture form mixed with oil when applied locally gives a good result in hair growth but should not be used hot. It should not be applied if there are abrasions or cuts are present.

Arnica Montana 3X/6X Usage:

This lower Potency of Arnica works well in hair growth, very useful in the treatment of hair fall. Repeated intake 3-4 times a day is advised.

Clinical Indications of Arnica Montana

  1. Abscess

  2. Mechanical injury falls

  3. Sprain

  4. Bruises

  5. Rheumatic fever, Rheumatoid arthritis

  6. Typhoid fever

  7. Brain fever

  8. Boils

  9. Carbuncles

  10. Chest affection

  11. Diabetes

  12. Diarrhea-loose motions

  13. Urinary affections

  14. Blood in Urine

  15. Skin affection

  16. Labor

  17. Paralysis

  18. Eye affection

  19. Hair fall

  20. Bronchitis

  21. Ecchymosis

Side-Effects of Arnica Montana

The process of potentization prepares homeopathic medicines.

It is a process in which the raw form of the medicinal substance is taken by one part. Nine-part of the vehicle is added if in liquid form succussions are given to make first Potency or dilution, in this way taking one part of the previous Potency nine part of the vehicle with succussion subsequent Potency dilution is obtained.

Suppose solid form trituration is done with powder of milk sugar, which is a solid form of vehicle. Then different potencies are counted up to 30C Potency. The process is repeated 30 times, then further repeating the process up to 200C Potency then further repeating up to 1000 times gives 1M Potency.

Potentization is a process unique to the preparation of Homoeopathic medicines, where a significantly less crude form of medicinal substance remains, which causes side effects. Potentization process medicinal curative power of that therapeutic substance remains. There is no natural medicinal part in Homoeopathic medicines; there are no side effects of Homoeopathic medicines.

However, due to frequent repetition of Homoeopathic medicine, there can be aggravation of symptoms or appearance of new symptoms; these can be mistaken as side effects; in that case, the antidote is to be given for Arnica.

Then again, with these new symptoms that have appeared forming new totality, there should be a change in Potency of Arnica that has to be given, this to be done after giving antidote.

In most cases, homeopathic medicines are safe to use; there is a medicinal aggravation that is observed, so taking medication under the supervision of a homeopath is needed; one should avoid self-medication of homeopathic medicines. Careful observation of the following symptoms in recovery from Arnica medicine is needed:-

  • Increase in over sensitiveness to touch, fear of death.

  • Increase in depressive symptoms

  • Convulsions

  • Bloody loose motion

  • Increase in swelling of joints in rheumatic conditions

  • Worsening or increase in problems that you had before taking the first dose

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