12 Best Homeopathic Remedies For High Blood Pressure

Homeopathic Remedies For High Blood Pressure

This article covers the best homeopathic remedies for high blood pressure, its causes, symptoms, risk factors, management & complete treatment.

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a long-standing medical condition in which the pressure exerted by flowing blood on the walls of the blood vessels (particularly arteries) is persistently elevated.

It is a condition when your blood pressure gets elevated to unhealthy levels.

Normal blood pressure measures 120/80 mm Hg. For adults, if the blood pressure is persistently at 130/80 mm Hg or 140/90 mm Hg, then it is considered as high blood pressure.

High blood pressure develops gradually. Initially, you may not notice symptoms, but the increased blood pressure continues to affect your blood vessels and internal organs such as the heart, brain, kidney, and eyes.

Over time, the increased blood pressure becomes a risk factor for health issues such as heart failure, peripheral artery disease, stroke, chronic kidney disease, vision loss, etc.

Readings of High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is divided into two numbers, namely systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Systolic blood pressure is the number at the top of a blood pressure reading. It denotes the pressure by which your heart is beating and pumping out blood into the body.

Diastolic blood pressure is the number at the bottom of a blood pressure reading. It denotes the pressure in the walls of your blood vessels (arteries) in between two beats.

As you got an idea of the readings of blood pressure, Now you will be able to understand the categories of high blood pressure.

There are five categories of blood pressure readings in adults.

A. Healthy Blood Pressure

A normal or healthy blood pressure measures 120/80 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg).

B. Elevated Blood Pressure

Here, your systolic blood pressure will measure between 120-129 mm Hg, and diastolic blood pressure will be equal to or less than 80 mm Hg. one can normalize this type of high blood pressure with lifestyle changes without medications.

C. Stage I Hypertension

If your systolic blood pressure is between 130 to 139 mm Hg and diastolic blood pressure is between 80 to 89 mm Hg, you have stage I hypertension.

D. Stage II Hypertension

In this stage, your systolic blood pressure will be 140 mm Hg or above, and diastolic blood pressure will be 90 mm Hg or above.

E. Hypertensive Crisis

This is the condition when your systolic blood pressure is equal to or rises beyond 180 mm Hg, and diastolic blood pressure is equal to or rises above 120 mm Hg. This is a medical emergency; do not delay and seek immediate medical attention and hospitalization.

Types Of High Blood Pressure

There are two types of high blood pressure or hypertension.

A. Primary Hypertension

Primary high blood pressure is also known as essential hypertension. It includes almost 95% of patients the high blood pressure.

This type of high blood pressure develops over time with no identifiable cause. Still, here, your elevated blood pressure may be the result of complex interactions between various genetic and environmental factors.

B. Secondary Hypertension

One can find this type of high blood pressure in 5% of high blood pressure patients. Secondary hypertension is caused by some primary underlying medical conditions such as kidney disease or hormonal disease etc.

This develops quickly. You may have more severe symptoms than those with primary hypertension.

If a person develops high blood pressure at an early age or develops high blood pressure for the first time above 50 years of age or if a high blood pressure patient becomes resistant to his previous treatment, then these categories will fall under secondary hypertension.

Causes Of High Blood Pressure

The causes of high blood pressure are classified according to the types of high blood pressure. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Primary high blood pressure can be caused by a combination of factors that increases the blood pressure slowly.

Genetic Factors

You may inherit certain gene mutations and gene abnormalities from your parents that may predispose you to develop primary high blood pressure.

Bodily Changes

Some changes in your body may cause an increase in blood pressure, such as changes in kidney functions due to aging may disturb the natural salt balance in your body and water, thereby disturbing the normal blood pressure.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Living an unhealthy lifestyle and not taking the necessary steps to maintain proper health will eventually create bad effects on the normal functioning of your body.

For example, lack of physical activity can cause an increase in weight, and overweight falls under the risk factors for the development of high blood pressure.

Some primary underlying disease causes secondary hypertension or high blood pressure in your body. Let’s take a look at what diseases may predispose you to secondary hypertension.

Kidney diseases, for example, chronic kidney failure.


Coronary artery disease

Vision loss

Thyroid abnormalities

Adrenal gland disease

Endocrine tumors

Apart from these side effects of certain medications, alcohol abuse, using medications without a doctor’s prescription can cause secondary hypertension.

Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is initially a non-symptomatic condition, i.e., it doesn’t cause symptoms in starting. It may take years for you to develop symptoms of high blood pressure. Let’s take a look at the main symptoms caused by high blood pressure.

You may experience a headache with a heavy feeling.

Shortness and difficulty of breath may be present.

Sometimes, you may notice slight bleeding from your nose.

High blood pressure may cause a dizzy feeling. You will feel like the world around you is spinning.

Chest pain may occur due to high blood pressure.

You will experience some visual changes like dim vision and blurred vision.

Some people notice blood in their urine.

If you notice any of these symptoms, immediately contact your doctor as it could be an emergency. You must never neglect the high blood pressure issues.

