Dulcamara 30, 200: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Benefits

Dulcamara 30 200 homeopathy medicine Uses

Homeopathy makes use of a variety of plants to derive its medicines. Solanum Dulcamara is one such plant from which the remedy Dulcamara is derived. The plant is commonly known as ‘Bitter-sweet nightshade’ or ‘Woody Nightshade’. It belongs to the Solanaceae family. Dulcamara 30 & 200 are the most common potencies used for the treatment of various diseases.

Dulcamara works like a wonder in case of warts, flat warts, urticaria, allergies, psoriasis, eczema, low breast milk, and many more problems.

This medicine is made from the stem of the plant.

Traditionally the stem is used to cure a variety of ailments like arthritis, influenza, and headache.

This remedy which is derived from the stem of the plant is said to have several anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Other than Dulcamara, potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants are some other edible plants from the nightshade family.

So this article will explain the Dulcamara uses, benefits & dosage in detail.

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So, Let’s get started !!

Dulcamara Constitution or Personality

The keynote indication for prescribing Dulcamara is that the person has to be affected by cold, damp, wet weather.

The damp weather brings out all his symptoms.

The person has a scrofulous, phlegmatic constitution. He is extremely irritable and always restless.

Dulcamara homeopathy Uses

I will take you through all the body parts from toe to head.

You can match the symptoms and when you feel these symptoms are matched then you can use Dulcamara –

1-Mind Complaints

The Dulcamara person is very irritable. He is cranky and keeps asking for things, but when offered those things he rejects them irritably.

He loses his cool easily. He scolds without being really angry.

There is a lot of confusion in his mind. Most of his physical complaints are associated with a delirious condition that comes on easily.

He is so delirious that he cannot even speak properly.

He frames the right words but is not stable enough to get the full sentence out.

This gives an appearance of him being drunk and under a stupor.

2-Head Complaints

It is a remedy for the headache that is mainly located in the occipital region.

The headache is brought on by exposure to cold and damp winds, by a sudden change in the weather, or being chilled suddenly when hot.

The headache is accompanied by delirium and confusion.

Talking and having a conversation with other people makes him feel better and relieves the headache.

There is a sensation of giddiness when he rises from his bed. He feels giddy in the mornings.

Dulcamara is also an excellent remedy for ringworm and psoriasis of the scalp where the crusts are thick and brown and bleed profusely when picked.

3-Eyes Complaints

Dulcamara is suitable for eye complaints that are allergic.

A slight change in the weather, being exposed to chilly, damp weather brings on hay-fever like symptoms.

There is a lot of watery discharge from the eyes which later turns thick and yellow forming crusts on the lids.

The eyes feel heavy and painful if he reads. After walking about in the hot sun, his eyes become painful.

There start to appear spots before the eyes and his vision becomes hazy. The eyelids become dry and there are sparks in front of his eyes.

4-Ears Complaints

Dulcamara is a good remedy for middle-ear infections.

The pain in the ear is felt acutely at night and the sensation is as if something is being pulled.

Earache comes along with nausea. The pain keeps him awake all night.

5-Nose Complaints

This remedy is suited for allergic rhinitis that happens due to weather change.

The slightest exposure to damp weather brings on the runny nose.

The nose feels stuffed up and he is unable to breathe. The discharge is yellowish and very thick.

The nose is filled with crusts that bleed profusely when picked. Being in a warm room makes him feel better.

In women, one may often find coryza in place of menses.

Nosebleeds are also common, especially in young kids and newborns.

6-Face Complaints

The face is full of warts and eruptions.

There are thick yellow crusts all over the face that itch severely and are painful.

The entire face is pale with circumscribed redness on the cheeks.

There is severe pain in the cheeks that extends to the ears. The affected part is cold and numb.

The submandibular glands are infected. The lips twitch involuntarily in the cold weather.

The lower jaw is paralyzed, and the mouth is drawn to one side.

7-Mouth Complaints

There is an increase in saliva formation. The saliva is copious and has a soap-like taste.

The mouth is filled with lots of bleeding, reddish ulcers.

The teeth and gums are rotten and emit a very foul odor.

The tongue is loaded with a thick coat of sticky saliva. It is swollen so much that it is difficult to swallow and breathe.

The speech is slurred as if he is heavily intoxicated.

He tries to speak but is not able to articulate the words and sounds incoherent. This gives an impression that he is drunk and in a stupor.

8-Throat Complaints

The throat is sore after being exposed to damp weather.

There is a pressing pain in the back of the throat as if the uvula has been elongated.

The person coughs up saliva which is thick and slimy with a soap-like taste.

Constant coughing makes the throat raw. There is burning pain at the back of the palate.

9-Chest and Respiratory Complaints

There is great oppression felt in the chest while breathing.

There is a pain as if from blows inside and on the sides of the chest. Pain in the chest speaks of impending lung infection and consequent lung failure.

There is a cough with a tickling sensation at the back of the throat.

Cough comes in prolonged fits and is usually triggered by physical exertion.

