Lachesis 30, 200, 1M: Uses, Dosage, Benefits & Side Effects

Lachesis 30, 200, 1M – Uses, Dosage, Benefits Side Effects

Lachesis is a remedy that is known as one of the great female remedies in homeopathy. Lachesis 30 & Lachesis 200 are the most commonly used potencies. This article will cover Lachesis uses, dosage, benefits, and side effects in detail.

Lachesis is a very useful homeopathic medicine in treating female complaints related to the menstrual cycle, various skin disorders, circulatory-related problems, etc.

It is prepared from the venom of the poisonous snake Lachesis Muta, also commonly known as Surukuku snake or Bushmaster.

The Lachesis snake is the third-longest venomous snake in the world. This snake is native to the south American region and is commonly found in the Amazon rain forests. Dr. C. Hering proved this remedy.

So let’s explore the benefits of this wonderful homeopathic medicine. 

Lachesis Constitution/Personality

Lachesis is a medicine that has a very wide scope of action.

As Dr. Kent, one of the stalwarts of homeopathy, rightly said, ‘Lachesis seems to fit the whole human race, for the human race is filled with snakes as to disposition and character and this venom only causes to appear that which is in man.’

Loquacious, hyperactive, malicious, jealous, paranoid, maniacal, delusional, the Lachesis person is all of this and more.

The characteristics of Lachesis are so many that I am sure you will have at least one person who crops up in your mind while reading ahead.

Lachesis Mind Symptoms

Lachesis is a very complex personality type. Loquacious is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Lachesis.

The person talks, talks, and talks. Through this constant, ceaseless chatter, you can decipher a lot of things.

He will come across as an intelligent person. He has so many ideas in his head.

He will start talking about one topic and, in his mind, there immediately sprouts another topic, and without even completing his first thought, he will jump on to the next thought. He comes across as a blabbering person.

He will tell you how someone is following him or how someone is plotting to get him killed. His paranoia is extreme, and do not be surprised if he suspects you too of being a murderer out to kill him.

At times this paranoia reaches another level altogether. Now he is under the delusion that some superhuman power is controlling him. He says that he is dead, and he starts planning his funeral.

Insane jealousy is another prominent feature of Lachesis. They are extremely loving people, but the moment they feel threatened in any way, they become jealous and violent. Biting, slapping, hitting, spitting all come naturally to them.

Weak memory that causes him to make mistakes while writing or reading is also a feature of Lachesis.

Increased sexual desire to the point of mania is a characteristic Lachesis feature. He has persistent erotic ideas, and he will speak on them shamelessly.

Lachesis Uses

I will take you through all the body parts from toe to head.

You can match the symptoms and when you feel these symptoms are matched then you can take Lachesis – 

1-Head Complaints

In Lachesis, vertigo is characteristically aggravated or brought on by turning to the right.

The vertigo is aggravated by looking at the same object for a long time or walking in the open air.

Being out in the sun causes headaches. Headache is often the migraine type. The left side of his headaches terribly, and the pain radiates to his nose, neck, and left shoulder.

His vision is affected, and everything appears glimmering. He cannot tolerate anyone touching his head.

The most important feature of the headache in Lachesis is that the appearance of any discharge, like menses or coryza, completely relieves the headache.

Lachesis is a good remedy for hemiplegia where the left side of the body is affected. Injuries to the head come with a lot of blood loss and remain as slow-healing wounds that tend to suppurate and decompose.

2-Eyes Complaints

The person suffers from the dimness of vision. There is an intraocular hemorrhage that is associated with head injuries.

Blindness in the eyes associated with heart or lung infections is a characteristic symptom in Lachesis.

The pain is so severe that the person will tell you that his eyes are drawn together with a cord and tied up at the root of his nose.

3-Ears Complaints

In Lachesis, you can see that there is a frequent earache.

There is throbbing pain, and the person says that he can hear his heart pulsating in his ear. This earache is due to the wax in his ear. It is very hard, dry, and pale.

The earache extends to the throat via the eustachian tube. Repeated infections in the ear lead to stricture inside the eustachian tube.

4-Nose Complaints

The Lachesis person shows symptoms of allergic rhinitis. His complaints start with a headache which is followed by repeated sneezing and then finally a runny nose.

In Lachesis, the characteristic thing to note is the Stopped Coryza.

The nose feels stuffed up and blocked. Every time the person coughs, the block eases a bit, and the nasal discharge comes out.

5-Face Complaints

The face looks purple and mottled. It is swollen and puffed up.

Lachesis is a remedy for trigeminal neuralgia affecting the left side of the face.

There is tearing pain in the jaws. The lips are enormously swollen.

Mumps turning septic can be treated well with Lachesis.

6-Mouth Complaints

Lachesis shows decaying of the tooth and gums. The gums are swollen and bleed easily on the touch.

The teeth chatter and the pain extends to the ears. The mouth is filled with aphthous ulcers.

The tongue is swollen, and trembles when asked to be seen. He is unable to open the mouth wide.

The saliva is thick, almost pasty. His speech is incoherent.