Risk Factors For High Blood Pressure

Some conditions can put you at a higher risk for the development of high blood pressure.

Age: Older age comes with many health challenges, and this can be a risk factor for high blood pressure, especially if you have diseases, for example, heart problems, kidney diseases, etc.

Genetic Factors: This plays an important role as some abnormal genes responsible for the high blood pressure may get transferred from your parents to you.

Obesity: Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle are also included in the risk factors. Excess body fat means your heart will have to exert more pressure to pump blood into your body. This creates stress and damage to the heart walls and vessels.

High salt intake: This can disturb your salt and fluid balance of the body and causes your blood pressure to rise.

Unhealthy Diet: Eating saturated fats will become a cause of several heart diseases such as arteriosclerosis, and this will make your heart unhealthy and disturb its ability to pump blood.

Alcohol and Smoking: These are health deteriorating factors which also responsible for causing high blood pressure. While smoking, the nicotine present in it will damage your heart vessels and increase your blood pressure.

It will also reduce the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.

Diagnosis of High Blood Pressure

The diagnosis of high blood pressure is made by measuring the blood pressure reading. If your blood pressure measures are higher than normal, your doctor may advise you to check it a few times a day to confirm if it remains elevated.

This is because certain normal environmental and lifestyle conditions raise blood pressure, such as rigorous exercise or stress.

So, when your doctor notices elevated blood pressure reading each time, he may write some diagnostic tests to confirm it.

Lipid profile ( for cholesterol levels in the blood)

Urine test ( for accessing the function of the kidney)

ECG ( to determine the heart’s rhythm and electrical activities)

Ultrasonography of the Heart and Kidneys to detect any additional abnormalities.

Management Of High Blood Pressure

Management of High blood pressure is very important as it can lead to serious health complications such as heart attack, renal failure, stroke. Therefore, you should follow some proven ways to manage your high blood pressure.

Healthy Diet

It is key to increase the body’s natural functioning and to lower the risk of complications. You can create healthy eating habits such as including fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins, and whole grains in your diet. one should balance your diet. Do not over intake salt, potassium, saturated fats, and meats.

Maintain Your Body Weight.

Controlling obesity is necessary for high blood pressure patients. Being active physically will help you to reduce weight and maintain a healthy body.

Manage Stress:

Stress management plays an important role in preventing the risks of a sudden rise in blood pressure. You can practice meditation, yoga, and other relaxation techniques according to your interest.

Quit Smoking And Alcohol:

Smoking can damage your blood vessels, and alcohol is found to raise blood pressure. So, if you want to lead a complication-free life, then your priority should be to cut down on these harmful addictions.

Homeopathic Remedies For High Blood Pressure

Homeopathic medicines are a savior to many who have not found relief with the conventional line of treatment.

It helps in decreasing the frequency and intensity of the symptoms and slowly brings about the cure.

So let me tell you the top homeopathic medicines for high blood pressure based on various types of conditions –

1. BELLADONNA: For High Blood Pressure With Violent Palpitations


Belladonna is a wonderful remedy in Homoeopathy for the treatment of high blood pressure. It is helpful for high blood pressure patients who get violent palpitations felt in the head.

The breathing becomes difficult. The patient will feel palpitations on least physical activity or exertion.

The patient can feel can pulsations all through his body. Also, people with existing heart troubles can feel their hearts are too large may get benefited from this remedy.

Dosage & Potency:

Use Belladonna in 1M potency once daily till improvement occurs. Belladonna in 200ch potency can be used thrice daily for a month.


2. ACONITE: For High Blood Pressure With Anxiety And Faintness


Aconite can be helpful to patients with high blood pressure who are anxious about their health. There is a feeling of terror due to the illness.

The affected person may think that he will die due to his high blood pressure.

The characteristic symptoms of a person requiring Aconite are that he has high blood pressure with palpitation, anxiety, fainting, and tingling in fingers.

His heart will beat fast with pain felt in the left shoulder. Pulse will be hard and full, and sometimes the pulse is not regular.

One can treat these symptoms with Aconite efficiently.

Dosage & Potency:

Use Aconite in 1M potency every alternate day for 15 days. Aconite 200 can be used once daily till improvement occurs.

3. ALLIUM SATIVUM: For High Blood Pressure With Elevated Cholesterol Levels


High blood pressure issues due to an unhealthy diet that leads to heart conditions such as arteriosclerosis (deposition of cholesterol in blood vessels) can be treated with Allium Sativum.

The patient may feel heavy pulsations in his head. The patient will experience darting pain in the chest.

This remedy can treat high blood pressure when the symptoms match the description given here.

Dosage & Potency:

Use Allium Sativum in 30ch potency thrice daily till improvement occurs.

4. AMYL NITROSUM: For High Blood Pressure With Constrictive Pain In Chest


Amyl Nitrosum is known to treat high blood pressure when accompanied by a constricted pain in the chest.

This remedy can expand the narrow blood vessels and reduce the pressure in the blood vessels, thereby decreasing the blood pressure.