The person keeps coughing for a long time to expel a small amount of mucus lodged in his throat.

Whooping cough with mucus in loose trickles. Pain in the left chest feels as if the lung is moving in waves.

10-Stomach Complaints

There is severe shooting pain in the abdomen that extends all the way up to the chest.

The pain is so severe that the person cannot breathe. There is a sensation as if there is emptiness in the pit of the stomach.

The person feels as if the epigastrium is retracted. The mouth is filled with ulcers and fungus-infected gums.

There is a horrible odor that is emitted from the mouth.

The tongue is thick and coated with saliva. The saliva is copious and is very thick and has a taste like that of soap.

There is a burning thirst, especially for cold things.

After a period of fever, the person is ravenously hungry but the sight of food makes him nauseous.

Every morning, upon waking there is giddiness along with vomiting of white, sticky vomitus.

11-Abdominal Complaints

There are lots of eruptions around the navel that are itchy and painful.

There is diarrhea preceded by cutting pain around the navel.

The stools are green, watery, and extremely fetid.

Diarrhea is caused by eating sour food and after being in damp, cold basements.

Diarrhea comes on mainly in summer. Improper treatment of skin eruptions is also a cause of diarrhea.

12-Rectum Complaints

The stools are dry and hard. There is bleeding from the anus with burning and cutting pain.

The summer season sees an increase in the number of visits to the toilet.

There is cutting pain around the navel followed by stools that are slimy and green.

There are a lot of tiny, miliary eruptions around the navel. The suppression of these eruptions leads to diarrhea.

13-Urinary Complaints

Dulcamara is a good remedy for urinary complaints like cystitis, bladder paralysis, nephritis, incontinence of urine, and urinary retention.

All the complaints come from exposure to dampness like getting wet in the rain, sitting in a cold, damp place, or wading in cold water.

The urination is so painful that the person cries out loud. Urine is turbid and has whitish sediments in it.

The walls of the bladder are swollen and there is cystitis.

There is a frequent desire to urinate. During fever, the person must urinate when getting chilled.

It is a good remedy for urethral stricture.

The urine is voided in drops, mixed with whitish, mucoid discharge from the urethra.

14-Male Genital Organs Complaints

Dulcamara is a good remedy for inguinal hernia in males. The remedy also covers undescended tests in babies.

The genitals are filled with eruptions of various types.

Psoriasis, herpetic eruptions, eczema around the genitals with violent itching.

Thick white scabs that are painful to touch and bleed profusely when touched.

Dulcamara is a good remedy for testicular affections like hydrocoele and varicocele.

15- Female Genital Organs Complaints- Dulcamara for low breast milk

Dulcamara is a good remedy when a variety of female complaints arise due to one single reason i.e. exposure to damp weather.

The menses, breastmilk, lochia, leucorrhea are all suppressed when the woman gets wet in the rain, wades through chilly water, or has visited a place that is wet and damp.

There appear a lot of painful eruptions over the genitals before the menses appear.

The menstrual blood is watery and bright red. There is severe pain in the abdomen during menses.

The breasts become sore and painful before the menses arrives.

In nursing mothers, the breast is engorged but the milk doesn’t flow freely.

The breasts become heavy and painful due to this. There are herpetic eruptions on the breasts.

16-Back Complaints

Backache is felt more in the lower area. The small of the back feels stiff and sore, as if from stooping for a long time.

The neck and shoulders are also stiff and sore.

The glands at the nape of the neck are enlarged and painful.

As with all other complaints that are seen in Dulcamara, the back complaints are also seen after being exposed to dampness and cold weather.

17-Hands & Legs Complaints – Dulcamara for warts, flat warts

Dulcamara works well in cases where rheumatic complaints have started to appear after the skin complaints were suppressed due to improper treatment.

The hand is full of warts.

The palms are excessively sweaty.

There is pain along the shin on both legs. The feet are icy cold to touch. Rheumatism of the joints alternates with diarrhea.

The feet are swollen up to the knees. The legs appear puffed up.

There is burning in the soles. The skin on the toes and soles is peeled off with a raw and burning sensation.

All the joint complaints are brought on by being in a damp basement or after traveling in wet weather.

The person prefers being inside the home as it is warm inside and warmth gives him relief.

The joint pains come on characteristically at night when the person is in repose or lying down in bed.

Another characteristic symptom seen in Dulcamara is the trembling of the right hand while urinating.

There is paralytic weakness in the right hand indicative of brain involvement.

18-Skin Complaints- Dulcamara for herpes, urticaria, allergies, psoriasis, eczema

Dulcamara is helpful in a plethora of skin conditions. From psoriasis and eczema to herpes zoster and vesicular eruptions, Dulcamara is a wonderful remedy for all types of skin issues.

The guiding symptom that will help in the correct selection of Dulcamara is the causative factors and the conditions which aggravate the issues.

Being exposed to damp cold weather brings on all the complaints of the skin and also aggravates the existing issues- These two factors if found positive then one can confidently use Dulcamara.