In stages of mania, one can see the sudden, involuntary protrusion and retraction of the tongue.

7-Throat Complaints

The throat is a very sensitive region in Lachesis.

The person constantly feels that his throat is being constricted and that he will choke to death.

He cannot bear tight collars around his neck and keeps loosening them. Clinically Lachesis is indicated in conditions like tonsillitis, laryngitis, and diphtheria.

The person feels a lump in his throat that keeps rising, and he has to swallow it down.

Empty swallowing is painful. When he tries to swallow food or drink, it goes down the wrong way. It comes out of his nose.

8-Chest and Respiratory Complaints

The throat is the most sensitive area. The person will complain that there is a constrictive feeling around his throat constantly.

A small tickling sensation in the larynx leads to outbreaks of cough. Touching and pressing the larynx to stop the cough will only add to the coughing.

The constrictive feeling around the throat is felt more while lying down. The person is paranoid. He feels someone is strangulating him, and he gets up and runs to the window for some fresh air.

The glottis shows spasms making it difficult for him to breathe. A small plug of mucus is always stuck in the back of the throat and refuses to come out.

His complaints are all worse after he wakes up from sleep.

Lachesis is indicated in the last stage of pneumonia. The lungs show abscesses. The expectoration is frothy, bloody, and purulent.

Cough comes along with excessive perspiration. The vocal cords seem paralyzed, and there is a loss of voice.

9-Heart Complaints

The area of the heart is a pet peeve for the Lachesis person. A patient will clutch his heart and say that he can feel it is paining.

He will tell the doctor that his heart is too big and feel it turning over inside his ribcage.

The pulse is weak, intermittent, slow, and irregular.

The person experiences vibrations, and he feels that he is going to die. He rushes to sit upright or go to a window to breathe fresh air.

In newborn infants, there is cyanosis due to improper pumping action of the heart. Lachesis is indicated for senile arteriosclerosis too.

10-Stomach Complaints

The Lachesis person is constantly hungry.

There is a gnawing pain in the stomach which goes away once he has eaten something, only to return after a few hours.

He craves alcohol, coffee, and oysters. Alternatively, there may also be no hunger at all.

He feels thirsty but is fearful of drinking water. Drinking water, especially ice-cold water, brings on nausea and vomiting.

Vomiting of the entire contents of the stomach is commonly seen during menses. Constant eructation during menses is a common feature of Lachesis.

11-Abdominal Complaints

The liver region is very sensitive.

He cannot bear tight clothing around his abdomen and waist.

Lachesis is a good remedy for liver complaints in alcohol addicts. The liver shows abscesses.

The pain is so severe that the person faints in pain. The cecal region is swollen; he has toile with his legs drawn up.

12-Rectum Complaints

Lachesis is a remedy for constipation during pregnancy.

There is a sensation of a ball rolling around in the rectum. This feeling is aggravated while turning around during sleep.

There is constant urging for stool, but no stools. He suffers from hemorrhoids that are protruding.

The hemorrhoids bleed profusely when he coughs or sneezes. The blood is dark red, almost as if charred.

Every time he coughs or sneezes, there is a pain in the anus that travels up his spine.

The rectum feels as if beaten with a hammer. The stools are extremely offensive. Fruits and acidic substances cause diarrhea in him.

13-Urinary Complaints

There is a sensation of a ball rolling around in the bladder when he turns around while sleeping.

There are small tumors in the urethra that cause strictures and eventual obstruction to the flow of urine.

Urine is foamy, dark, and extremely foul-smelling.

14-Male Organs Complaints

Lachesis men are extremely passionate. They get frequent erotic ideas.

They masturbate frequently and suffer from the side effects of it.

The sexual excitement is too high, but their body does not cooperate.

There is erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

The ejaculated semen is tardy and has a pungent odor.

Night emission and discharge of semen after masturbation make them cheerful and less cranky.

15-Female Organs Complaints

Lachesis is a wonderful remedy for all types of female complaints.

The Lachesis female is a very sexually aroused lady. Nymphomania is frequently seen.

She suffers from leucorrhea which is copious and stains the underwear in a greenish hue.

The time of menstruation is very dreaded each month. Just before the menses begin, her breasts swell up and become very sore and painful.

The left side of the lower abdomen is swollen. This is because the left ovary is affected.

She cannot even bear the covers over the affected area. The first day of menses is very painful.

As soon as menses appear, all her complaints disappear, making her feel happy and relieved. This is the most characteristic complaint in Lachesis.

The menstrual blood is dark red, almost black as if charred. It is filled with clots.

Lachesis is ideal for women in the menopausal age group who suffer from extreme mood swings and hot flashes. These complaints are relieved by sweating.

In lactating women, the breasts and nipples are swollen, and the milk is bluish and watery.

16-Back & Neck Complaints

The neck is very stiff, and he cannot move the neck at all.

Opening and closing the jaws is also painful. The neck area is sensitive to the least pressure.

The area of the coccyx is also very painful. The pain is felt more while he gets up after sitting for a while.

He feels as if he is sitting on something sharp.