The patient may have difficulty in breathing. Great heaviness and fullness are felt in the chest. The heart starts beating fast at the slightest excitement.

Dosage & Potency:

Use Amyl Nitrosum in 30ch potency thrice daily till improvement occurs. Amyl Nitrosum can be used in 200ch potency once daily for 15-20 days.

5. CRATAEGUS: For High Blood Pressure With Chronic Heart Disease


Crataegus is useful for high blood pressure patients suffering from heart diseases such as cardiac dropsy, arteriosclerosis, etc.

The person requiring crataegus will have extreme dyspnea on slight exertion, but the pulse will not increase much. One will feel the pain in the chest in the region of the heart.

This patient may suffer from many heart-related issues such as irregular pulse, increase in heart size, heart pain that extends to the left hand.

The patient may notice blue fingers and toes that become worse on exertion. The symptoms become worse in a warm room. Crataegus is a popular and widely used heart medicine in Homoeopathy.

Dosage & Potency:

Crataegus can be used in Q potency, i.e., mother tincture form 10 drops in half cup of water thrice daily till improvement occurs.

One can use crataegus 1M once daily till improvement occurs. Crataegus can also be used in 30ch potency thrice daily for a month.

6. GLONOINE: For High Blood Pressure With Congestive Headaches


Glonoine is a great healing agent in Homoeopathy for high blood pressure patients who experience congestive headaches.

It is known to treat fluctuations in blood pressure. The patient will feel that his heart is fluttering.

Violent palpitations with difficult breathing occur, especially on going upstairs or uphill.

Little exertion results in faintness and dizziness. All the symptoms are worse in the sun.

Dosage & Potency:

For best results, use Glonoine in 200ch potency thrice daily till improvement occurs.

7. BARYTA MUR: For High Systolic With Comparatively Low Diastolic Blood Pressure


Baryta Mur can treat cases of high blood pressure easily where the blood pressure readings measure a high systolic pressure with a comparatively low diastolic value.

The symptoms are heart and brain-related such as arteriosclerosis and cerebral affections.

The patient feels pain in the chest that increases immediately after eating with a tender feeling at the center of the chest.

The patient is mentally and physically dwarf. This remedy is of great help to relieve hypertension and damage in blood vessels.

Dosage & Potency:

Use Baryta Mur 1M once daily till improvement occurs. Baryta Mur in 30ch potency can also be used thrice daily till improvement occurs.

8. KALI PHOS: For High Blood Pressure Causes By Stress


Kali phos is a wonderful Homoeopathic medicine for treating stress and worry and all the conditions caused by them.

It is helpful for people with physical and mental fatigue and weakness. Slight exertion and worry will lead to an increase in blood pressure.

The patient will feel difficulty in breathing and faintness with headache and chest pain.

Dosage & Potency:

Use kali phos in 6x potency, four tablets thrice daily till improvement occurs. one can use Kali phos 1M once daily till improvement occurs.

9. LACTRODECTUS MACTANS: For High Blood Pressure Associated With Chest Pain


Latrodectus Mactans is a well-known heart remedy in Homoeopathy. It is useful for high blood pressure patients with constrictive pain in the chest, extending to the left shoulders and left arm.

The patient may feel that his left arm is paralyzed. Violent pain extends to the armpit and down the arm and forearms to fingers with the hands’ numbness.

The character of pain is cramping and sinking from chest to abdomen. Latrodectus mactans can treat these symptoms efficiently.

Dosage & Potency:

For best results, use Latrodectus Mactans in 200ch potency every alternate day.

10. NUX VOMICA: For High Blood Pressure In Young Adults


Nux vomica is helpful for the treatment of the high blood pressure occurring in young adults who are alcoholics and smokers.

The people live a sedentary lifestyle with a lack of exercise and proper diet. These people are too much dependent on coffee and junk food.

Nux Vomica is helpful for high blood pressure in highly ambitious and angry people.

Dosage & Potency:

Use Nux Vomica in 1M potency once daily till improvement occurs. Nux Vomica in 200ch potency can be used twice daily till improvement occurs.

11. NATRUM MUR: For High Blood Pressure With Irregular Pulse


Natrum Mur is a great remedy in Homoeopathy known for its curing properties. It can treat high blood pressure in people who crave salt.

The patient feels that his heart is beating very fast. The chest feels constricted.

The pulse of the Natrum Mur patient is irregular on lying down. The whole body shakes due to high blood pressure and headaches. Stitching pains are felt all over the chest.

Dosage & Potency:

Use Natrum Mur in 1M potency once daily till improvement occurs. Natrum Mur can be used in 200ch potency twice daily till improvement occurs.

12. LACHESIS: For High Blood Pressure In Menopause Women


Lachesis can easily treat high blood pressure issues in women at menopausal age.

The patient may feel severe palpitations with faintness. The patient will be anxious.

The body becomes blue, and the heartbeats are not regular. The patient will experience difficulty in breathing on lying.

These symptoms can be relieved by Lachesis.

Dosage & Potency:

For best results, use Lachesis in 1M potency once every week till improvement occurs.

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