This remedy is very useful in vesicular eruptions, herpes zoster, and pemphigus where the body, especially the hands, face, and genitals are filled with such tiny eruptions.

They itch terribly and are quite painful when touched.

The remedy is also good in conditions like psoriasis and eczema where there are big and painful scabs on the affected part.

They are sensitive to touch and bleed profusely when one tries to remove them off.

Urticaria is brought on by eating certain foodstuffs that don’t agree with him.

Urticaria is accompanied by sour eructation.

There are lots of large, smooth, and flat warts all over the face and neck and on the palms.

Dulcamara acts wonderfully in cases of newborn children with pruritus, ringworms in the head, and in cases where furuncles develop in places that hurt.

It is also a remedy of choice in cases of eczema of young kids.

Dulcamara is a good remedy in conditions where the skin diseases have been suppressed with improper medications and not that has lead to the development of rheumatic affection of the joints and diarrhea.


During fever, the body is cold and clammy to touch.

There is profuse perspiration. The sweat is extremely foul-smelling.

During the day the person sweats mainly on the back and armpits while at night and early in the morning his entire body is drenched in sweat.

There is the icy coldness of certain parts of the body, like the feet.

The affected part is numb as if paralyzed and yet it is painful.

The chill starts at the lower back, in the lumbar region, and runs up and down the spine.

The fever, unlike all the other complaints in Dulcamara, is not better by being in a warm room or being wrapped up in warm clothes.

The chill stage comes along with intense thirst and a subsequent frequent desire to urinate.

The heat stage sees the entire body burning up with dry heat and intense burning of the skin.

During the heat stage, there is an intense headache that makes the person delirious.

He gets giddy while trying to stand up.

His tongue is swollen to such an extent that his speech is all slurred and he is unable to articulate the words he wishes to speak.

Dulcamara Modalities

Modalities are the factors which, increase or decrease the complaints in a patient.

They are categorized as aggravating factors and amelioration factors.

Aggravating factors make the condition of the illness worst, while the amelioration factor makes the condition of the disease better.

It can be time, any part of the day, season, position, or any applications, etc.

Aggravated By

All complaints are brought about by being exposed to damp, wet weather, being in damp basements, getting wet in the rain, wading in icy cold water.

Being chilled suddenly when hot brings on several complaints.

Sudden change in the weather is also a leading cause for the development of several complaints in Dulcamara.

Ice-creams cold drinks, foods that cause indigestion, and sour eructation aggravate his existing complaints.

Suppressed discharges like sweat, suppressed skin eruptions lead to and aggravate joint complaints.

Amelioration By– 

All complaints are better by warmth.

Being inside a warm room, warm clothes, hot fomentation of affected parts- All these make him feel better.

Moving about, conversing with people also helps alleviate certain symptoms. Dry weather also makes him feel better.

Dulcamara Relationship with Other Medicines

Dulcamara Complementary medicines: Baryta Carb, Calcarea Carb, Kali Sulph, Sulphur

Dulcamara is Antidoted by Camphor, Cuprum Met, Ipecac, Kali C, Merc Sol

Follows well: Rhus Tox, Lycopodium, Sepia

Incompatible withBelladonna, Lachesis, Acetic Acid

Dulcamara Dosage, Potency and Repetition

Dulcamara is used primarily as a therapeutic remedy for an acute totality.

Depending on how well the symptoms match with the presenting disease condition and the availability of peculiar and rare symptoms the ideal dose would be 30 to 200.

Repetition has to be frequent as we will be using it more on a symptom similarity basis on a physical level without involving much of the mental plane.

Dulcamara Side Effects

Plants belonging to the Solanaceae family have a chemical component called Solanin in them. This solanine is responsible for all the good and bad effects of the plant.

Dulcamara traditionally is consumed by infusing about 100gms of the stem in 250gms of water.

The plant if consumed directly is believed to be poisonous and is a medical emergency. The symptoms come after a delayed period of time and can prove fatal if not treated immediately.

Complaints like headache increased blood pressure, gastrointestinal complaints like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, aggravation in existing inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and eczema, hives, and skin rash are commonly seen.

In Homeopathy, the medicine is prepared by diluting the essence of the plant by a process called potentization. In this process, the essence is diluted to such an extent that the medicinal component and the healing properties are increased manifold, and the side-effect-causing properties are almost nil.

However, repeating the medicine more than how much is required causes the development of a reaction that is known as homeopathic aggravation.

In simple terms, after taking the medicine watch out for your symptoms. Ideally, the symptoms should subside leaving you to feel better.

If you feel that the complaints have increased, for example, if psoriasis flares up or your joints pain more or if the hives have increased itching, it means that you have taken a few extra doses of the medicine.

An initial relief followed by the appearance of all your complaints in an aggravated condition too means that there has been an overdose.

The ideal way to tackle the effects of homeopathic medicine over-dosing is to consult your homeopath and take the suitable antidote, in the case of Dulcamara, Camphor, Cuprum Met, Ipecac or Merc Sol.

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