There is a sensation that a thread has been stretched from the back to the arm.

17-Hands & Legs Complaints

Lachesis affects the left side of the body most of the time.

The left hand shows tingling and numbness extending to the little finger.

The axillary glands are swollen, and the sweat from the axilla has a foul odor like that of garlic. The shin bones pain during throat affections.

Left-sided sciatica, where the least motion increases the pain is seen, he has to lie perfectly still.

The knees are cold and painful. He will complain that he can feel hot air passing through his knees.

The calves go into a spasm when he is in fear. The feet are painful.

The tendons of the feet feel contracted. Toes feel broken.

18-Skin Complaints

The skin all over the body is dark and mottled in appearance.

Small injuries bleed profusely. Lachesis is well suited for ulcers inside and outside the body.

The ulcers are of the bleeding type and tend to develop secondary fungal infections.

Varicose veins are a condition that Lachesis is well-suited for.

Carbuncles, bedsores, cellulitis, boils, malignant skin tumors are also conditions that Lachesis treats well.

Skin complaints are always seen with immense prostration.

19-Fever Complaints

The chill stage is aggravated by drinking water.

The heat is felt excessively on the vertex. Heat comes in flushes, especially during waking and upon falling asleep.

The sweating is intense. The sweating is more during sleep; it is more around the neck.

Sweat stains are blackish yellow, and the sweat smells like garlic. The feet are always icy cold.

Lachesis Modalities

Modalities are the factors which, increase or decrease the complaints in a patient.

They are categorized as aggravating factors and amelioration factors.

Aggravating factors make the condition of the illness worst, while the amelioration factor makes the condition of the disease better.

It can be time, any part of the day, season, position, or any applications, etc.

Aggravated By

Sleep, after sleep, morning, summer, spring, empty swallowing, liquids, slight touch or pressure, the pressure of clothes around neck and waist, suppressed discharges, at the beginning and end of the menses, cloudy weather, stooping, motion, closing eyes, hot drinks.

Amelioration By– 

Open-air, free discharges, eructation, hard pressure, cold drinks, bathing or applying something cold over affected parts, eating fruits.

Lachesis Relationship with Other Medicines

Complementary Medicines- Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Hepar Sulph, Calcarea Sulph

Antidoted by- Arsenicum Album

It antidotes- Bufo, Crotallus Horridus, Kali bichrome, Tarentula.

Followed well by- Crotallus Cascavel

Incompatible with- Acetic Acid, Carbolic Acid

Inimical Remedy- Nitric Acid, Sepia

Lachesis Dosage, Potency and Repetition

Homeopathic medicines are prescribed based on symptoms similarity. The symptoms presented by the patient are matched with the symptoms of the remedy.

Depending on the extent of symptom similarity, the potency and repetition are decided. The greater number of symptoms that match, the higher is the potency used.

Similarly, if a smaller number of symptoms match the remedy, then a lower potency is used.

Lachesis is a powerful and deep-acting remedy. It has to be prescribed with utmost care and judiciousness.

Lachesis 30C Dosage-

This is a potency reserved for cases where the medicine is required in a purely therapeutic dose. The symptoms presented by the patient help the doctor to make a diagnosis of the disease, but they show less matching with the symptoms of Lachesis as such.

This dose needs to be repeated frequently, like 3 to 4 times a day.

One may dissolve the pills or the dilution in water and consume as per the doctor’s advice.

Lachesis 200C Dosage-

This potency should be used when the symptoms of the remedy match well with the person’s symptoms. This potency calls for a lot of symptoms peculiar to Lachesis to be present.

200C is repeated infrequently. After administering the first dose, it is advisable to wait for the symptoms to subside. Repeating has to be done only till the symptoms disappear.

Lachesis 1M Dosage- 

This is a very high potency and should be used cautiously. It has to be used only when the entire picture of Lachesis fits perfectly to the T with the patient’s symptoms.

Ideally, 1M is prescribed as a single dose. There should be no need to repeat the remedy after that. If the symptoms worsen or new symptoms appear, it should be taken as an indication to review the case and the remedy prescribed.

Lachesis Side Effects

When one takes Lachesis infrequent doses, it is seen that all the existing complaints worsen and become more severe. In such cases, it is advisable to take a dose of the suitable antidote at once.

At times, a poorly matched symptom-similarity can lead to developing a set of entirely new symptoms in the person.

This means that Lachesis has been wrongly prescribed, and an antidote is urgently called for. Keep a lookout for the following symptoms, in case you find any or all of these, antidote immediately

1. Vomiting

2. Dizziness

3. Altered consciousness

4. Blurry vision

5. Bradycardia, or decreased heart sounds


7.Bloody diarrhea

8. Bleeding from any orifice- like nose, ears, gums, skin eruptions.

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  1. This has greatly helped with my hot flashes, but I’ve been taking a dose of 200ck 3X daily for over a month. Is that too much/too often and if I discontinue will my symptoms return? is there an appropriate dose for maintenance once symptoms have lessened (have not subsided completely, but MUCH better).

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